Monday, October 24, 2016

Ad ideas

I want to drain the swamp.  Hillary IS the swamp.  Even she doesn't know who all she has taken money from, and who she owes favors to, but you can bet they don't have the best interests of the American people at heart.  You want corruption OUT of Washington?  Vote for me.  Make America Great Again.

This would be particularly effective if Trump were paying for it out of his own pocket.

I think ads could be targeted to different markets.  This idea is likely obvious, but I think an ad targeting inner cities might be interesting which shows the promises made to them by Democrat politicians from JFK until now--JFK, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama, with maybe a few Senators or prominent other politicians thrown in.  Depending on how it did in focus groups, you might have a black narrator on there, and end with Malcolm X calling people who keep voting for Democrats without getting anything chumps.  You would definitely need a black voice narrating it, though, but it could work.  It could get through.

Dealing with the Headless Ones

Trump has balls.  Political courage makes a lot of things possible.

Here is an idea: require all recipients of Federal educational funding--all universities and colleges--to require all students to undergo one hour a year of training in conservative ideas.  If they don't do it--and I have in mind requiring students to watch an hour of PragerU videos and taking short quizzes on them--they get their funding pulled.

The level of indoctrination at most universities is Orwellian.  It is Stalinesque (really, Lenin started everything Stalin continued, but Stalin's name seems to evoke more emotion).

These kids obviously are getting plenty of left wing indoctrination, so that side of the coin is obviously going well represented.

We cannot continue as a nation of two completely different mindsets when it comes to politics, which cannot interact in any way. I can talk to Leftists, but they can't talk to me.  They just start shouting and frothing at the mouth.

And I think Trump could likely do this with Executive Order.  Yes, of course all of us have been bemoaning Obama's use of Executive Orders, but to my mind this cause would be worth it.  Most of these kids literally have NO IDEA why someone would vote Republican, and absent an outside intervention no one will teach them.  They close their ears and stop listening any time someone tries.

And I fully expect many of them to become more violent--there has been quite a bit of violence already--if Trump wins.

We are fighting for sanity.  Sanity is a good cause.

The last days of the election, and where we go from there.

I have had this sense for some time that Trump understand political emotion and political momentum.  There is little point building up energy early on that later dissipates.  It doesn't matter a bit who is ahead 6 weeks ahead of the election, which is why I don't think he is running many campaign ads.  In any event, it is likely anybody watching enough TV to be influenced by those ads is already indoctrinated by the media.  His campaign depends on talk in coffee shops, around dinner tables and especially on social media.  That is the only way he is staying close (or has taken a slight lead according to the Investors Business Daily poll).

But he has committed to spending $100 million of his own money.  What is the smartest way to do that?  Given his unorthodox approaches to public relations, why not spend the whole wad in the last week before the election?  A blitz like nobody has done before?  This might be a good idea, if he mainly runs positive ads, and I think that would play well.  Nobody could take the fingernails on the chalkboard of relentless "my opponent is a big meany head and hates puppies" ads on continual loop, but what about ads focused on what people DO want?

He has signaled, perhaps, a beginning of this approach with this excellent Contract with the American Voter which is any REAL conservatives dream.  If you are a Republican and don't support this, I can only assume you have been bought and paid for by the same special interests he is trying to get rid of.  That, you are are an idiot, or you are an assholes.  And we seem to have plenty of assholes.

But a sample ad might be:

I want to protect American Jobs.

I want to create a lot more.

I want insurance premiums to go down, and healthcare to get better.

I want secure borders and to get criminals here illegally out.

I want to end corruption in Washington.

I want to avoid pointless wars.

I want less taxes, so you hard working Americans keep more of your money, and so employers of all sizes can afford to hire more people.

Etc.  That is off the top of my head.  Maybe:

I want to protect American jobs, my opponent wants to export them with more horrible trade deals.

I want to lower taxes on the middle class and on employers of all sizes, so the people have more money, and employers can afford to hire.  My opponent wants to raise taxes on everyone, and make it much harder to do business.

I want secure borders, so we only let in people who benefit this nation, which very definitely IS a nation of immigrants.  My opponent wants to get rid of borders from Canada to Argentina.

I want you to keep your doctor and your health insurance plan and for both to be affordable.  My opponents wants more of the same failure we have seen with Obamacare.


But being a bit of a student of history, I cannot help but draw a parallel with this strategy, if this is what he has in mind, and World War 1.  I remember in one or perhaps multiple battles--likely Somme or Verdun--the British conducted a 24 hour artillery bombardment, then attacked.  It failed.  The Germans had simply hid in their bunkers, then came out.

In 1918 Paul Hindenburg did something like what later became the Blitzkrieg.  They picked a spot on the French lines, and dropped roughly the same number of shells in TWO HOURS that the British had sent desultorily in 24.  They then attacked in a tight concentration with the sole intent to punch through the lines.  They used shock troops with, if memory serves, flame throwers.  They advanced a long way--let's say 10 miles--in a day or two, when they had remained stuck for years in the same place.  As I recall logistics finally came into play--they were not able to effectively supply their troops--so the plan ultimately failed.

But that is where this analogy fails.  What Trump can do is very focused "assaults" on key Swing States, with ads at least roughly 80/20 positive, and he only has to maintain momentum through Election Day.

Possibly, he can even gamble his base is sufficient in most Red States that it will hold.  I am no expert , obviously, but these are some ideas I will put out into the Universe.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I keep hearing the mantra being repeated "fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK. Fat shaming is never OK."

And I think of George Bernard Shaw calling for mass murder, but doing so in such a congenial way that people accepted it or thought it a joke.  And he knew this would be the case.

Their program, the Fabian program, was oriented around enacting horrific and socially cataclysmic political policies, but doing so in a genteel, urbane, polite, polished way.

And part of the indoctrination people have received is that how someone says something is more important than what they say.  College students are taught there are no truths, but how you speak is vitally important.  Speech becomes more important than action, and moral comparisons--mass murder versus fat shaming as one example, become impossible.  It's much easier to agree fat shaming is worse, at least when the mass murder is not being visited currently upon those doing the judging.

Hillary got 4 men killed in Benghazi, did not give a shit, accepted no real blame, lied to their parents about why they died, lied to the American people and the media about it, then to add a final insult to injury, accused the parents of those who SHE GOT KILLED of lying about what she said to them.

This Muslim dad is just a stage prop, who is either a useful idiot, or more likely (I have not dug up on this) a covert Islamist who is only too happy to use the occasion of his sons death to support anti-Trump propaganda.  You know, THOUSANDS of American parents lost sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Being a Gold Star Dad is not unique.  He was not the only hero.  And his son is likely telling him from beyond to stop using him as a political prop, which is an insult to his memory.  Hillary's support among rank and file military is dismal.  She broke laws they all KNOW would have gotten them court martialed and jailed, did so often, did so very intentionally, and did so with ZERO regard for national security or American interests.  I have little doubt his son would be a Trump supporter, if he was the dedicated soldier being described.

But "Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong".  It is a mantra, a conditioning tool, a method for separating people from the effective use of reason, of independence of thought.  Rather, it seeks to conjure a more or less literal knee jerk reaction, in which the MOMENT ANYBODY breaks one of the mantras, or appears to, RAGE flies out of them, which derives from the fear they feel of not fitting in.

The creed of Niceness thus dovetails well with indoctrination and propaganda.  It both suppresses independence of thought, and channels needed emotional releases of anger and "self" assertion.  I keep meaning to post on this, but I haven't felt that post when I had time, and I lately often have little time.

Blacks are not flimsy, stupid or weak

This should be obvious beyond the need for saying, but the entirety of the Leftist program to "rescue" them depends upon highly racist notions as to their incapacity for taking care of themselves.  Absent the whites, and their care, they are told, they can't do or be or accomplish anything.

I wanted to share a small anecdote on this score.

I was in a part of town last week where every time I go out to my car somebody hits me up for something.  I was asked to help a man with a trach (who was smoking through his mouth) get his keys out of his locked car.  I was hit up for spare change twice.

Well, as a reversal, this old black man was walking by smoking a scented cigarillo, and asks me if I needed change for the meter.  I told him no, but thank you.  He looks at me with a conspiratorial smile--I had probably frowned at him initially because I thought he too was going to ask for, rather than offer, money--and says "the old man says "you don't have to like all niggers, just ME."  And he laughed heartily. I laughed too.  You couldn't help but like this guy.

