Sunday, January 22, 2017

This craziness

As I continue to watch these melt-downs, these states of irrational hyperarousal and cognitive distortions, it occurs to me that on some level the Left has realized we reached a turning point.  Their agenda was seen, understood, and rejected by enough Americans to matter, and this has pushed them into panic.

Trump is not crazy.  You don't take $3 million and turn it into $3 billion by being crazy.

Trump is not even remotely a fascist, and all these ludicrous claims about concentration camps, and Hitler, are patently absurd.  They are off by many orders of magnitude.  There is ZERO factual basis for making them.

Here is what I propose: these people sold their souls, their responsibility for independent thought, for honest moral analysis, long ago.  They became slaves, because they could no longer tolerate their freedom, and entered a sadomasochistic relationship with the State understood abstractly, and expressed concretely as the means to achieving purportedly moral ends like "the end of racism", all while pursuing an aggregation of power that has NOTHING to do with achieving any concrete social or economic improvement.

They felt in their bones the creep towards an authoritarian State, one they felt they could trust to "deal" with all the unpleasant people who continued to cling to notions like freedom, reason, and a belief in God.  The "progress" was well under way, and they felt that there would never be a reckoning, that no one would ever confront them with regard to their irrationality, their expressed inhumanity, their soul darkening rejection of the possibility of a meaningful life itself.  All of this was latent, unexpressed.  Practically, in their daily dealings with each other, all was outward harmony.  Nobody spoke about or even allowed themselves to think that they were building an authoritarian State.

Then Trump happened, the unthinkable, the impossible: someone who spoke plain, obvious truths in public without shame or holding back.  Someone who contradicted their ludicrous assertions of Goodness and genuine caring by pointing out their shameless contradictions, their continual failures, their gross hypocrisy, their hatefulness, their continually simmering anger and vitriol.

That's a big fucking mirror for people who have allowed themselves to become soulless monsters to look into.  And it scares the living fuck out of them.  They can't escape it and they can't deal with it. Hence the massive hyperarousal.

But if we are to build a genuinely humane, decent future for our children, it was what was needed.  Trump is not a statesman, and he is not a philosopher.  But he is honest, genuinely concerned with Americans, and has a lifetime of experience in solving concrete problems.

Meaningful Engagement

These protests actually create a huge opportunity for Trump to continue the process of pealing moderates off from the Democrat brand.  This process has been on-going for years, but I think his moderation in the face of all this lunacy is an excellent background from which to accelerate this process.  I think he should make some sort of public statement saying something like the following:

"Look, I want jobs for American workers.  Does that make me a fascist?  I'm called a fascist by people who won't watch my speeches, won't look at my website, and who know NOTHING about me.  Mexico enforces its border as well as it can.  What is wrong with this?  Cesar Chavez wanted a strong border.  Was he a fascist?  Was he a racist?  Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted an America where everyone was guaranteed an equal shot at their own version of a good life, where ability and determination made the difference, not skin color.  Over and above anything else, our inner city schools are a DISASTER.  Am I a fascist to want to improve them? Would Martin Luther King, Jr. have marched in the streets to protect the jobs of incompetent teachers and completely useless schools?  No, he would not have.

I want good things for all Americans.  I want a strong economy. I want LESS government, not more.  Do all of you understand this is the OPPOSITE of fascism, which wants to control everything you do and say?

Folks, it's fine to disagree with someone, with their ideas.  But in OUR COUNTRY we value constructive dialogue, we value the negotiation of difference, we value meaningful engagement.

These people attacking my supporters with extreme prejudice, knowing nothing about them but that they support someone who wants to bring jobs back to America and protect our borders, they are engaging in meaningless activity.  Nobody learns anything.  Nobody becomes open to new ideas.  The ENTIRE point of that sort of thing is to instill fear in people,. to silence them with violence.  Nothing more inimical not just to the American spirit, but to human DECENCY, which transcends all cultures and times, could be imagined.

I am going to do my best for ALL AMERICANS--I can't emphasize that enough--and I expect that my work will even benefit strongly those who hate me the most. So be it.

God bless this country, and God bless you."

And there is no reason he can't make his own internet videos.  He can stage manage his own "press releases" such that they hit Facebook and supportive news sites completely intact.  He can do multi media where he includes videos--here, for example, of Trump supporters being attacked--with his narrative.

Hillary wanted to ban Drudge and Breitbart, and InfoWars, but Trump is in charge now, and those sites will flourish.  Trump can literally control his own coverage.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

These marches

The irony of having large marches in most of the major cities of America is that most of these cities voted for Hillary.  Our cities are and long have been overwhelmingly Democrat.  But most of the land area, and most of the people in this country, do not live in our largest cities.  They will not see these marches, and for his part Trump is well aware that this is smoke and mirrors designed to give our complicit media ammunition to do yet more ineffective lying.

It will feel GREAT for those involved.  They get to feel like they did something.  They can slap each other on the back.  But it is a fundamentally solipsistic enterprise.  They are not changing any minds at any level of our body politic.  In fact, most of us who voted for Trump are sick and tired of their loser bullshit.  We wish they would keep their fucking word, accept that they lost an election they would have won if they had any useful fucking ideas at all, and stop pretending that the entire political world does and should revolve around their patent childishness, ignorance, intolerance, violence, and narcissistic pouting. 

We survived Obama

It was a bit surreal watching Obama getting into the helicopter with Michelle.  8 years ago many of us felt great fear about what was to come.  And Obama did pretty much what we expected, but we all benefited greatly from his innate mediocrity, his lack of genuine drive, and the profound incoherence that befuddled everything he did.

Clearly, he politicized our government, with the clear intention of handing it to Hillary to finish the task.  Many government agencies did patently illegal things intended almost entirely to help ensure Democrat victories illicitly, without appeal to ideas, or recognizable benefits to anyone they were asking to vote for them.

It is quite possible government agencies were involved in assassinations domestically.  Certainly, this has been claimed for people like Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, and even Tom Clancy.  I continue to wonder the connection between John Podesta talking about "wet work" and Antonin Scalia's odd death three days later.  Perhaps Trump can provide the cover for an honest investigation into all these.

I continue to believe there was a massive coverup at Sandy Hook, and quite possibly no shooting at all.  Experts who have looked at it continue to say it was the most screwed up and incomprehensible thing they have ever seen, and the FBI officially did not recognize ANY deaths there. That single data point should raise the eyebrows of any intelligent person.

I could go on, but all this is now in the rear view mirror.  There is much that can, should, and hopefully WILL be investigated now that we will have an Attorney General who considers the laws more important than partisan politics.  And in any event, enforcing the laws will likely prove highly partisan for the simple reason that the Democrats seem to have gotten in the habit of breaking any and all of the laws that they find inconvenient, at all levels of the government.  No doubt there are guilty Republicans, but clearly much of the swamp exists to further the agenda of the Deep Government, which has always leaned (D).

And I have not forgotten the claims made by Eric Prince that Anthony Weiner's laptop contained a vast trove of horrible material implicating much of our government.  Perhaps Trump will see fit, if it is there, to use it as a weapon, but my sincere hope is that if crimes have been committed, that he will do the right thing and arrest and prosecute the offenders.

I think part of my odd mood too is that after many years of anxiety, I'm going to have an interesting time learning to process the idea of having someone in our highest office who is both honest and competent. Such, at any rate, is the reasonable hope of many of us.

Feeling dissociated

I have alluded to this, but I have in recent days realized that you can touch the feeling of dissociation directly.  Now, the idea of dissociation is that you are disconnected from your emotions, but the feeling of being emotionally disconnected is a feeling too.  It is neither a painful nor a scary feeling.  Nor is it a good feeling.  It is a bit like just being there, just being a set of eyes and ears.

A few days ago I was getting my oil changed, and the main guy was actually pretty genuinely friendly, which is rare for those places, which do a lot of the fake peppiness, and I was just sitting there, and I was feeling odd.  He noticed it and asked if I was OK, and I said sure I'm fine.