And I don't doubt for one moment that in his life he has been called that name, that he has encountered genuine racism, and that he has had hard times in his life.  But you know what?  Both of my grandparents had hard times too.  They didn't have to tag racism on top of it, but life was not easy a couple generations ago. Both of grandfathers were beaten regularly.  One ran away at 15.  Both went hungry often.

And what I thought was that black people are resilient, and that the worst thing that ever happened to them is when they trusted white people to look out for them.  White politicians--or even black politicians riding the same gravy train--haven't, can't, and won't do it.  Obama didn't do it.  Hillary won't do it.

Just ponder all the rich while people out there pandering to blacks, promising them the moon and stars, and telling them the sky will fall in and the world be engulfed in darkness if they trust Republicans with anything.

As Trump says, 50 years is enough.  If they vote Hillary, they will get what they got with Obama: free phones in a few swing states, and otherwise continuing economic decline, no jobs, failing schools, and no reason for hope.

School choice clearly will make a difference, and I trust Trump to finally bust these fucking gangsters who run the teachers unions at the considerable expense of the children we continue to foolishly entrust to their care.

Hillary is evil

Here is the thing: I think most reflective people will wonder what would enable and cause a woman to stay with a man who cheated on her as often as Bill did and presumably still does, to the extent he can still get it up.  It must fill her with rage and jealousy and indignation at times.  She must be particularly pissed that now his crimes might in part cost her her cherished Presidency.

Only someone who is conniving and devious and used to be angry all the time could do it, and only in the service of a greater ambition.  And she seems to have hated these women that Bill used, but she herself was being used.  She was his prop wife, who allowed him to present a normal face to the world.  She allowed herself to be used ONLY because she too wanted to become the President.  But it must have often been humiliating.  And women who have been repeatedly humiliated become NASTY.

I think of the Empress Theodora, who began her life as an actress and prostitute.  Later she married the Emperor, and it was her common custom to have her political enemies arrested and tortured.  She like watching it.  I think there is more than a touch of latent cruelty in Hillary. It was implied at the very beginning by how she attacked--how she Gaslighted--Kathy Shelton.  She has not changed.

From the previous link:

Schippers, who is legally gagged from revealing what he learned about Hillary Clinton from the evidence in the room but can talk about his own investigation, said that she was “all over” her husband’s scandals.
“From our investigation, she was all over it. She was the one who was orchestrating all the attacks on the people that she called ‘the bimbos.’ ‘There was another bimbo eruption so let’s go and destroy them.’ I talked to every one of those ‘bimbos,’” Schippers said.
“And they were decent honorable good women. All of them were in some way threatened or attacked directly and I’ll tell you something. At one point someone said to me, ‘My God, how evil is that guy?’ and I said, ‘No, no he’s kind of a…boob. He just can’t control himself.” He added, “’But if you want to talk about real evil, it’s her.’ It was a terrible time. She was the one that did everything to destroy the women.”

Read more:

Clinton crimes

This is an example of whistle blowing.  Why am I just reading about this now?  It is like all the shit the Clinton's so skillfully, so deviously, so skillfully hid for so many years is just coming out now, now that we hare a strong leader who is capable of standing up to the corrupt media and corrupt government and telling needed truths.  You get that, all sorts of stuff starts popping up.

You see, the very worst thing that can happen to a whistle blower is that they take a huge risk, and nobody listens.  What if nobody had listened to Edgar Snowden?  How can we know what other stories could have been told but died still born?  And they still get punished, in all likelihood.  Obama's government, certainly, despite certain campaign lies to the contrary, has clearly work HARD to be the least transparent, least accountable government in at least modern American history, and Hillary's will be much, much worse.

Our democracy is broken.  Consider this exchange, with a REPUBLICAN:

“’I don’t care what happens. You are never going to get 67 votes,” Schippers recounted the senator saying. “Henry Hyde responded, ‘Well you know you go over there and Dave has information that the president committed a brutal rape.’” 
The same senator, according to Schippers, replied, “I don’t care if you could prove he raped a woman and stood up and shot her dead. You are not going to get 67 votes.” 
Schippers explained, “Well I raise my hand which I was prone to do at various times and said, ‘Senator may I ask a question?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, what?’” 
“I said, ‘Yesterday I saw 100 senators raise their right hand to God and swear to do equal and impartial justice. Are they going to ignore their vow too?’ And he said, ‘You’re right they are.’ And then I said, ‘Well the system doesn’t work.’ And that was that. It was Senator Stevens from Alaska. He’s dead now. God rest his soul.”
That was 20 years ago.  Trump is the inevitable result of this sort of pervasive corruption of ideal, principle, and rule of law.  That Senator cared about one thing, and one thing only: getting reelected.  I have never taken a firm stand on this issue, but I really do think term limits would make it so career politicians have less time to become corrupt, and will in fairly short order have a last term in office where, if they have not been broken, they can vote and speak honestly.

In the same sense that cops get jaded and less attuned to the notion of public service the longer they serve, or tend to, politicians are the same.  Their first term they may come in with high ideals, but endless favors, and quid pro quos, and the need to manage scandals, and the thirst to stay in power all work their way insidiously into their heads.


As I argued a few posts ago, getting "triggered" is actually not the fault of the environment, per se--certainly it is not best viewed as such--but rather a symptom of a type of psychological dysfunction called a reduced "Window of Tolerance". It is a symptom of identifiable and treatable mental illness.  It is treated through--to use Dan Siegel's word which I am mildly ambivalent about--Mindsight.

It is treated, to use a phrase I like a bit better, through emotional maturation and the development of greater emotional intelligence.  This is done through introspection, and a mindfulness practice based on sensations, thoughts, feelings and images (SIFT).

But practically, such practice requires emotional openness, and our university campuses particularly are breeding grounds for infantile entitlement, and self righteous anger; and it seems to me that being "triggered" and being a victim of any sort actually creates the illusion of emotional depth.  If someone has suffered then they must be deep, and the people who are "helping" them (creating a codependent sick relationship with them) get to feel like helpers, like compassionate people.  A soft feeling situation is created where everyone gets their need for self importance met, but massive on-going mental health problems are both created and expressed in this dysfunctional dynamic.

I"m all for competent mental health professionals (I will note again what an odd phrase that is, like they are a different species of human) doing their jobs competently.  But I am not for dumbing down emotional intelligence.

In important respects creating "safe spaces" is dumbing down the curriculum--as most curriculums have been dumbed down for many decades now--and simply creating emotionally stupid people in addition to ignorant and incurious ones.

What better mass of people to create the DEMAND for tyranny?  This is the plan.  People who are capable of using freedom want it.  People who are not, who need to be protected from every last vagary of life, and who are incapable of learning and growing, demand complete stasis, and stasis is something totalitarians deliver well.  They will tell them what to think, what to feel, they will feed them, clothe them, and rock them to sleep at night, across the duration of their pathetic lives.

They will put them in jail cells, and be thanked for it.  Those iron bars keep out the world.  Prison is their safe space.  No wandering for them.  They will even be provided pacifiers if they want them.


We are in a desperate fight for sanity, and I wanted to remind any readers I may have that is a great resource. They have short well crafted videos on just about every topic you can think of.

It is literally the case that before dialogue can even start you have to convince most glazed-eye drones that you are not evil.

It seems obvious, given the climate this year, that many Trump supporters will only admit it to the voting booth.


I am having odd dreams. I am seeing the seething hate of the Left come to the surface as the Headless Ones slowly realize they may lose, but I also see hundreds or perhaps thousands of potential whistleblowers contemplating finally going public. They have been scared and frightened. Obsma has cowed them into submission with threats of legal action, but they KNOW if Hillary gets elected she won't hesitate to use physical violence, and all her crimes will go unreported and unpunished.

I say: it's now or never. Do it now and do it en masse. Put the nails in Hillarys coffin or it's the nails in our democracy. And if you are suspected of dissidence, which will begin to include questioning anything, then you will be purged and punished anyway. Come public. Show the courage Assange and O'Keefe and others have.

These leftist ghouls are the Walking Dead. They are the embodiment of what morally and psychologically normal people fear. They are the enemies of that Goodness Hillary corrupts by claiming. For her a good people is a compliant people, a submissive people.

We can't let her win this election.