But what I now realize is that I was being openly dissociated in public.  Normally I hide.  I know how to be social, how to make small talk, how to make jokes.  I can talk with nearly anybody about nearly anything.  I have a lot of practice with this.

Sometimes--some weeks in the past, frequently--I use anger to separate myself.  All the yelling and upselling (which is actually a good idea where maintenance is concerned) gets on my nerves.  It's insulting when I have to put my keys in a can, or be "escorted" to the bathroom as if somehow their capacity to navigate that 20' is superior to mine.  It's lawsuit-avoiding corporate America at its worst.

But that day, I was just sitting there naked: openly a man apart.  I paid my bill, headed off, and worked a hard week, mostly by myself.

What I am realizing though is that emotionality is a way of avoiding a core sense of disconnection, one which I feel runs strongly through American life.  I feel most Americans feel disconnected from the streams of HONEST emotional life, of honest emotional connection, and that most of them don't even know it.

Anger, of course, is a common reaction to an inner sense of disconnection.

I was pondering the Headless Ones, the fascists, the authoritarian mobs, and it occurs to me that the sort of fascism on display on college campuses--most recently at the University of Washington, where Milo was speaking--is really a way of building mass social connection based upon anger and fear, which is to say based upon the limbic system.  If everyone is feeling the same thing as you, at the same time, in response to the same stimulus, then you are PART of something, aren't you?  Nothing good is ever built on anger and fear, but that is not the point of the exercise: the point is to exorcise anomie, alienation, as many have pointed out in commenting on the authoritarian ethos.

Some commentators as well have claimed to see sexual repression behind fascism, with the obvious counter-fascist prescription being more sex.  And of course the Headless Ones are hyper-sexualized.  Sex and sexual orientation is almost all they seem to talk about sometimes.  But for all that, it seems to me the amount of SATISFACTION they get from sex is quite low.  Theirs is a  low trust culture.  They must be constantly ready and willing both to change everything they said they believed, AND to denounce and distance themselves from anyone who proves a heretic and must be burned.

Simply having sex--even weird, deviant sex--is not satisfying at a deep level.  There has to be connection, openness, intimacy, emotional risk, and I feel all these things are quite impossible in conditions of chronic emotional arousal, of chronic anger, and chronic fear, especially the fear of social isolation and banishment.

So I think even a modern Wilhelm Reich could look at the campus Brown Shirts and see and recognize a clear affinity between their mass emotional gestalt, and that of the Nazis.  Plainly, all of them are willing to countenance mass violence against people whose only crime is ideological difference.  These street demonstrations are merely the best they can do.  They would much rather lock people up, banish them, beat them or kill them.

I read that the Seattle Police took pipes, sticks with spikes on them, sharpened sticks and the like from the demonstrators there, who seem to have literally intended murder.  One person was in fact shot.  Last I read it was unclear who shot who why.

It is certain though that the Left has developed and deployed their own Sturmabteilung, for the same reasons the Nazis did.  They are capable of murder.  Thank God they don't have Hillary in the White House giving them cover.  Quite the contrary.

I continue to believe though that Trump can pressure these major universities--all of which get a lot of money from the "Federal Government"  (which is to say money first taken from the people of America, then given back to them in ways the people running the government see fit)--to protect on their own nickel dissident speakers, arrest violent protesters, expel any students caught in acts of violence, and fire or retire anyone preaching anything but a Constitutional Republic in America.

The hangover

I think in important respects, this moment in history could be viewed as the moment America stopped a long term drunken binge.  For decades, Republicans--the ostensible keepers of the notion of limited, Constitutional government--have given in to the Left, little by little.  A little here, a little there.

This is a bit like saying "every time I say racist we do a shot".  Inebriation--moral incoherence, political incoherence, confusion, getting lost--has been the result.

These children in the streets want to keep drinking. They want to continue to pretend the party can last forever, that deficits have no consequences, that policies can be imposed which can be paid for by gold farting unicorns.

Any time you stop drinking, the world slowly gets greyer and uglier.  But if that is what you see, that is what it was to begin with.  The task is to build an ACTUALLY better world, rather than a fucking pipe dream that will explode with time, by which time you plan to be dead or in charge.

And ponder too how disproportionate the outrage to Trump's pussy grabbing comment was.  We have allowed some 40,000 Libyans to be killed in a completely pointless civil war.  ISIS has murdered thousands in often horrific ways, all so Obama and Kerry could pursue a nonsensical goal of "regime change" in Syria, which most likely would have led to much more mass death.

All of these people had lives, families, hopes, dreams, homes, jobs: all destroyed, by Obama's evil policy.

And for Trump's part, you know what most likely followed any pussy grabbing he did?  Sex.  Really good sex.  The assumption is made that he grabbed women who were noncompliant, women who hated him, like these lunatics do in the streets of America.  No: IF he did what he said he did--and the more I think about it, Trump is one of the most impulsively honest politicians in American history, which is an asset in my view--then he did it with women who idolized him and wanted him sexually.  It was a form of foreplay, nothing more.

And none of the women who briefly appeared and then rapidly disappeared after the leak of that tape were credible.  Trump is a playboy.  That is the word.  He always has been, and has never been shy about admitting it.  He has seduced many women, some through blunt touch, and most of whom likely welcomed it.

Mass murder versus compulsive seduction.  Obviously, any reasoning mind has to find the latter much more objectionable, right?

Hitlerianism and losing big

Ponder the lunacy of calling a man "Hitlerian" who wants the policy of the American government he runs to be oriented around American interests.  Whose interests SHOULD they be oriented around?  And why the fuck would we want as President someone who wants to pursue anyone's interests BUT ours?

Is it fascist for someone in the Rust Belt who has been out of work a long time to want a job?  Is it fascist to want people guilty of rape and murder who are here illegally to be deported, or at least JAILED?  Is it fascist to want good trade deals?  Is it fascist to want to improve the schools in our inner cities?

Words have lost their meaning.  A large segment of our population has lost the ability to use the English language--or any other language--to engage in dialogue.

I will be honest: I don't have any good ideas on how to fix lunacy like that.  I am usually an idea man, but this is literally a form of cognitive psychosis. It can't be medicated, and for now at least it cannot be reasoned with.

Personally, I am wanting to see mass arrests and some head knocking by the cops.  It's not a solution, but it is at least not allowing the problem to fester in the open; and as a general principle of government people who are unwilling to engage in honest discussion can only be managed through fear.  Discussion is what we want.  It would be what we would want with the Islamists, too.

But if they won't go there, the next step down the ladder is effective counter-violence.  Take violence off the table and perhaps some will recover their senses and begin acting like social human beings again.  Don't bet on it, but one can hope.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Object relations

Within my emerging paradigm, inner healing consists in the initial phase in what might be broadly called Cognitive Psychology.  It consists in learning to realize that much of your inner dialogue is irrational, that it does not conform to what seems to be reality, particularly as it concerns your regard for yourself.  If you find yourself feeling chronic shame for something you did not do--which seemingly exists for no reason at all--then you have identified the fruit of something else.  The feeling leads to a thought which is dysfunctional and irrational.

What then leads to the feeling?  Well, you can use psychodynamic history to EXPLAIN it, but given that this feelings is recreated consistently within your soma, within your self as embodied physically, sooner or later you have to find what I might term the "existential" component.

Within what I am finding a useful heuristic--SIFT--underlying the feeling is a static image. It might be you reaching for your mother and her turning away.  It might be a parent looking at you in anger.  It might be your father leaving the home for good when you were 4.  And of course there might be many discrete images, but my instincts tell me for most people one or two suffice.

I have in the past called these "Rosebud" moments.  They are mythic, life defining moments which might IMMEDIATELY fade into the dark recesses of the psyche, but which never, ever leave.  Rosebud was the last thing Well's Kane thought about. He had a life of power, fame, success, experience, but he lost his connection with his core self.  Everything else was a poor substitution for it.

This is a common story, I feel.  Most of us are lost, and don't know we are lost.  Most of us are dreaming, as Gurdjieff said, and not just with regard to "spiritual" things.  Most of us are profoundly stupid.  We pick up this and that, from the fragments of our culture, and try to keep in step with everyone else, and hope no one notices.  Meanwhile, everyone else is doing the same thing.  And the more lost people feel, the more instantaneous and complete the corrections.  You see schools of people, flipping on a dime, like fish, like birds, and with regard to ostensibly serious notions like love, justice, fairness.

Sometimes someone comes along who is even stupider than the rest, such that he or she is utterly convinced his or her mania is innately correct.  Such people can become very popular in times of mass confusion.  By design, our system discourages the emergence of such people, and was intended to greatly mute their potential power, no matter where they wound up.  Our system, of course, has been corrupted, as all great things are by time and use.

But returning to the topic, with time, patience, openness, and kind probing--and allowing, which is very important--something may emerge.  It might initially be tainted with the presence of another person.  I think for most it likely is.  Certainly, for me it was.  But over time it purifies, and you get the image with the sensations.  I do think this is a twofold pairing: feeling/thought, image/sensation.

For me the image/sensation is one of having something taken from me the moment I either reach for it, or depend on it.  This morning I had the image of a woman I know and am currently attracted to laying next to me.  The moment I grew comfortable in her presence, she disappeared.  And in a more pure form, I can place anything on a table, in a spot called the  Disappearing Spot, and the moment I lean in--this is the sensation--it is taken from me.  The sensations are a leaning in and sudden leaning out in surprise, a tension in my solar plexus, a bit of dizziness in my head--let's call it vertigo, and the sudden blankness of dissociation (which does have a feeling tone).

If I pull myself back out of dissociation, the feeling is one of profound and utterly unassailable solitude.  I am alone in the universe.  Nothing out there, no one out there, can ever be real for me.  It is maddening.  I live in an illusory world.

Does this sound like something a Sartre, or perhaps a Charles Schultz in his analogy of Charlie Brown and the football, might have described?  This is not a unique problem.  What is unique is that I have gotten there in a fairly pure form.  Most people disguise this--and if I might put a term on it which I have used before, this Developmental Trauma--in ways we simply call "life".  Every craziness has a reason.  Every form of insanity has a logic.  No one is fully insane.  There is a spark in all of us.

And I want to be clear that this is progress.  This is not where you STOP.  Jesus, no.  Having gotten to this image/sensation, I am going to go into it as consciously and regularly as I can.  I can use my brain, my thinking, my learning and study, to realize that this feeling--which manifests broadly as what could perhaps most usefully be called shame, even if this is not an exhaustive word for a mutable and complex emergence--can be allowed to dissolve.

I really like my Mobility Meditation, which is really a modified form of Kum Nye.  It is underplayed, and apparently underpracticed, but Tarthang Tulku obviously saw all this in the 1970's when he wrote the first books.  Massage is actually taught before movement, and I now see why.

The way he teaches it, though, is subtle, mostly, although he does have very strong belly massage.  But in my own case the disconnection is so powerful, the underlying patterns so strong, that I need REALLY strong activation and elicitation, so my foam rollers, lacrosse balls and other tools work better for me at the moment.

I like to burn incense, traditional incense, where you have a brazier, put a charcoal piece on there which you have lit, then put the actual resins on there.  I have Dragon's Blood, a Kashmir Mix, a Celtic mix, frankincense, and actual Sandalwood shavings.  You can fill the room with smoke from the ceiling to 4' or so off the floor.  It is mood altering, and good for this work.  I have to temporarily unplug the smoke detector of course.

And I put on evocative music.  I like Bach.  Sometimes Vangelis.  Sometimes Steven Halpern.

One last point: for most of us, heroes represent an image/sensation combination that creates a moving-towards for a free system, for a liberated psyche.  We see that person, and imagine how it must feel to be them.

All of humanity's problems can be solved.  All of them.

Desperate measures call for desperate times

No sane person wants to live in a police state.  No sane person wants to be told where they can work, what they can eat, where they can go, who they can or can't marry, what they can or can't say or believe.

Leftism is inherently an impulse for total control.  It might start out rhetorically mild, but the core knows that some of their ideas will not be popular, and that some people will resist.  To correct this "problem", they use force.  The force, in turn, creates a further reaction.

Every turn of the screw creates more objections, more protest, and more repression.

What Leftists CANNOT accept is sustained peace and prosperity untainted by government control.  They need war, economic disasters, mass unemployment, crime in the streets.

This is why systemic problems of the real, versus imagined, sort, cannot and will not EVER be solved by anyone obsessed with dreams of turning society into an operational machine they control.  France has to have mass unemployment and crime.  The United States has to have its ghettos.

Black Lives Matter could quite easily be viewed not as a means of correcting problems, but of preventing their correction.  It acts to prevent rational dialogue about the REAL problems in black communities.  It acts to damage relations between police and those they are supposed to protect, which creates an even higher crime rate, and further following reliance on elitist Democrats to "save" them.

The people we need in our highest offices are not people who are trying to save the world.  We need people who view peace and prosperity as normal, as the proper way for things to be, and deviations from the norm real problems requiring sound solutions that work consistently, efficiently, and quickly.  We have not had such people in enough high places for a very long time.  I would estimate at least since the 1950's, and a better guess would be the 1920's.  And absent the Fed and fractional reserve banking, the Crash of 1929 never would have happened.  Hitler never would have come to power, and no second World War would ever have been fought.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Read this if you have a strong stomach, i.e. if you are not an Obama loving piece of shit and actually retain a capacity for revulsion in the face of real crimes.

Here is the only point I will make: Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry CREATED this group which commits these horrific, unimaginable crimes. They did so to pursue Saudi interests, as far as I can tell. All three are in my view guilty of contributing to mass murder and cruelty unimaginable to the fashionable children in this benighted nation who think mere words can hurt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Criminality became the norm under Obama, as did lying, evidence destruction, and obstruction of justice in many forms. Not unreasonably, those culpable for these crimes felt immune, safe. And why not? Neither Holder nor Lynch were ever going to investigate anything.

But for most crimes the statute of limitations is 7 years. That means most of the crimes in BOTH terms can still be prosecuted. And SHOULD be.

James O'Keefe

Im having a hard time wrapping my brain around people believing propaganda that would have embarrassed IngSoc.

Be that as it may, one very important element of the election I have seen ZERO commentary on was the O'Keefe sting videos.  Obviously the media buried them, but they had the seemingly very important outcome of forcing the firing or resignations of the core of Hillarys dirty tricks team (does that make anyone else think of Nixons plumbers, but worse?).

One of them went so far as to tweet that she lost the election when she got rid of him. That may not have been hyperbole. Plainly much cheating happened anyway, and in the close States just a bit more cheating might have turned the tide.

Hillary ran a terrible csmpsign, was a terrible candidate, and had less charisma than Nixon. She deserved to lose and was only made competitive by relentless and aggressive propaganda, a dumbed down electorate, and LARGE piles of cash given on a quid pro quo basis. This is the truth.

Edit: as I think about it, the likeliest reason Hillary parted company with folks who had s long history of success is SHE DIDNT THINK SHE NEEDED THEM. By all accounts, she and her staff seem to have conflated polls they should have known wee skewed with reality.

I'm reminded of Faith Hill and the Grammies, but with a lot more profanity and drinking in Hillarys case. I hope she doesn't have s dog.

She's not really the dog type is she? I'm thinking more like piranhas and barracudas she can feed chum to every time she gets pissed.


Inciting a riot is a crime, likely a serious felony, if anyone is hurt. Those Democrat operatives who created the riot in Chicago can still be prosecuted, as can anyone calling for violence on Friday or this weekend.

It is appropriate Bill Ayers will be there to see the end of his era.

Trump is no Nixon: he is much more likeable. He has a Republican Congress, a clear mandate, and his opponents have been forced into INVENTING the galvanizing issues--racism, chicks with dicks using the women's room, misogyny--none of which he is guilty of.

There is no Vietnam War. There is no youth movement worthy of the name. There is nothing in the sails of the haters BUT hate, and that won't go very far. Already I am starting to see "former Progressive" in more and more comments.

Hate is such a dull place to live.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good motto

We don't want a saint.  We want solutions.