Edit: logistically, what are needed are personal narratives, and supporting documentation such as emails. Breitbart and InfoWars are likely to be most receptive. WikiLeaks may still be accessible too. Every little bit helps.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The choice

Do we vote for the Kardashians or sanity?

Since you will likely immediately note Trump was, in addition to his business accomplishment, a reality TV star. But I will note that The Apprentice was all about getting things done, correctly, on budget, and on schedule. Why would anyone not want someone with a long term history of such success running our country? There is no ethical equivalence: the Clintons are clearly much much worse in all respects.

The Apprentice was about competence. That was the WHOLE focus.

The Kardashians were a media creation, just like the image of Hillary as s highly qualified professional who just made s mistake here or there. And maybe, you know, got a lot of people killed and started a regional terror movement. Can you really say that's never happened to you?


The essence of conservatism is preservation. Sometimes, as I pointed out long ago, viewing new ideas and behaviors with suspicion can lead to a failure to adapt, to ignore good or better ideas.

But now anyone who has not embraced All Change, All The Time is a conservative. If you don't support boys using the girls room  INSTANTANEOUSLY you are labeled a reactionary. Again this is political and cultural Gaslighting.

We are not evolving as a society: we are being PUSHED. There is nothing gradual and organic about it, and as I have said, it is inherently an emotionally shallow process necessitating and rewarding shallow people.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A 40 year plan

I really feel like we have come to the culmination of a 40 or so year plan, hatched in the immediate aftermath of the Vietnam War.  It involves the CIA.  I will remind you that John Brennan, the current head of the CIA, voted for the Communist in 1976, which means an agency largely formed to COMBAT Communism is being led by someone who admits he was one at one time.

It involves multinational banks, which is why some of the most damaging speeches Hillary gave were to bankers.

And it involves the Clintons.  And it obviously involves the people who own and run most of our media conglomerates.

Who else, I cannot say.  They either get what they want November 8, or the whole plan goes to shit.  Either way, we will have decided as a people who we want to be, and if we choose tyranny, we will get it, and many of us will deserve it.  Certainly, the spiritual gestalt of America will have chosen something.  No one, now, can truly plead ignorance.  Not now.  There is only willful ignorance, and willful misunderstanding.  And people who are "stupiding"--the conscious act of being stupid--will have done so of their own free will, and will be responsible for the outcome.  They cannot say they didn't know.  They knew.

Window of Tolerance and the Leftist Cult

This phrase is a thing, especially in what I'm going to call neuropsychology, which gets into a fairly granular level as far as what parts of the brain are activated in various psychological conditions.  You'll hear a lot about things like the medial prefrontal cortex, the anterior Cingulate, the limbic system, the brain stem, etc.

Practically, though, it uses a poorer version of Kum Nye--which seems smarter to me the more I learn, especially since it's been around since the mid-1970's-- to help people get in touch with their bodies, and learn to sense and regulate their arousal.

The ideas is that you have a relatively wide window of arousal which does not activate your fight or flight or freeze.  The problem with many traumatized people particularly, is that they are easily overwhelmed.  Any number of stimuli can send them into hyperarousal, which is an activation of the fight, flight, freeze.  They will also get numb, and not react at all, which is hypoarousal.  Without looking too long, here are some slides from Pat Ogden (who apparently has a great book I haven't read yet):

You can see some slides on the Window of Tolerance about 6 down.

People with very small windows are prone to bouts of fear and rage and emotional numbness.  Normal coping skills are greatly reduced or absent, depending on the level of trauma.  Healing of course consists in gradually learning to tolerate more and more feelings, which I have compared to thawing.

Ideal behavior is flexible, adaptable, coherent, energized, and stable. (This idea and the FACES acronym I pulled from Dan Siegel.)

Here is the thing: no one who interacts regularly with hard core Leftists--which in the current climate is pretty much anyone who is planning to vote for Hillary--can have failed to notice the INSTANTANEOUS hyperarousal which springs up when you contradict them in any way.  They become infuriated. They insult and belittle you.

This is not emotional health.

In his book, Dan Siegel talked about a married couple who fought all the time.  He helped them understand that both of them were going reactive on each other all the time, which is to say they would very quickly go into fight or flight, which is a primitive part of our nervous system suited for survival in conditions of physical danger, but the last thing you want when you want nuance, empathy and understanding.

He taught them first to NOTICE when they were going reactive, then to ask the other person to stop talking for a moment so they could calm themselves down with conscious breathing and a body scan, so that they could remain emotionally present.

Who does this in the political world?  The Left uses methods of personal assault, and most conservatives have been attacked so many times that they have no interest in listening.  In my own experience it is pointless anyway.  Even when I have done my very, very best to be emotionally open, to trust that we could reach some sort of understanding, I have failed completely.  The very best cases are where they conclude I am just stupid, but they are not angry.  Their ideas are not amenable to questioning.  Me, self evidently, I have developed my ideas to an extraordinary extent, and spent far too much time exposing them to critical scrutiny.

But I was thinking today: even if Trump wins, we still have millions of people who will need deprogramming.  They literally act like members of a cult.  Then I got to thinking: well, what are the psychosocial characteristics of a cult.  Here they are:

  1. Submission:
    1. Complete, almost unquestioned trust in the leadership. 
    2. Leaders are often seen as prophets, apostles, or special individuals with unusual connections to God. This helps a person give themselves over psychologically to trusting someone else for their spiritual welfare.
    3. Increased submission to the leadership is rewarded with additional responsibilities and/or roles, and/or praises, increasing the importance of the person within the group.
  2. Exclusivity
    1. Their group is the only true religious system, or one of the few true remnants of God's people.
  3. Persecution complex
    1. Us against them mentality. Therefore, when someone (inside or outside of the group) corrects the group in doctrine and/or behavior, it is interpreted as persecution, which then is interpreted as validation.  
  4. Control
    1. Control of members' actions and thinking through repeated indoctrination and/or threats of loss of salvation, or a place to live, or receiving curses from God, etc.
  5. Isolation
    1. Minimizing contact of church members with those outside the group. This facilitates a further control over the thinking and practices of the members by the leadership.
  6. Love Bombing
    1. Showing great attention and love to a person in the group by others in the group, to help transfer emotional dependence to the group.
  7. Special Knowledge
    1. Instructions and/or knowledge are sometimes said to be received by a leader(s) from God. This leader then informs the members.
    2. The Special Knowledge can be received through visions, dreams, or new interpretations of sacred scriptures such as the Bible.
  8. Indoctrination
    1. The teachings of the group are repeatedly drilled into the members, but the indoctrination usually occurs around Special Knowledge.
  9. Salvation
    1. Salvation from the judgment of God is maintained through association and/or submission with the group, its authority, and/or its Special Knowledge.
  10. Group Think
    1. The group's coherence is maintained by the observance to policies handed down from those in authority.
    2. There is an internal enforcement of policies by members who reward "proper" behavior, and those who perform properly are rewarded with further inclusion and acceptance by the group.
  11. Cognitive Dissonance
    1. Avoidance of critical thinking and/or maintaining logically impossible beliefs and/or beliefs that are inconsistent with other beliefs held by the group.
    2. Avoidance of and/or denial of any facts that might contradict the group's belief system.
  12. Shunning
    1. Those who do not keep in step with group policies are shunned and/or expelled.
  13. Gender Roles
    1. Control of gender roles and definitions.
    2. Severe control of gender roles sometimes leads to sexual exploitation.
  14. Appearance Standards
    1. Often a common appearance is required and maintained. For instance, women might wear prairie dresses, and/or their hair in buns, and/or no makeup, and/or the men might all wear white short-sleeved shirts, and/or without beards, or all wear beards.
I am not going to address each point in turn, but my God by an orthodox standard, Leftism truly IS a cult.  This is not hyperbole.  The leaders are both the current political leader, and the media.  It is distributed, but the ideas are uniform and regularly reinforced.

I don't want to take too much time on this, but it seems to me one deprogramming method the government or large groups could possibly be involved in is the development of Mindfulness training in schools, in businesses, and the like.  Mindfulness comes with a Left wing stamp of approval, but actual mindfulness could only result in diminished symptoms.  Mindfulness is a way of integrating disparate parts, which are torn asunder by the amoral lunatics running our country.