Communism defined

Communism is a creed which seeks as a matter of principle the enslavement of the mass majority of people, their relegation to profound poverty, their psychological torture by means of unrelenting and unavoidable lies, their social alienation by breaking up their families and desecrating their cultural history and current faith, and the elevation of a small elite to positions of wealth and power which are unassailable, being protected by a vast police and surveillance state.  It is profoundly atavistic, in that it constitutes a de facto return to the conditions which prevailed under the Pharaoh's of Egypt, but since it is based on lies, it calls this "progress".

This is the creed professed, whether they admit it or not, whether they KNOW it or not, by the people who will be inhabiting Washington on Friday and doing their best to attack our bedrock institutions, including the long tradition of the peaceful transition of power which they were lauding--because they were told to--as recently as the day of the election.

And I want to be clear that they are already the People of the Lie, as M. Scott Peck labeled destructive narcissists and sociopaths.  They have already internalized the ability to believe anything they are told, to reconcile seamlessly grotesque contradictions, and to reliably inhale and exhale hate, anger, and violence towards anyone who does not think like them.  They will be, clinically, a horde of fascists.

And of course, the threats may not materialize, but given the relentless propaganda, given the patent failures of Democrat leaders--notably Barry and Hillary--to make even token efforts to restrain them, given the blatant full blown amygdala hijacks plainly visible everywhere, it seems like it will be an interesting day for the police.  With luck, maybe they will get some "stick time".  I personally would like to see some of these demented, democracy-hating creatures get whacked around.  They intend nothing but destruction, feel little but hate.  They embody, in fact, EVERYTHING they accuse us of, and that is an ugly, ugly picture indeed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tough guys

I'm watching some of these videos of planned violence by the Left, and I'm wondering how vegan momma's boys will fare against combat veterans, or even country boys who grew up getting in bare knuckle fights (and some of whom continue the tradition as adults).

These people, because they are largely protected by police, and largely unmolested by them, think they are tough in groups.  They don't know what they don't know.  It's like somebody thinking they can box until they get clocked (true story in my case: I've seen the lights).  They don't understand from personal experience that saying "everybody has a plan until they get hit".

The vast majority of Americans have been tolerant. We have held our tongues, and checked our impulses of rage and violence, because we are decent human beings (who don't want to go to jail, either).

And that history may not change.  But it is clear to me at least that if things are pushed to a certain point, these children will find out who they are fucking with, and they won't like it.  There are a LOT of people in this country skilled and experienced in dealing out professional grade violence.

(Not me, to be clear!!!  Although I perhaps have more experience than many.  I've been in fights.  I've been kicked in the balls, punched in the kidney (very interesting experience one does not forget), gotten a black eye, nearly knocked out twice, choked so hard it hurt to swallow for three days, and did martial arts training for many years that left bruises all over my body, but none of that really counts, relative to combat veterans, and people who think a weekend isn't complete without a fight.  Still, I guess I wouldn't fuck with me.)

One way of putting it

A third of the electorate just dropped off the map.  They are still there, of course, but they are not reachable.  They are gone, for all practical intents and purposes.  They have signaled they will not cooperate with Trump in any way, for any reason, for any aim.

As I continue to say in slightly different ways, this is actually a great blessing.  There is no need to include them in negotiations, no need to consult their opinions, no reason to return the phone calls of the people who represent them, no reason not to do EXACTLY what the 2/3rd's of sane Americans want, which is bring back jobs, get us back to the health insurance we had, at least, enact a sane border policy, keep out people who want to kill us, put in place on the Supreme Court people who understand and respect the actual law, etc.

Trump had roughly 58 worst weeks ever.  He survived more scandals--most of them manufactured from whole cloth--than I can count.  There is little he could do or say to truly affect his REAL support, other than fail to follow through on his promises.

Fuck the Left.  They marched out of the room in disgust, and there is no reason to let them back in.

And to be clear, hyperpartisanship is what Obama led with in his first term.  Not only did no Republicans vote for Obamacare, I don't think any even got invited to the discussions.

What could the Left possibly offer to induce Trump to consider them?  They hate him.  They hate everything about him.  They severed the lines of communication.  So fuck them.

The media, of course, will keep doing what it does.  But self evidently, it wasn't enough to keep Trump from getting elected, and it won't be enough to keep him from increasing his popularity--his REAL popularity, as they keep trying to fix polls and drive opinion on that basis--as he moves from success to success.

Froth mouthed assassins, aka the Headless Ones

it seems to me they can be usefully summarized as people who have not developed an ability to digest life. It is too much for them.

Consider what actors do, what Meryl Streep does: they pretend to be someone else, they inhabit someone else's life.  What better way to avoid learning to inhabit your own skin, to process your pain, to grow within a character structure which is, in healthy people, flexible, adaptable, coherent, energized and stable? That is someone else's list.

I read a number of years ago that she is a neurotic mess when she is between roles--between a vacations from her core reality--and can one not speculate that a lifetime achievement award conjures up anxieties of aging, of irrelevance, of finally being alone with her true self? What better way to redirect than an assault on someone everyone has already been conditioned to hate?

Meme and T-Shirt

I would like to see a "IT'S TRUMPS WORST WEEK EVER, AGAIN!!!!" t-shirt, and I would like somebody to put Obama's face on the king of Gondor falling off the cliff in Lord of the Rings, with "and thus ends the reign of Obama" printed on it.

If there was not this much friction, we would all be justified in being worried we made the wrong choice.  This friction is merely the crystallization of the hate that has impelled the Left to denounce all forms of common sense and common decency for the last 50 years.  One could make a case all this goes back to Wilson, and certainly to the attempted fascist takeover of FDR, who wanted literal government control over prices and most of the economy, and whose first administrator of the New Deal was a literal fascist, who thought Mussolini was a genius.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The CIA speaks

What needs to be made clear here is that senior intelligence officials took part in using and amplifying the "hacking" language--the intentionally evocative but vague propaganda words chosen carefully--of the Democrats assault on Trump's legitimacy.  They are not fucking imbeciles.  They know the phrase "hacking the election" is intentionally misleading.  They know that it is unlikely Wikileaks, and not Hillary's horrible campaign and long record of criminality, is what put Trump over the top.  They know, as far as that goes, how much money foreign nations donated both to Hillary's campaign, to the Clinton Foundation, and at least in the case of the $1 million check the Qataris sent Bill, to the Clintons directly.

Put another way, they have willingly participated PUBLICLY in supporting Democrat propaganda intended both to influence public opinion in a negative way about Russia, and to demonize Trump as the beneficiary of Russian influence, with the new meme, farcically enough, being that he is a puppet of Putin.

This is the same guy who got away with saying he liked to grab women's pussies, that he watched supermodels have sex, and who is on his third wife.  At this point, even if true, how dangerous COULD even a video of hookers peeing on a bed be?  We don't give a shit.  We are long past caring.  We voted for him because he has good policy ideas, and the ability and willingness to stand up to left wing bullies and pervasive propagandistic attacks.

But these intelligence agencies really have no excuse.  What they are doing is not what they are supposed to be doing.  This would have been the job of FBI--again, the counter-intelligence agency.  The CIA works everywhere else, the FBI works here.  What the fuck the DHS does, other than house ICE, the Coast Guard, and the Secret Service, I don't have a clue.  That is one agency likely ripe for mass layoffs, and perhaps extinction.

Net, net: Brennan is way out of line here.  He should be fired, but if possible not allowed to work in any capacity where his knowledge would be an asset to anyone but America.  I personally would just give him a fat pension and tell him to go hit golf balls somewhere.  And keep an eye on him.

What Trump has that Reagan didn't

Reagan won--and won against widespread expectations, like Trump did--because Carter was blamed, partly rightly, partly wrongly (the Fed played a key role) for a national malaise. But Democrats generally were not blamed. Throughout his eight years--and for that matter Bush's four years and the first two years of Clinton--Democrats controlled Congress. If you said Liberal people thought of Norman Lear or Alan Alda: smug, but still pro-American. Tip O'Neill did his prodigious drinking with Republicans too. There was a sense of back and forth, that things were basically working. Say your piece then don't worry about it.