Bill and Hillary

I would like to frame why Bill belongs in the election in the simplest way possible: Bill and Hillary are morally equal.  They have been a political partnership--and really, an illicit business partnership--for over 30 years.  You cannot separate one from the other, ethically or practically.

The Trump proposition

Do we clean up corruption in Washington, or do we increase it exponentially in a way our Republic may never recover from?

And we need to be crystal clear: the Republicans are corrupt, the elites are.  They are slightly less corrupt than the Democrats, but as dirty and criminal as they clearly are, that is not saying much at all. Fuck those people.  They think they will get in office in 2020?  Even if Hillary doesn't push through all her plans for amnesty, open borders, eradication of controls on voter ID, and the like, I WILL NOT SUPPORT THOSE ASSHOLES IN ANY WAY.  PERIOD.  NON-NEGOTIABLE.  And half the party thinks the same way.  I haven't given a cent this year.  Trump has the money.  If he's serious he will shell out the cash, and I've stopped giving a fuck about Congress.  We got them what they needed, and they betrayed us.  If we lose a little ground every year, year after year, as has been happening really since the New Deal, we are going to lose everything sooner or later.  May as well be sooner, if it's going to come.  I'm not going to set myself on fire for faithless losers.

Some years you may need to hold your nose to vote--as I did for McCain and Romney--but you support, period, the most conservative candidate, and the contrast between Trump and Hillary could not be more blatant.
No one who values loyalty forgets betrayal.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature ought to get that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eradicating borders

It is interesting that the talk where Hillary talked about eliminating borders was given to BANKERS.  There was a time when attacking bankers would have had populist appeal, but the Left, which at one time claimed to represent the people, no longer bothers to even attempt policy coherence. Their propaganda is so strong that they simply tell people what to think and they DO.

But fractional reserve banking and central banking are poisons which weaken ordinary working people, and siphon off wealth, which act to STEAL, without anyone understanding it.  I am the only one I know of saying some of the things I'm saying, such as that we ought to reverse it.

But if we have a hemisphere without nations and without borders, what do we also have?  A government which controls half the globe, at least.  It is expensive and time consuming buying governments.  Why not just put all of them in one place, then buy that?  It's a logical strategy for greedy amoral psychopaths.

One government to rule them all.
One government to find them.
One government to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Debate Part two

You know, this is a bit OCD since I know I don't really matter.  I know, too, of the tests where people try to determine how much control they have, and most people considerably overestimate it.  I would be in the very top tip of the curve on that.  Still, those people are the least depressed.

Still, for my magical socks:

I think nuclear war with Russia should definitely be put on the table.  Top Russian officials have talked about it, we seem to have just sent an advance contingent of Marines to Norway to dust off some old staging areas, and Moscow is actively conducting drills. It may be sabre rattling, but what if it isn't?

And the bigger point is WHY ARE WE IN CONFLICT WITH RUSSIA IN THE FIRST PLACE?   WHY?  We have no interests in Syria.  SAUDI ARABIA and QATAR have interests in Syria, and they are the ones both funding ISIS, and sending huge sums to the Clintons.  Bill got a $1 million check from Qatar for his birthday.  ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  You don't think that is enough to influence policy among amoral people?  Fuck yes it is.

Debate ideas

It seems to me Trump needs to frame the contrast on issues

"You really do have a choice this election. Do you stand for the rule of law or don't you? Do you want to avoid pointless wars, or do you want to put our men and women in harms way because that is what the Saudis want? Do you want people coming to this country to start new and better lives, or coming here to abuse our hospitality and attack us? Do you a new beginning for all those who lost their jobs to NAFTA and harmful economic policies, or do you want MORE of what shuttered Detroit. You'll get it with Hillary.

Look I am no saint but I love this country, and even if I had done EVERYTHING they tried to pin on me, my list of offenses would not be a small FRACTION of what Bill and Hillary have done. Not even close.

You and your children will feel the effects of your choice in November. This really is a vote for our future. Do we make it better or, (look at Hillary) WORSE? The choice is yours.

National Enquirer

i checked my local grocer and they have the latest but I don't see any big spread on Bill and Hillary. That in itself may be a story. They may have been able to get one of people--you know that whore John Comey is their people--to threaten criminal charges.

Well National Enquirer: it's too late. You crossed them backing down now won't save you later if they win this election, bring it on or you will most assuredly perish.

Edit: alternate explanations. Maybe they sold out and maybe my chain, Kroger, chose to channel their inner CNN. I'll keep looking.

Hillary as the Goddess of unacknowledged rage

She is the Queen of the machine, the keeper of the gates, the holder of the keys to our cages.

I will say more on this topic later, but for now I want to point out that EVERYBODY in America has by now been infiltrated with strong whispers of who this woman is and what she has done.  Even the most ardent "NANANANANANA" pluggers of the ears on Daily Cause KNOW on some level what she has done, and who she is.

But many still plan to vote Richard Nixon the Still Worse.  Why?  She embodies, on a mythic level, hatred they cannot admit.  She is the rage they feel from the cages they live within, but cannot see, cannot own, cannot process.

She is the Goddess of Mental Illness, and we are mentally ill.

It's funny, too, and I will weaken this post a tad by exploring, how we say "Mental illness".  It is really emotional defects which cause cognitive distortions.  They are not primary, they are effects.  But because we are all cogs in machines, what matters most is our ability to keep doing our jobs, holding our place in line, and that in turn depends not on our happiness, but our ability to think well enough to handle the immediate and mechanical.

Hillary as the Goddess of unacknowledged rage

She is the Queen of the machine, the keeper of the gates, the holder of the keys to our cages.

I will say more on this topic later, but for now I want to point out that EVERYBODY in America has by now been infiltrated with strong whispers of who this woman is and what she has done.  Even the most ardent "NANANANANANA" pluggers of the ears on Daily Cause KNOW on some level what she has done, and who she is.

But many still plan to vote Richard Nixon the Still Worse.  Why?  She embodies, on a mythic level, hatred they cannot admiot.  She is the rage they feel from the cages they live within, but cannot see, cannot own, cannot process.

She is the Goddess of Mental Illness, and we are mentally ill.

It's funny, too, and I will weaken this post a tad by exploring, how we say "Mental illness".  It is really emotional defects which cause cognitive distortions.  They are not primary, they are effects.  But because we are all cogs in machines, what matters most is our ability to keep doing our jobs, holding our place in line, and that in turn depends not on our happiness, but our ability to think well enough to handle the immediate and mechanical.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rant of a madman

I agree with him.  It appears disjointed but there is a unifying thread.  His emotional logic is sound.

My honest opinion is that only madmen (and women) are capable of sanity in this twisted world.  If you are not crazy, then you really ARE crazy.  It is not natural to be a machine.  It is not natural to hate.  It is not natural to live in boxes or to prefer precise lines across long distances.  These are learned habits, and have nothing to do with primitive forests, the flight of birds, or the arcs of the sun and moon.  Those are different wisdoms.  We suffer in silence, but we also suffer from silence. Nowhere is here, and it is impossible to arrive without moving.

Tarkovsky always messes me up. I just watched this movie.  I didn't think it possible for a painting to make me cry, but it did.  It's the eyes.  So much pain, so much patience, so much something I can't name.  They tell you there is something higher, and that suffering has a purpose.

If I ever meet Michael Savage or Alec Jones, the first thing I will do is tell them they are fucking lunatics.  The second thing I will do is give them a hug--or shake their hand--and say THANKS!!!!

I present as a mind, but I am really an ocean.  And it is both horrifying and gratifying, because everything is in there.  Nothing is missing.  It is my game.  I play it.  I watch the wind and rain, storms and smooth waves.  I feel the sun, I extend to the moon, and sometimes I sleep in peace.

There is some part of me which SEES, which never sleeps.  My task is to earn its trust.

Oh, two hours of poetry and a bottle of wine will do that.  But I value my madness. I prize it highly.  Think how much more interesting the world would be if everyone were on their own path, if they engaged directly with life, if they were passionate, fearless, driven. We all get broken in the end, but there can be moments of perfection on the way.

Massive Schadenfreude

I will be buying a copy of the National Enquirer tomorrow, for the first time ever, to help them recoup the money they paid this guy to risk his life and be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life.

Jill Stein Facebook

I have noticed every time I get on Jill Stein for President on Facebook my page locks up.  It just happened three times.  It's not locking up anywhere else.

You have to wonder about people who would demonize someone who is speaking needed truths, such as that Democrats don't really care about American workers or blacks, and haven't for a very, very long time.  Decades in my view, certainly since Obama took office.


It feels to me like the process of integration--which is both bringing into awareness lost parts of yourself, as well learning to get them to work better together--is turning a circle into a line.  It is moving from repetition to movement.

And it feels to me like actual growth feels like open ended exploration, movement without purpose beyond curiosity, with ideally a touch of play and humor added in. What it is not is work.  Work is survival.  Work is getting through the grinding.

Effective work is learning not to work.  We have mechanisms within us which can, if we let them, take care of most things.  The task is to allow and trust.  That is very, very hard.

I"m not sure I agree with all of this, but I'm going to post it anyway.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tim Kaine/Alec Baldwin

I write this blog for wonks.  By now you know about the tape allegedly by Tim Kaine but which was in reality by Alec Baldwin of him being a complete fucking douchebag yelling at his daughter.

Here is the point I will make: this false claim was CERTAINLY started by paid operatives of the DNC.  We know they contemplated and may have actually placed, sexist ads on Craigslist which supposedly originated with Trump.  We know they started a riot in Chicago.  We know oxygen lady was paid money to provoke an assault on herself.  We KNOW they plant people to ask certain questions of politicians.

Ponder the ethics and psychology of this.  Winning is everything.  Accomplishment is equated with electing your people.  Do you then ask yourself: well, did they do ONE FUCKING THING TO HELP ANYONE, and that is not a question anyone wants to hear.

Corruption, in the service of failure.  Not a pretty sight, or something to brag about.

And is there really any difference in these tactics and this mindset and that of the KGB when it was running AgitProp operations in the United States, and the rest of the world?

I have said this numerous times, but they had 4x the money committed to fucking our culture up and confusing everyone and fomenting conflict as they did actual intelligence gathering.

And I thought it was specifically interesting that the Wikileak about a dumbed down and comliant populace involved a National Endowment for the Arts operative.

Here is the quote:

“I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”
This guy ran the NEA under Clinton.

And it is likely worth pointing out in the interest of the fairness the Left does not recognize that the unawareness he speaks of  is people not agreeing with Democrat policies.  Anyone who doesn't toe their line is assumed to be stupid.  They are assumed to be stupid because most of these clowns are unaware of any alternative economic theories, theories of jurisprudence, ethical and ideological diversity, etc.

I do think art was made intentionally ugly by Communists, and that we need art in our lives badly, but that we need GOOD art, and good people producing it.

We need heart.  We need soul.  Bad politics produced by bad people will not create those.  It will instead steal from you your very sense of self, and do so so slowly, so insidiously, that you will simply start hurting and never know why.

Hillary versus Nixon

I know I wrote this on Facebook, but can't recall if I shared it here: Electing Hillary now would be worse, much worse, than reelecting Nixon AFTER Watergate.  We KNOW she is a cheat and a liar and a law breaker.  The best her defenders can say about her is that she has never been CHARGED with a felony.

And I like to read Snopes.  They spin the fucking hell out of everything, but it is the nature of their particular beast that they have to put the fact out there.  And when they are forced to unambiguously support  viewpoint they don't like, they just delete the story, like they did with the story about Obama's mother being featured naked in Frank Marshall Davis's porno mags.  They had a rebuttal.  I read it myself.  Then pictures were published with the stars on the tits removed, and it became impossible to argue the case.  So I understand. I've seen a lot of tits in my time, and they come in all shapes and sizes, some very distinctive.

But here is their treatment of Hillary's time on the Watergate Commission:

What she unquestionably did was take part in a coverup.  Specifically, they were trying to deny Nixon the right to legal counsel, but there was a precedent, in the impeachment of a Supreme Court justice, that counsel was allowed.

What did they do?  They stole the files from the main library concerning this Justice, his last name was Douglas, and hid them where no one else could access them.  THEN they wrote a legal brief saying no precedent existed.  They lied, in other words, knowingly, intentionally.  Here is their supposedly exculpatory clarification:

Moreover, Zeifman plainly stated in his book that Hillary Rodham didn't "confiscate" files related to the Douglas impeachment case. Rather, he asserted that it was her supervisor, John Doar, who — with Chairman Rodino's assent — took possession of those files, writing that "Doar got Rodino's permission to place all of our Douglas impeachment files in his exclusive custody."
So Hillary engaged in a coverup, but one directed by her boss.  Can we just call this learning on the job, and being perfectly OK with being part of a corrupt system?

Some things never change. 


This is an interesting article on Dada:

I became very interested in Dada when I was 18 or so.  The reason why was not clear to me then, but I would suppose it represented to me a release of a wound spring that was otherwise impossible for me.

Without commenting too much (although I will relink my paper on it.  Actually, this is quote worthy

Through an interesting twist, we wind up in a position that since all narratives are equal, we can only condemn our own. And since all narratives are bad, and since we have a narrative, it needs to be condemned. And since we just deconstructed our own narrative, we can no longer deconstruct anyone elses. We have no tools, no criteria, by which to do this. Our own notions of justice have been jettisoned, so we will have to use those of others. 
That was percipient, if I do say so myself.

But the point I had originally intended to make was that all this destructive energy also had the hope of creation behind it, and it was PLAYFUL.  There is none of that in the modern climate, which is angry, bitter, argumentative, divisive and mean.

And I will remind folks that Donald Trump DOES like to play.  He likes appearing on soap operas, and pro Wrestling, and things like that.  He thinks its funny.

And so, so many women have come forward to say that he is a gentleman and the charges against him fabricated.  But CNN and NBC won't cover those, will they?

The fix is in.  We are living in an ugly, ugly time, filled with ugly, ugly people.  Trump is not one of them. 

Income inequality

If you think about it, in a dynamic system income inequality means you can do better.  It is one thing to have a fixed aristocratic system--which is the latent myth being invoked--but another entirely to have a meritocratic system like ours where most rich are recent rich, and where in theory you can only become wealthy by creating something of value (abuse of government and law breaking are also possible; but when the system is working, neither is possible, because government is small an relatively detached from the economy, and because law breaking is punished).

In a coerced egalitarian system, there is nowhere to go.  There is no hope for better, if better is what you want, and some people clearly want that.

It seems obvious to me that what people are really hoping for, emotionally, in seeking income equality is community, is a group where they belong, which shares their values.  But that has nothing to do with money.  It is a wish they dare not even voice to themselves, because it would reveal to them their spiritual and social poverty.

It further seems obvious to me that if you can build a society with a high average standard of living where some people, if they apply themselves, can become wealthy to an almost unlimited extent, then that is the best possible system, and except to the extent we have cheaters and government abusers (and lost wealth through monetary inflation) that is what we have.

Free markets combined with property law and relatively laissez faire government have exploded human wealth to an astonishing extent.  There is no close second to this system economically for wealth building.  As I have posted before, even overt imperialism (invading a nation and taking their stuff) is inferior.

Hillary uses the N word

Another story that will be suppressed by the media:

Former chef said he heard Hillary say of a server who screwed something up "That N--R".

As Paul Joseph Watson admits, because he is a credible journalist, this is mere hearsay.  But so too has been the looping coverage of alleged assaults by Trump which remained unreported for decades, despite how ridiculously easy it would have been to sue him.  The first gal's account was physically impossible, and her phone number linked to the Clinton Foundation.

As he also says, imagine if someone came forward and said they heard Trump use the N word.  It would be 24/7 for weeks.

Our media is broken. The first step to fixing it is denying them ad revenue by not watching them.


If Obama is willing to start a nuclear war with Russia to protect his fellow Democrats, imagine the kind of pressure he can bring to bear on Ecuador.

Jill Stein

I wonder if Trump can get her to stump with him. It would help a lot. She can obviously be vocal about her disagreements with him, but they can also share their areas of agreement, specifically that Hillary should NOT be allowed anywhere near the Presidency, that TPP is a disaster, and that nuclear might just ruin our day.  Certainly, it would not be good for the environment.

And obviously, she would get some sort of position in the Trump administration.  This would translate her now hopeless campaign into a potential engine of some change in the direction she wants.  Surgeon General would be a good choice.

Two further ideas occur to me: she also cannot have been a fan of the notion of a borderless hemisphere, as she ACTUALLY seems to care about American workers, and that whatever voters she might peal from Hillary would likely go to her, not Trump.