But the Democrats have moved far to the Left and introduced a winner-takes-all mindset. Obama was hired to play hardball, to be hyper partisan, to divide the political world into us and them. They have forced a choice on people, and to their shock and dismay, people have rejected their venom and mouth frothing.

In many people's minds, what best represents the Democrats are mobs in the street, anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, and economic delusion.

So Trump enters the White House, unlike Reagan, with majorities in both houses of Congress, clear national movement in a conservative direction, and a mandate to say things, often, that piss off the Left. He doesn't need to be statesmanlike. Obama may have acted above the fray but he rubbed elbows--like Hitler, come think of it--with street thugs, crooks, and professional haters his whole time in office.

What we want is promises kept, clear talk, and sound policy.

This is possible, now.


It occurs to me that "racist" is the Lefts answer to "Allahu Akbar". It's all purpose, reflexive, and shared universally by the in-group,


It seems to me that exaggerated feelings, out of control passions, are not the result of the capacity to feel, but rather of pervasive limitations in feeling.

Feelings are messages from our body self.  They communicate.  But when a feeling arises and it then runs into interference from some other body pattern--some chronic tension which hates and mistrusts change of any sort--it reacts by amplifying, lest it be ignored entirely.  The body system in turn strengthens its refusal.

This can result in what is called a "passionate" life, filled with impulsive decisions, powerful attachments generated in short periods of time, then broken, artistic or other obsession, and overall strong emotionality.

But what I would submit is that feelings exist across a spectrum.  They have countless discrete frequencies and amplitudes, and when allowed to, are in a state of continual, but balanced flux.  Emotionality, in contrast, only focuses on and abuses a few frequencies, and misses most of what would have been possible. It misses most of the beauty of the world, often in pursuit of beauty.  It misses happiness in pursuit of happiness.

Absent the capacity to connect in a deep, open way with all parts of the body, all sensory experiences, all momentary, evanescent "emergences"--which might be an image, a smell and a taste, or any other combination--truly "living", which is what seems to be the goal of most people, is impossible.

Trump and Putin

I read Trump wants to meet Putin in Iceland, and it occurs to me a relevant question might be: what can you tell me about the operations of my intelligence agencies?  To the extent the American "deep state" (and I am glad to see that phrase getting quasi-mainstream acceptance, not least because we are seeing its fangs emerge now) has been agitating for war with Russia, Putin must have some idea what they have been up to, and likely who is involved.

And we share an enemy in radical Islamism.  To the extent we make Russia an enemy, they have no reason not to partner with Iran.  However, if we can make them a better deal--and deal making is what Trump does--then perhaps we can pull the rug out from under the Iranians and get actual compromises and an honest halt to their often stated plans to destroy the United States and Israel at the first opportunity.

To be clear, Putin is obviously no saint, but as Trump said on the campaign trail, he has much more consistently pursued Russian interests than Obama has pursued America's interests.  Putin's policies are rational.

Obama has pursued, on the contrary, virtually everything BUT our actual interests.  He was the engineer of this cluster fuck in Syria and Iraq.  Hillary was the architect of the mass violence, death, anarchy, and lawlessness in Libya.

Spy versus spy

Steve Piezcenik ran information operations across 3 Presidencies (maybe 4), so of course if he was bullshitting, he did so professionally, but he said that there was an internal coup going on within the intelligence community to prevent Hillary from getting elected.

If true, there has been a robust, but pointless, effort at a counter-coup by OTHER elements of the intelligence community, which we might shorthand as the Mike Morrell's and John Brennan's of that world.  Nobody wants to talk about any of this.

But ponder the sight of a de facto war between agencies.  Ponder an agency--the CIA--intended to subvert and overthrow foreign governments, interfering nearly openly in our own.  Ponder a Senate Leader cheering them on.

Drain the swamp, Donald.  You're going to find a lot of ugliness at the bottom, but a lot of light and attention will fix it.  And these motherfuckers are not the omnipotent geniuses they have come to think they are.  They have testicles that will respond like any other testicles to a swift kick to the crotch.


There is never any loss: it is always gain.

This saying really only works for those who believe in God and the afterlife, based upon the solid and large quantity of evidence for both.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The fate of intelligence professionals

I remember watching a video I have since been unable to locate, of Mike Morrell--who was Deputy Director of the CIA, and acting Director twice--saying that we have ways of reaching out to Putin to fuck with him (in effect).  Not long after that, his chauffeur was killed in what looked like a hacking of his cars computer.  A lifelong skillful driver inexplicably veered into ongoing traffic, dying in a head-on collision captured on camera.  Morrell said his operations would not be traceable, but clearly visible to Putin.

Here is the problem: Morrell does not work for the CIA any more.  He works for Beacon Global Strategies which, interestingly enough, had strong ties to Hillary Clinton.  What do these people do?  Who the fuck knows?  But they have access to the knowledge of somebody who knew substantially everything the CIA knew.

This should not be allowed.  People who reach a certain level of security clearance need to stay in the government or retire.  People like Morrell have the knowledge to, oh, influence elections, wage propaganda campaigns, do blackmail, and as he insinuated was quite possible for private, for profit agencies, carry out contracts of various sorts.

Ponder this: our top intelligence directors going to work for private, for profit, MERCENARIES.  Anybody who knows what he knows should not be allowed to do that.  This becomes a de facto non-governmental agency capable of doing the work that organizations like the CIA do.  This means it can be contracted by foreign governments, private corporations, or even terror groups, to do whatever they have the ethical tolerance to carry out, and in his case, his ethical tolerance seems to be extraordinarily high.

Pardoning Hillary

Here is the thing: Trump has to walk a tightrope on both targeting Hillary AND Obama, and pardoning Hillary will tilt that calculus in major ways.  Plainly, the simplest thing for him politically is likely to let sleeping dogs lie. He may or may not do this, because both Obama and Hillary are plainly guilty as hell of many felonies.  But it's the simplest thing for him to do.

He in fact more or less said he was going to let Hillary walk.  But she has done NOTHING to stop the relentless refusal of the Left to accept the results of the election, results they had no issue saying they would accept when they assumed, based on their own propaganda, that Hillary would win.  It's not hard to be a gracious winner.

And so, in the push and pull that is the political dance, they have created room for backlash, PARTICULARLY if the promised riots materialize, and neither Obama nor Hillary says or does a fucking thing to stop them.

And if Obama pardons Hillary, that is a big FUCK YOU, and there is no reason Trump couldn't just say "OK, big guy, how about we make YOU the target?  How about we investigate the Bo Bergdahl deal--which violated a law YOU signed into law?  How the Iranian deal, and the pallets of $100 bills?  How about Fast and Furious?  If a court sees it, and is adjudicated by someone honest, there is no way Eric Holder would survive, and they may well get him to finger Obama.  How about the IRS targeting, with key figures visiting the White House regularly?

I used to be able to count the scandals, but I lost that ability several years ago.  Bottom line: Obama is very vulnerable, and he has to know it. His best play is to discourage the demonstrations, be generous to Trump, and not to pardon Hillary.

And as far as that goes, both Bill and Chelsea, in connection with the Clinton Foundation, are also likely guilty of many offenses that would get them long jail terms.  Does he pardon them too?  Does he not make it obvious in the process that crimes were committed?

If Hillary had won, it would have been simple.  She would not have investigated anything he did, and in fact would have doubled down on nearly all of it. If your gang controls the police, nothing is a crime you don't want to be a crime. Her personality is much closer to a Lenin or a Hitler than Obama's ever was. She's determined, intelligent, absolutely amoral, and vindictive.  He's a boy at heart.  He's a soap opera actor, with soap opera gravitas.  Hillary scared the fuck out of me, as was no doubt obvious before the election.

Smart play: leave the White House as a gentleman, and not like an asshole.

And even there, Trump needs to figure out what DID happen.  There may well be stuff that just can't be overlooked or condoned for any amount of political advantage.  And on that score, too, Trump has no need to play to the Left--there is NOTHING he can do to make them like or even tolerate them.  As I have said, the hatefulness of the Left makes them LESS relevant, not more.  He showed by winning that a whole lot of Americans have stopped listening to the relentless propaganda put out by our fake news organizations.

As far as Trump's smart play, I personally would spend a month or two gathering data.  What they will likely find is either a ton of incriminating evidence, or mass evidence of data deletion, which is a crime, and which they should prosecute vigorously and promptly.  People will start squeaking.  These armchair warriors don't want to go to jail.

One China

China is, as Steve Piezcenik put it, a "basket case".  They have hundreds of thousands of riots every year.  Ponder that.  They spend as much on internal security as they do on national defense.

And ponder not just that, but ponder why--like the Dalits of India--this obvious and vast case of systemic human rights abuses is never in the news. You know why.  Ponder the ethical capacities, though, of those capable of such atrocities--to be clear, covering up an atrocity is itself a journalistic atrocity.

China depends nearly entirely on trade with the United States.  They need us to buy their stuff.  We don't sell very much into China--in my understanding--so we have much less to lose in a trade war.   Certainly the trade imbalance means they make much more money off us than we make off them. We would have less CCC, as I call it--Cheap Chinese Crap--but we have lots of idled factories around we could start back up.

China is in no position to make demands.  China also is continuing to play the role of Imperialistic Aggressor, if I might use their own language.  They have no real claim on Taiwan, any more than they had on Tibet.  The people of Taiwan are not now, and do not want to be in the future, vassals of the Communist elite.  China has literally nothing to say.  They are being bullies and aspiring to be criminals, again, in another nation.

Tibet has benefited from being "rescued" from their "oppression" so much that they have a signalling system in place in all the big cities so that if ANOTHER person sets themselves on fire in protest, they can have them out and hustled out of the public space within five minutes.  That's the sort of place we all want to live in, right?  Somewhere where suicide seems the only option, and the official response is to hide the evidence as well and as quickly as possible.

Fuck the Chinese.

Edit: and what if we started supplying arms to the tens of millions of people who hate the regime?  Who hate the idle elite who are ten times worse than the worst Robber Barons in the worst stages of American "Capitalism"?  What would they do?  We are a much more powerful military power, and Trump is going to make us even better.  A war would not serve the interests of either nation.

I think perhaps not being fucking psychopaths is the best way for the rulers to hang onto power.  I think compromise and human decency would be the best policy.

My encounter with the zombies

I was dreaming the other day when a group of people suddenly turned zombie on me.  I looked at them, and thought, I could fight them, but then it occurred to me: maybe I can create a force field around me, so I can see them, but they can't hurt me.  And it worked: I was able to look each of them in the face closely, but none of them attacked me.

I interpret this on two levels.  The inner level is that these zombies represent, somewhat literally, unprocessed energy and stress in my abdomen, and likely particularly my intestines.  This is the hiding place of the trauma that forces me into dissociation, into chronic arousal, into physical tension.  I was able to push "Pause" on this energy, at a deep level.  This is an exceptionally positive development.  It will allow me to get perspective on it.

When you are fighting negative energies within yourself--which for the moment I think I will make synonymous with unprocessed nervous tensions--you are creating arousal out of arousal.  You are fighting tension with more tension.  You wind up locked into a fight with yourself.  In such a fight, you cannot win.  You might will your way into acting in the way your frontal cortex chose, but only at the cost of an increase in arousal.

I felt this literally in another dream a couple weeks ago.  I was fighting some monster with anger, and the anger flowed through the monster, in a circle, and right back into me.  It was a closed loop: the angrier I got, the angrier it got.  It was a very interesting and useful experience.

The outer level on the zombies is that I had been debating someone that day, and been struck powerfully, at an emotional level, how DEMENTED these Leftists are.  I think it was the one where he said war with Russia was fine if we could just keep Trump out of office.  Their sense of reason and proportion, their ability to step back and think dispassionately, their willingness to view their enemies as like themselves, but simply having different opinions, is completely gone.  Vanished.

Clinically, it is I think a form of dissociation.  It is a separation from all the body tools--balance, for example, has a physical analogue--that allow normal people to navigate social streams accurately.  Their empathy is abstract.  It finds no concrete expression in their behavior, outside their tribal grouping.  They consistently conflate ideas with actual reality, which is borderline clinical schizophrenia.

Leftism really is a mental illness.  And this is the core problem: to believe these things you have to be crazy, and to advance in the Party, you have to be crazier than the others.  This means that it is a system which selects accurately for full blown psychopaths.

National Guard General

It is a small thing, but I thought I might add my two cents.

The current commanding General of the National Guard in D.C. has remained in his post for all of Obama's tenure.  This itself is suspicious, given Obama's habit of politicizing everything. I think substantially EVERY political appointee of the last 8 years will lose their jobs within a week of Trump's inauguration, but not until after being asked detailed questions about what they have been up to, and after whose firing there will likely be thorough audits.

Trump needs somebody he can trust in the top post, given the promised riots.  That is why he is  putting his guy in, or so I understand.  He can't get him in until then, but 12:01 he's good.

And as I have said, these riots will not be the start of something new, but the ending of something awful that should have ended long ago.

Radical Professors

No political order can be so tolerant that it allows people to publicly call for its violent--or even peaceful--overthrow. This is suicide.  We have an extraordinary array of rights in this nation, and nothing that could replace it could duplicate them.  Our Constitution is the most perfect political document ever written.

As a general rule, the Bill Ayers of the world want a complete repudiation of most of the Bill of Rights, in favor of highly abstract and utterly unreal ideals like "Social Justice".  What they want is what a hundred million people around the world have died from, and millions of whom have risked their lives trying to escape.

What Bill Ayers wants is what the East Germans had to build a wall with machine gun turrets, barbed wire, spotlights, dogs, and landmines to keep people from running from.  It is what thousands of Cubans died at sea rather than endure.

It is what over a hundred thousand South Vietnamese died to escape.  They may not have known what Communism was in 1975, but within a few short years, they realized it was forced labor, mass executions, psychological torture, political corruption, the breaking up of families permanently, the seizure of land and property by demented political elites, and mass poverty.

Here is my point: we can and should deny Federal funds to any University which employs professors who profess this horrific and anti-Liberal creed.   Fire them all.  Given my druthers, I would probably arrest them.  They have been preaching treason for many years.

Lest I be misunderstood as lusting for the same power over others they crave, let me add simply that it is impossible to calculate how much horror and suffering their ludicrous and psychotic ideas have caused over the years, with their consistent defenses of the indefensible, and even now with their on-going idiotization and zombification of our youth.  Real people have died in the millions.  Lives once filled with hope have become caged in horror, all of which they have defended proudly and loudly.

As I have said before, too, I think all colleges receiving Federal funds should require their students to watch and take short tests on 10 Prager University videos a year.  If the Left wants to create an equivalent--over and above the daily and ubiquitous indoctrination already taking place--fine.  Over time, conservative ideas will win, because they are better, period.


Here is an, in my view, accurate account of the story about Trump allegedly mocking a disabled reporter:

I could see why someone COULD believe that Trump was mocking the reporter for his disability, but in context that makes little sense.  He was mocking the reporters bald faced lying, and disingenuous evasions.  As they point out, he used identical body language to mock Ted Cruz.  You can like or dislike this, but it is a question of style.

And Trump is charismatic.  Say whatever else you will about him, he has always had the ability to make headlines and to get attention.  That, combined with his patent willingness to buck a very corrupt system--corrupt at the Party level, the Congressional level, the intelligence agency level, the bureaucratic level--is why he won the election.  Rand Paul, even with Trump's billions, even if he had gotten the nomination, probably would not have been able to pull that off.  Why?  He isn't Trump.

Here is the point I wanted to make though.  In a discussion on Facebook I pointed out to a rabid Trump hater that Hillary wanted war with Russia, and war would be bad.  He said yes, but he still wouldn't vote for Trump to avoid it.