Right wing crazies

Hey you remember those crazies who thought some power elite was trying to make one country of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada?

They weren't crazy. In fact the plan is ENTIRE HEMISPHERE. They weren't crazy enough.

This fight

Like many, I am obsessing a bit about this election.  I really do feel like this is for all the marbles.  If we continue down this path, we get a softer edged but equally nasty 1984.

And it feels like a fight, but the fight is not really between voters, by and large.  It is between the public and the media.  It is trying to get needed information into the public space when all the major "news" networks are working HARD to suppress it.  Wikileaks, for example, has been all but buried by all the major networks, including Fox.  This is extraordinary, and extraordinarily frustrating.

A certain percentage of Democrats vote every election.  Most college educated people vote every election and always have.

What is different this year is that a LOT of people love Trump, and nobody likes Hillary.  She doesn't set anyone on fire like Trump does. She can't fill cafeterias, much less stadiums, and in any even at the moment she is not campaigning at all.

My personal guess is that this election will be like no other, and that many, many people with a high school education or less who normally sit the elections out, are going to turn out in droves to vote for Trump.  Romney had nothing to say to them.  Neither did John McCain, who may as well be a Democrat.

If we can avoid mass election fraud, we can definitely win this.  

Project Veritas

I am going to start linking stories I feel are important, because the war is on with the media.  Even Fox News is pushing hard against Trump.  He has the support of the people, and only a few websites, of the sort that Hillary wants to shut down, like Breitbart and InfoWars.

Here, what is described is illegal collusion between Hillary's campaign, PAC's and the DNC.  I don't know what the laws are, but they themselves said they were breaking them.  It's unambiguous.

Much worse, they are paying people to create incidents at Trump rallies.  They are intentionally provoking people.  Oxygen lady?  Paid agitator.  Chicago riot?  Paid agitators.  They train them, they pay them.  They even hire crazy people to do crazy shit.  Anything to disrupt the rallies, anything to make it harder to convey a message, anything to allow the media--who are obviously only too willing to oblige--to paint Trump supporters as crazy and violent.

This has NOTHING to do with developing coherent policy, with helping people, with compassion.  It is simply thugs doing what thugs go.  There is no vision of a better world, just Democrats winning elections.


I think "Women's Liberation" played an important role in all this, and so does early exposure to electronics. I think the massive disruptions in marriage roles created a great deal of instability in the homes of children born after, say, 1975.  What I would specifically hypothesize is that Attachment patterns were disrupted both by the increases in divorce, and by women going to work.  Both would create increased levels of stress in the woman, and make her less emotionally available to her children, as well, obviously, in the case of working mothers less physically available.  To this we could perhaps add the resentment she was taught at that time to feel about her situation, which could not but have been perceived by the children.

Economic factors would play into that as well.  Perhaps the large banks that run the world created the inflation in the 1970's to support their war on families, as well as to secure the cessation of any remaining limits on their ability to create and gift money (which they got around 1980).  Make earning a living harder, create a need to compete with men in women, and you get little children who do not get enough love.  Those children grow up feeling disspirited, lonely, and unable to connect with very deep feelings of hurt and anger.

Secondly, consider the proper role of Mirror Neurons.  When they are working properly, they enable attachment and socialization.  We feel what other people feel.  We look in their eyes and see sadness, or laughter, or anger.  This is the basis of empathy.

Consider how a child is socialized when their main interactions are with an electronic device which can be controlled by them, but which cannot mirror them.  This child would look normal on the outside, but not understand basic human emotions.  Pile this on top of a distracted busy mother--and I do think it needs to be the mother, political correctness be damned, because you were in HER womb, and we are hard wired to respond differently to mothers--and you get these little shits I see on the internet.

They KNOW something is wrong with them, but they have no idea what.  I know something is wrong with them, and that is my best guess.

I am rewatching Andrei Tarkovky's masterpiece "Nostalghia", and it starts with a meditation on motherhood, its difficulty, its joys.  An obviously "liberated" woman comes into a very old church during a ceremony intended to help a woman conceive a child, and asks the sacristan why so many more women are there than men.  He says something like "a woman's job is to raise children, and that requires patience and sacrifice".  And she sounds disgusted and says "and that's ALL they are for?"  He shrugs and says "you asked me".

But is there not something sacred in motherhood?  And do we not dilute or eradicate that sacrality by treating babies like unwanted gallstones?  It would seem to me that in diminishing motherhood, we diminish childhood.  Rather than a sacred responsibility, it becomes something to get through or--as is the case in much of Europe--to avoid entirely.

Wisdom involves moving slowly, often.  Seeing what is there without assuming it can be reduced to an abstraction and then plugged into a formula.  That does not involve the body and senses.  And most of life cannot be reduced to words.  If you are living at the word level, you are not living.  If you can speak all you know, you know little, at least consciously.  The knowledge is always there, but it vanishes when it is ignored and suppressed.

How is Leftism a mental disorder?

I stumbled into a Leftist ghetto accidentally today, and got trolled by everyone as usual, but it got me to wondering exactly HOW Leftists are mentally ill.  Presenting symptoms are patent incongruities between stated moral standards and actual behavior, an inability to honestly introspect and learn from experience, hostility to actual diversity of opinion, emotional superficiality, and a lack of empathy.

This is what I came up with:

Leftism is a form of emotional retardation. It is failure to develop, specifically, a core sense of personal agency, leading to patent narcissistic tendencies, an inability to effectively introspect, an intolerance toward unfamiliar or non-compliant ideas, and an enduring sense of emotional isolation because mature social bonds are not possible without individuation.
When we use the term Nanny State it is in many respects because we are breeding babies.

It will be an interesting task for some future historian, if there are any, to figure out how so many people were so corrupted, how their process of socialization was so bastardized that half this country failed to emerge from childhood.

I will ponder it, but I don't expect any easy answers. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I'm drinking Bloody Mary's until I fall asleep tonight. I have to get up early, so I'll likely be a bit groggy.

This morning I woke up worrying about this election, like I usually do, but then the worry just fell away.  It was odd.  Some part of me thought "I SHOULD be worrying", but it wasn't there.  It wasn't even some part of me telling some other part of me to be quiet.  It was just quiet.  Silence.  It was good. This is the sort of progress I have been chasing.

If you look for it, there is always some reason to worry.  And if you are capable of it, calm is always possible.

There is a story I read that I have always liked that I have probably shared, but not recently, I don't think.  The guy that founded the SEAL's was named Roy Boehm.  He had a lot of crazy stories in his life, and his biography is well worth the read. If you read one SEAL book, read his.

Anyway, he and some Vietnamese SEAL's (LDDN maybe?  That is what is coming to me at the moment) were assaulting an NVA or VC boat that had run aground on the side of a river.  Boehn and his comrades ran towards this thing and he ran headlong into something, maybe a tree, maybe the prop of the boat, and he DROPPED like a rock.  I don't know if you have ever ran into something so fast that hit your head that your feet literally kept going and you fell on your back, but I have.  More than once, frankly, if I am honest, although I am not proud of my lack of awareness. It's instantaneous and comical.  Anyway, his troops paused a moment to laugh at him, and he said that was one of his proudest moments as a Commander.  They were facing imminent death for all they knew, but they were relaxed enough to take a moment to laugh at him and his clumsiness.  I have told this story to my kids multiple times.  It's a great story, in my world.

The connection here is that even in life and death situations, shit man, just take it the fuck easy.  Nobody beats death in the end, and you miss all the fun parts trying.

I remember in the last election feeling good, then the hurricane blew in, and I had the dream of the headless people.  We had a hurricane this year--the first I recall since then--but the energy feels different.  I am often wrong, but that is what I feel, not what I think.  At its best, feeling is a direct path to what intellect achieves slowly and poorly, but of course at its worst it breeds chaos and death.

I'm listening to Bob Seger tonight.  I compare him to Neil Diamond: highly maligned, but highly talented and I don't give a fuck what people think.

That should conclude Mary's comments for tonight.  I'll be back tomorrow to say God knows what.  I create the space, pay attention to it, and ideas come. It's how I live my life. And it's not a bad life.