Ponder this.  Ponder Trump mocking someone who richly deserved to be mocked becoming a more important issue than a war which could potentially end Western civilization.  Ponder the people capable of doing that math.

The frontal cortex has NOTHING to do with it.  The frontal cortex weighs and compares and contrasts, using standards of proportion.  If someone sneezes and forgets to cover their mouth, that is not the same as shooting someone in the head. If someone forgets to say thank you, that is not the same as kicking them in the balls.

But for these people, these ARE the same things. It doesn't matter what virtues Trump has, or how horrible a human being Hillary is.  It is all the same: us versus them, period.  This is not the mindset Western civilization and our tradition of negotiated conflict was built on.  To be sure, we have fought many wars, but in spite of, not because of, our traditional reliance on reason and dispassion.

This is zombie logic.  This is "I am hungry and I want to eat".  This is "I hate therefore I am".

My best guess is that there will be riots in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere (Oakland is usually a given), but that far from preventing Trump's inauguration, the net effect will be to bolster Trump supporters in their core intuition that large segments of this nation don't want us to succeed, don't want our problems fixed, don't want safety and security for all us, and instead want death and destruction, simply because they are out of their minds.  And the gradual reach of Republicans across the middle will continue to grow.

On that point, I would note that American politics, unlike Parliamentary politics in other nations, is not obviously based on coalitions. We don't obviously need to form a "government", like they do in Britain or Israel or Italy.

But the truth is, to get things DONE you have to appeal to a broad swathe of heterogeneous voters, who in most cases can get their guy or gal in office at least in the House.

For many decades, there was a de facto social coalition between traditional Democrats, the sort who lionize FDR, and Social Justice Warriors, as we now call them (although warriors have honor and dignity, so this is perhaps not the best term, even if, as seems obvious, it is intended sardonically).  That coalition seems to have broken.  The Hard Left seems to have captured the party, and you can only say "get with us or get out" so long before you start getting mass defections.

So what Trump has done is form a de facto right and center coalition that is likely to prove very strong, particularly if, as seems likely, he does solve many real problems, and is thus a very effective and popular President.

I did want to note on that score too--this is really three posts in one--that we have historically thought that the best Presidents were politicians, that governing, per se, was an art one had to learn and master.  Past Presidents were, for this reason, usually Senators, Governors, or former Generals (who effectively were part of the government).

But if you think about the skill of a politician, it consists in the main in getting elected.  Yes, if you are horribly ineffective and dishonest you will not get elected twice, but a large corrective this has ALWAYS been perception management.  You lie about what you are going to do, lie about what you are doing, and lie about what you have done.  This is why politicians, in the main, deserve their very bad reputations.

So isn't it ODD that people would condemn Trump's lack of political experience?  He has been doing deals, shaking hands, compromising, negotiating, getting things done his whole life.  If he makes a bad decision it shows up in the financials.  He can't lie about it.  If he makes a good decision, likewise.

The core point, though, is that his JOB is getting things done, not managing perceptions.  His JOB is to be effective, to make good decisions, to build a network of positive relations, to be diplomatic when needed, and a hard ass when needed.

As he said in the debates, wouldn't it be great if our government operated like a well run business?  Of course it would.  But a well run business would have laid off half of those workers long ago.  Their fear that he may do the same is a big part of why he is being opposed so vigorously.

OK--4th post.  The CIA and other agencies are running propaganda operations within the United States.  This is clearly illegal.  Their charter specifically prevents them from interfering in our domestic affairs.  If there was a Russian hack of John Podesta, that is counter-intelligence, which is the FBI.

As I have pointed out on a number of occasions, the current CIA Director--an agency formed mainly to combat Communism--voted for the Communist candidate in 1976, which was the direct aftermath of our chosen abdication of our duty and our hard fought victory in South Vietnam.  This fact alone should tell us about where the CIA's head is at.

Chuck Schumer is saying that the intelligence agencies have lots of ways of getting at Trump.  Ponder that too.  A United States Senator is threatening Trump with retaliation by the agencies which work FOR him, and allegedly for the United States and its people.  To undermine the President, to attack him covertly, is literal and textbook treason, as well as a violation of numerous laws.

Trump is going to have form a house-cleaning committee/operation, and start firing the fuck out of people, but only after he figures out what the hell they have been up to.  Anyone who can be found to have deleted ANY government documents can be put in jail.  The method then, would be to figure out who did the deleting, then go up the chain with plea deals, until you get to the big fish, with luck. This is a sordid Gordian Knot, and will take some skill and will to cut through it, but if anyone ever came to Washington with a sword sharp enough to do it, it's Trump.

Bon Mot

Pessimism is proactive disappointment.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Tumbling towards something

It seems to me the major options on the table as far as the future are the perfection of the State, just waiting to see what happens--we could stumble successfully into a better future, but also a worse--the perfection of the individual as a global enterprise, or large scale failures in social and economic systems, possibly in the context of war.

For simplicity, I will say it is the Perfection of the State, versus the Perfection of the Individual.

Our thought leaders SHOULD think long term.  We can and should ask about the long term affects on human well being of consumerism, of technology, of automation, of our financial system.  And of other processes not popping immediately to mind.

What I would stipulate is that the most important human task in all ages, but particularly in our own, is self regulation, and very specifically the ability to achieve relaxation, calmness and inner peace.  We say inner peace as if it is a mystery, but in my view it is in large measure--perhaps entirely--the ability to manage tension within the body, and the ability to accept entirely a myth as true, one which binds you to others.

And when I say myth, I mean something, to coin a term, "Uebertrue", something which goes very deep.  I do not mean an untruth.  We need groups, we need plans, we need campaigns, we need "wars".  This all seems to be true.  And if it is true, why not be intelligent in how we collectively meet our individual needs?

As I have said, a collectivist is nothing without the collective.  Individual moral growth is impossible.

But within a truly Liberal ethos, one based on the eminently reasonable and empirically valid notion that if large numbers of small systems become organized, that the collective will likewise become organized, the goal is individual growth, and in large measure my own work, on morality at least, has been oriented around developing the philosophy needed for this.

What I would now argue, in large measure, is that the body must be the beginning, the epicenter of a revival.  Sensations lead to mythic images, lead to feelings, lead to thoughts. If we want new thoughts, a new order, a new beginning, we need to deal with the sensations of billions of people.  This is possible, even if I can't say at this moment how.

Dogmatism is a spasm of thought.  This spasm is the lightning quick outcome of a feeling, which arises from an image, which arises from body "talk" that person simply cannot process, is not willing to process.

I will likely have more to say, but that will suffice. It's Friday, most of my body hurts from a hard week, and I'm drinking again.

Fine young Brownshirts

One of the main reasons Hitler was elected was he promised to put a stop to the sort of street violence--violence he controlled and instigated--that was raging in the streets across Germany; violence, to be clear, of the sort envisioned by amoral assholes like Bill Ayers. They want use Fascist tactics to protest against the non-existent threat of Trump doing anything but be a solid and reasonable President.

Among national figures of all stripes, only those on the Left have called for mass murder. I will reiterate that Bill Ayers dreamed of killing more people than Hitler did, and our best guess is he wrote both of Obamas books and that his family helped him get educated and launched his political career, which is now ending in richly deserved failure.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The memory holes

I can hear the sound of batch deletes and paper shredders from here. The mindset is literally and with justice that if an army which has been conquered by an enemy, and fear trial for war crimes. Again, a comparison with the Nazis is apt, for the Left.

Julian Assanges gesture of $20,000 to any whistleblowers, but it's not nearly enough. They need immunity and protection from their accomplices. They need Trump.

He needs to announce the formation of a commission of some sort to investigate illegal document destruction, that he plans to prosecute those found guilty, and that he will treat as accomplices anyone found to have had knowledge of such activities who failed to step forth. The law is the law.

And John McCain may have committed a crime in leaking confidential documents, particularly since his intent was naked and eminently dishonorable vindictiveness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Russian Zombie Story

That seemingly won't die.

Think about this. The allegation is that John Podesta was hacked by the Russians AND that they were then released to the public through WikiLeaks. Why does Julian Assanges name not appear in any of these accounts? Why, BECAUSE HE WAS BLACKED OUT BY THE MEDIA. 