Danney Williams

I continue to think if Danney Williams were at the last debate, Trump can mention it, and use it as a way of telling the American people that important stories are being concealed from them, that CNN--and he can name the outlets--are simply not reporting important stories, at the same time they are doing ZERO fact checking on these sudden and decades late complaints about Trump.

And I think there is a racial angle as well: it is likely a factor that Bill can't own Danney--can't admit he is the father--just because he was conceived out of wedlock, but because he is half BLACK. And Bill was clearly taking advantage of his mothers poverty as well.

And Danney can look Bill and Hillary in the eyes, in all likelihood. He know his father is not a good person, but it would still be good to see him.

I do feel many Americans are waking up.  I obviously wish I had a crystal ball to see if that is true, and how this story ends, but I am quite convinced the complicit media polls are not even a remotely acceptable substitute.

Among other things, I think we will see record turnout from ordinary Americans who usually don't vote, and I would suspect millions of black voters who were eager to vote for Obama will simply stay home.  Hillary is The Man too.

Priorities part two

Forget that Obama is willing to risk the destruction of this nation over ego: what about the fucking American people who are so dumb, so ignorant, so complacent that their thoughts and time are focused on obviously false charges against Trump,with respect to issues that, in comparison to the prospect of the destruction of this nation, are obviously trivial even if they WERE true?

What about the fucking media, which is so corrupt, so driven by ideology, so separated from common sense and a sense of responsibility to this nation and their children, that they are virtually silent?

Let me put on my Czech intellectual hat again and point to how much intellectual and moral corruption was necessarily implied in 2008 when we elected this man about whom we knew almost nothing, and what little we did know was all bad, indicating anti-American radicalism, Islamist sympathies, intellectual mediocrity, and a foundational disingenousness.

Trump is making it impossible for the media to ignore all this.  Even when they are demonizing him, they have to cover him.  The word is getting out.  I said early on that Trump was a fighter and that that was what we needed.

I think people fail to get that it DOESN'T MATTER who the Republicans nominate.  When she was alive we could have nominated Mother Teresa, and if in the likely event they couldn't find anything, they would have MANUFACTURED it.  They make shit up, then focus on it.

Again: remember Alberto Gonzalez.   That might make a good rallying cry.  Among wonks, at any rate.  Nobody else would remember because the news media is also the amnesia media.  If they don't talk it, we fucking forget, because we are fat, dumb and sedated.

Obama's legacy

Increased the national debt more than all his predecessors combined.

Implemented a healthcare plan he promised would lower costs, provide better care, and increase coverage, and which has instead INCREASED costs 3-fold or more for most Americans, forced cancellation of many policies which people had before this law was passed, and caused failures and consolidations in BOTH the healthcare provision industries and the insurance industries.  This, after only enacting the bill on a hyperpartisan basis, with virtually NO Republican input, and no Republican votes.

Signed a deal with Iran which involved great secrecy, prop airplanes filled with pallets of $100 dollar bills, no Congressional ratification I can recall, and which merely delayed the program, while GUARANTEEING they will develop nukes at some future point.  Oh, and giving them $100 billion plus in frozen funds which were frozen in part because they support terrorism, which they can now use AGAIN to fund terrorism. I honestly think many details of this treaty are unknown to Congress or the American public to THIS DAY.

Used the IRS as a political weapon, and refused to prosecute anyone.

Used the Department of Justice as a political shield to protect both the IRS and Hillary from prosecution.

Politicized the FBI.

Oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, with jobs numbers only approaching the average under Bush because millions have left the labor force.

Opened our border up to illegal immigration, and facilitated it by releasing anyone they caught accidentally, including thousands of criminals.

Destabilized the Middle East. Libya is an ISIS and Al Queda haven, Egypt is only not dominated by Islamic Brotherhood--who Hillary and Obama supported--because they were so bad that they were deposed in a coup.

CREATED ISIS, both by arming and training people they KNEW were jihadists, and by failing to renegotiate an agreement to keep an adequate number of Americans in Iraq.  AND by failing to take effective action--such as bomb their oil convoys--once they emerged.

Overseen the least transparent Administration in many years, all while using Executive Orders to engineer changes that could not have been passed into law.  Among many, perhaps the most notable is the war on coal, and coal producing regions and coal producing jobs.

He supported people trying to create a race war.

He was made everything political, and by doing so created perhaps the most vicious and heated political divide this country has seen in a long, long time.

The list could be made longer.  But I can't think of ONE THING Obama has made better and not worse while in office.  The best that can be said is that it could have been much worse.  He failed to push through plans to disarm Americans, and many of his worst social engineering ideas were blocked by Congress.


Just putting it out there, Left.  It would make your list making of our alleged thought crimes a bit smoother.  Repetition has power, and power, of course, is what you want.  And need.

The difference

I support Hillary.

I'm sorry to hear that.  I would love to talk with you about the scandals which disqualify her ethically, the apparently serious health issues which disqualify her physically, and the policy failures which disqualify her professionally.

I support Trump.



I read Obama is considering a cyberattack against Russia, in response to alleged "interference" in our election, which consists entirely in making known the extent of the corruption of, and contempt for the American public of, the Democrat Party. It is not that lies are being told, but highly inconvenient truths.

Putin clearly seems to considering war with us, up to nuclear war. Ponder the priorities of an American President who would risk nuclear war in order to make sure his party wins the election.

The secrets are out, but not all, and supposedly the best are being saved for last, so I don't this overstating or in any way misstating the case.

Edit: as I think about, even that doesn't make sense. The hack has slready occurred. The secrets are out. This cyberattack would be solely the result of wounded pride, and petulant striking out of an irritable child. We have no security interest which such an attack would serve. We are governed by fools.


It seems to me the very notion of the importance of emotional depth has been increasingly lost on most of us. What we consider deep is all too often ideological morality plays, with simplistic messages, intended both FOR simpletons, and with the aim of making our dialogue less nuanced, less precise, less probing, and less interesting.

Ponder Jon Stewart for a moment.  He is the model for most millenials.  He is, or was, seemingly all they seek: simple answers for complex problems, and a moral high ground bought through mockery.


I would like to amplify on an earlier comment.  In the same sense that Liberal is related linguistically to Liberty, conservative is related to conservation.  Protection. Preservation.

And what are we preserving?  Some conservatives object to any deviation from the notion that America is a Christian nation.  I am not one of those.

Most of us, now--and the so-called Alt Right would belong in this camp--want to preserve the idealistic notions embodied in our Constitution that we should be free from ruling elites who are accountable to no one, and that all are equal under the rule of law. We should be free to speak and act as we choose, within broad boundaries, and the government has no business interfering with either.

I readily grant that it was an elite who created the Constitution, and who early on were the only ones allowed to vote.  But the system itself is INHERENTLY amenable to peaceful evolution.  An Andrew Jackson, if he had not been the one, would have come along soon enough.

And the question today is where we go from here.  The past is the past.  The Constitution can be amended, and has been.  But that process has been skipped now for 85 years or more.  Many many things have come into being without the consent or vote of the people.

This is the essence of what tyranny looks like.  It was the SPECIFIC outcome the distribution of powers between the Federal government and the States was intended to prevent.

What we seek to conserve, to preserve, is at root the rule of law, which has been perverted increasingly blatantly, increasingly openly, for the lifetime of most of those now living.

You cannot reject the rule of law, and not expect the unscrupulous--like Hillary Clinton--to abuse it.

Positive Thinking

Donald Trump was married to Ivana in a ceremony conducted by Norman Vincent Peale (who said of Trump, that he was "kindly and courteous in certain business negotiations and has a profound streak of honest humility.").  

I am going to call this ironic, because of a thesis I am about to advance: the creed of Positive Thinking, which Peale did so much to advance, is almost inherently one which leads to what might be called "emotional exclusionism".  This exclusionism, or dissociation, is a big part of the psychic split which Trump has done so much to make visible.

We have all met people who were deeply committed to putting the brightest possible light on everything, of always staying upbeat and positive, and of smiling as much and as often as possible.

We have an older gentleman in sales at my company who embodies this now somewhat Old School ethos.  Friendly to a fault, vivacious, always laughing, everyone is terrified to drive with him.  He doesn't pay attention and he flies into rages at everyone.  You get to the destination, all smiles and positivity again.

It seems to me that in America we have a tendency to confuse pretending with reality; that if we just believe something is so with enough will, it becomes so.  In its most extreme form this manifests as things like The Secret.  There may or may not be something to it, but there is clearly not a core correspondence between what we HOPE will happen, and what actually reliably does happen, unless hard work and a good plan are part of the hoping. 

But this habit accustoms us to confusing surface reality with deep reality.  It makes us more reluctant to go negative places consciously.  It enables an insult driven campaign like Hillary's to accuse Trump of being insult driven, and not cause any cognitive dissonance.  "They started it" is often a de facto admission of unprocessed feelings of aggression and rage.

And we seem to have internalized a sense that everything has to be OK all the time, and that it is not OK to talk about deep feelings, especially those of anger and rage and fear and disgust. It is OK to EXPRESS them on the political Left, but as feelings one OWNS as one's own, as not inherently connected to the external world, not so much.

It is unquestionably the case that Trump's appeal depends on mass anger on the part of the marginalized majority (hey, that's a good phrase), who can likely be counted on to turn up to vote in droves, but it is equally the case that the HATRED and FEAR of Trump can best be explained as psychological projection.  He has become a lightning rod for all the feelings the "enlightened left", the culturally sensitive, always willing to take it up the ass for the team Left, cannot express openly within their group, lest they lose their Club Pass.

But self evidently, given my own commitments, I think the feelings of the conservative majority in this country are healthy, and the ugly vitriol being heaped on us by the Left is not.

We can't talk any more, and that is not the fault of conservatives.  The Left starts off assuming the most ugly things possible about us, doesn't have any interest in listening, and abuses us as often as possible, both directly, and amongst the cult members, as a unfunny running joke.

"Ha, ha, ha, he thinks we should have BORDERS.  Fucking hilarious. Where do these fools come up with this stuff?"

One hopes that there remain ACTUALLY sensitive souls--and I have met a few, but very few--who are capable of both retaining a core commitment to the broad idea of Progress, but also seeing and claiming a landscape of failures perpetrated in its name.

Trump and the Chthonic

It is a truism, it is obvious, in inner work that internally directed violence breeds dissociation.  You can yell at yourself "STOP DOING THAT", and it will work for a minute.  It really will.  I've done it.  You have likely done it.

But the cost is internal conflict which breeds anxiety and emotional inefficiency.  If you bully some part of yourself into submission, it doesn't go away.  You can't kill off parts of yourself, at least not without an addiction of some sort.  Drug addiction and alcoholism can be used to manage this dissociated part.  In effect, you strike a deal where one part of you remains in charge, provided the other part can get sedated later.  It is upset and angry at the violence, and the booze or drugs calm it down.

But mental HEALTH is a process of integration, of bringing disparate parts which came into existence to manage different--and sometimes opposite--problems into communication with one another, and then eventually, to use my term (I think, although I may have stolen it from Dan Siegel), coalition. The parts work together harmoniously and even pleasurably for what is good for you, genuinely good for you.

Societies are no different.  You can shout down one segment, but they don't go away.  You have not convinced them. You have on the contrary alienated and angered them.  And they may stay quiet for a long time, but whatever apparent harmony might appear to exist in the relative silence, it is phony.  It is fake. It is an illusion conjured into existence for the gratification of the bullies and accepted by the bullied on the surface.

But the cause of building bridges has not been served.  You have a deep, deep split.

Donald Trump OBVIOUSLY did not create a split in our society.  I have to hang my head sometimes and wonder how people can be so FUCKING STUPID.  It is particularly egregious when you consider that it is the LEFT which is always talking about sensitivity, and caring and compassion and understanding.  It is the LEFT in general where the "mental health professionals" congregate, and where most of the patients originate.

But you see, this split exists within them too.  They don't own their undirected rage.  As a general rule, they are able to act as if actual conditions in the world FORCE them to be angry all the time; and not realize that their own psychological debilities, their own lack of integration, is what DRIVES them into lunatic politics in the first place.

Democrats are not "Liberals".  They haven't been for a very long time.

Here is the thing: genuine Liberals--who are the large sections of Red which constitute well over 90% of the land mass in our country (which is to say "conservatives", who "conserve" Liberalism, as opposed to supporting Socialist tyranny)--have been getting called names for decades now, but it has been particularly awful and continuous in the Obama years.  Yes, race absolutely has something to do with it: the term RACIST is used every fucking time anyone disagrees with Obama about ANYTHING.  It is not that actual racism is present, but that it is a convenient cudgel with which to batter the offending individual or group.

Over and over and over and over the politics of division by vilification is used against all white Americans, all Christians, all men, all successful businesspeople--even black people and other minorities who don't conform to racist Left wing stereotypes, even rape victims who don't conform to their assigned narrative--and this process breeds anger.  It is inevitable.  You insult someone baselessly for a long period of time, what do you THINK is going to happen?

And it is the height of disingenuousness for these fools to act surprised.  Where did THAT come from, I wonder?  Must be racism again.  NO, IT ISN'T FUCKING RACISM: IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY REACTIONS TO YOUR CONTINUAL EMOTIONAL WARFARE ON GOOD PEOPLE.

I think we have all encountered the "head only" man or woman, who just doesn't "get" emotions.  They don't react like normal people, and thus normal reactions puzzle them.  Emotion is a foreign language to them, one they don't speak and really have little interest in learning how to speak.

Such people are not emotionless.  What they are is emotionally stupid, which usually means that most of the time they are acting out in anger and with malice while pretending to themselves they are enlightened and good.  It is a lie enabled by their own internal deceit, which is to say their own internal dissociation and lack of integration.

This is the landscape I see.  And onto this you have to layer the greedy and power hungry.  The headless people (who present as head only, but are in reality limbic and brain stem only) answer to them readily.  Say the right sorts of words, and the usual suspects will jump to attention and go into action. You can USE these people to get rich. You can pass laws to protect the rich if you say they are to protect the poor, and that anyone who opposes them is awful.  You can say you want to protect the weak while protecting the powerful.  You can say you support justice while shitting on the actual rule of law.  Everything is possible when people NEED YOU emotionally.

I was pondering again this morning Haidt's moral foundations and it occurs to me that the only real attachment Leftists have is to Authority.  A genuine sense of Fairness would involve balancing all sides, and they have no interest in that.  They don't care about the opinions of anyone who disagrees with them.  What they do is pick one side and bully it to victory. I have in mind specifically gay marriage.  There was no national dialogue.  There was one side shrieking and the other side shouting back, or separating from the discussion.  Fairness would be if you force a Christian to bake a gay wedding cake, you force a black baker to bake a KKK cake.

Actually, here are some actual cases: not baking a cop a cake for his retirement.

Not baking a Confederate flag cake, but baking an ISIS cake.

Again, why the fuck is the government in the cake business to begin with?  As I've established, Liberty is not an important value to the Left, but Fairness supposedly is.  The essence of Fairness is one standard applied to all.  Why are these blatant contradictions not objectionable to them?  Simple: fairness is not ACTUALLY one of their values.

As far as Care this is easy: do leftist economic policies work to care for the sick and poor and elderly?  No, not really.  What helps is economic growth and well being, and their policies accomplish the opposite.  Poverty has existed in the ghettos for many decades.  If they ACTUALLY cared, they would ask what is not working and fix it.  Instead, they continue to push things that don't work--like Head Start--and ignore and even ban things which do work, like Charter Schools and educational vouchers.

Look at this:

These charter schools DEMONSTRATED that black kids from broken families and bad neighbhorhoods can SUCCEED if given decent educations.

The 6,700 students at her 22 Success Academy Charter Schools scored in the top 1 percent in math and top 7 percent in English on the most recent state test. These are students who come overwhelmingly from poor, minority families, who overcame the achievement gap progressives regularly bemoan.
They succeeded.  So what happened?  The Regressives rolled the negroes back into schools where they can now be expected to return to being at the bottom of the heap in test results, and graduate barely able to read, and completely unable to take on jobs in the technology sector, at least without Affirmative Action.  These assholes create the problem then claim they have the solution.

I could go on, but the point is that CARE is not an actual value of the Left.  They are not primarily trying to help people.  They don't think about.  You go to any left wing website, especially around election time, and their sole focus is polling data, and how to manipulate people into voting Democrat.  They don't care about issues and more or less directly ban debate, because they don't care about RESULTS.

This is an anti-humanistic agenda.  These people are mentally and emotionally ill.  They are sick.  And they breed like fucking rabbits.