These leaks were ignored by all the complicit media sources.  They were not part of the news.

Given how hard the media openly fought for Trump, the worst that could be said of the Russians is that they gave Trump a small weapon in his battles with his own party, the Democrats, and damn near every channel on the dial, including much of Fox.

And is it not a much more interesting question why Hillary wanted war with Russia so badly? Should increasing our risk of global thermonuclear war not count as a fit object for investigative reporting?

Everybody on the inside is batshit insane. They move in groups so they don't see it, but even serious left wing intellectuals from 50 years ago would not recognize any kinship with these midgets.

Stretch goal

The inevitability of death is at the heart of the human experience, but we really don't understand death.  Dogmatic materialists, obviously, claim without evidence that the brain and mind are one and the same.

However, LARGE amounts of evidence exist that this is not the case, that in fact something that is recognizable "us" continues after our bodies cease operating.

Would it not make a prodigious amount of sense to spend 1/1000 of what we spend on, say, Defense, to fund properly organized, methodical, scientific studies into things like NDE's, mediumship and the like?  The sort of thing done at the Windbridge Institute, but with Global Warming levels of funding?

What a revolution for the human species to have PROOF that we go on after death.

Trump is a maverick in many things.  He could easily--and quietly--order a Manhattan Project of this sort.  The potential return is incalculable in terms of global peace, relief of human suffering, and the clarification of what exactly we are here on this Earth to do.


I thought I might write a few words (stop laughing: actually, I have been insulted many times, but sometimes with such creativity I had to admire them.  One of my favorites was someone quipping that if I ever decided to kill myself I could do it by jumping off my suicide note) about Obamacare.  First, I will link my two treatments of the topic.

Health insurance reduced to ten paragraphs:

Obamacare, at length, and contextualized within a broader regulatory and business context, mainly for the benefit of leftists who won't read it, and redundantly for those possessing basic economic literacy:

Now, to the topic of repeal, which is a present very real probability.

First, you have to separate the parts of it which were simply coerced charity--socialism--and the parts where it was claimed the government could deliver an existing service better and at a lower cost, which is always farcical.

Broadly speaking, Obamacare helps the poor, and hurts the middle class and affluent.  People who had been able to get insurance at a reasonable cost (at least by the standards now in force, after all this government "help") were hurt.  Their premiums went up (for obvious reasons I detail in my paper), and their coverage went down.

The people who WANT the repeal of Obamacare are these people.  What they want is the ability to set the terms of their deductible, to set aside money to pay that deductible tax-free (and in an heritable manner, which was a Trump innovation I had not thought of: you get your parents health savings if they outlive it), to be able to choose between many competing providers, and to buy their own insurance directly from the carrier, rather than being forced to use whatever their employer provides, because it is a fucking Blue State and the Unions run things, and losing their coverage when they lose their jobs, or be forced into a plan they hate, can't afford, and would not choose.

So: 1) require all States to allow all insurance companies meeting minimum standards to sell within their borders.  This is a proper use of the much abused Commerce Clause, since preventing de facto protectionism within the United States was seen as a proper role of the Federal government.

2) Make all money deposited in an HSA tax exempt, both on the way in, and on the way out, when used for medical expenses.  This will HUGELY incent savings, which helps everyone.  Also, make these accounts inheritable, or for that matter shareable, in that a parent could gift without tax consequence their 20 year old son the $5,000 he needs for his first deductible.

3)  Require all States receiving Federal money for anything (this is a cudgel, but it seems the most obvious option) to allow individuals to buy any individual coverage plans they see fit, that are offered by carriers in their States.  This means that, like your car and life insurance, your health insurance is your own, and can be continued exactly as you like if you change jobs, are fired, or move.

4) Self evidently, there is no market reason why plans could not and would not be developed to keep kids on their parents plan.  Why this was ever an issue, I don't know.

But what I foresee is that people could have $10,000 deductibles, and only pay $25/month.  This is obviously highly affordable.

5)  Make all insurance premiums tax exempt also, PROVIDED that coverage is maintained for the previous 12 months.  Make both HSA and premium exemption contingent on this.  On the one hand, basic coverage will become very affordable, but on the flip side we want universal coverage in the not too distant future.

Now, as far as the poor, a big part of Obamacare was simply an expansion of Medicaid.  We saw endlessly the tired meme "all the other kids have universal healthcare", but the truth is we ALREADY had a huge safety net for the poor and what market problems existed for everyone else were entirely the result of too much government.  The problem that could be solved with socialism had been solved, and the problem that could not was made worse.

One of the things we want with health insurance is to avoid the moral hazard of allowing people to avoid responsibility for their own health.  In terms of concrete health outcomes, one of the big reasons Americans compare poorly to many other nations is that our poorest pay no cost out of their own pockets for failing to maintain their health.  They just go to the clinic, and lots of stuff is paid for.  So, at any rate, is my impression. I am open to correction.

So what we need is a migration path for the poor.  Let us say that we require them, as a condition of receiving other social benefits, to maintain health insurance of a very minimal sort.  Let us say they pay $25/month for a $10,000 deductible plan which includes one wellness visit a year with a Nurse Practitioner, or Physicians Assistant.  If they get seriously ill, they won't have $10,000, but we can make them responsible for some portion of that, depending on how poor they are.  Even if they have to pay $1,000 out of pocket, that will be incentive for them to give at least one or two fucks.

And having to pay something, versus just being gifted it for being born, helps build responsibility, and with it, some measure of earned self respect. The alternative is remaining a perennially needy and grasping child.

And I personally would support health education programs.  Maybe, again, they can be made to attend educational seminars as a condition of getting other benefits. Ask them to take care of themselves, but make sure they have at least the basics regularly reinforced.

These are a few ideas.  Repeal and replace for the middle class and up is easy.  For the rest, a migration path.  But perhaps we could take this logic past mere repeal, all the way up to a pathway to get rid of Medicaid entirely for most of the population.  Medicaid is something, but nothing remotely as good as what the free market could and would provide if allowed to do so.

Medicare is another story I don't have time for right now.  I do think we all need to realize collectively that it is very selfish spending small fortunes to win small amounts of life extension, and that in very poor health.  We keep people alive with machines for months at enormous cost.  Their hearts may be beating, but that is not living.  It is of course enormously profitable for some companies, but they can just suck our dicks.

We could potentially allow people to opt out of Medicare when young, and have provisos written into their health insurance contracts that there are lifetime maximums on end of life care.  This, again, would allow Medicare to gradually fade away, although of course it will be needed for a while.  We COULD write lifetime maximums into current plans though.  These would not be "death panels", per se: the expenses alone would dictate it. This step alone would likely make Medicare solvent, and we should allow people to opt out at all ages.  Right now, in my understanding, you MUST take Medicare if you want Social Security.

We should allow people to opt out of Social Security, too, but again I don't have time for that.  Something like what they did in Chile would be good: required saving, but under the individuals direct control.

I have work to do.  Should have been somewhere a couple hours ago, but I can make it another late night.  It all gets done.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

My favorite movie

For a long time, I said "Thin Red Line" was my favorite movie.  I still love that movie, because it fucks me up every time.  But if I had to pick the movie I've seen the most times, that I wanted to watch, it would be "Battle: Los Angeles".  I Love that movie.  Everything goes to shit.  Staff Sergeant Nantz has major traumatic guilt and likely PTSD, and he STILL has to go into combat.  So  he sucks it up, and does the work of a hero.  Not because he wants to, to be clear, but because the fucking work has to be done, and nobody else is doing it, motherfuckers.  Goddamnit.  1, 2, 3, go do what you know needs to be done.

And in the end, what does he have to lose, going all in?  And in the process, he becomes an honest leader.  He is not asking anything of anyone he won't do himself.  He leads the way.

That's a great movie, in my estimation, although I seem to be in a minority.

Power versus order

it seems to me we should have a global religion, but one amenable to endless local diversification. My first thought was to define religion as an organized and local attempt to build a sense of community and meaning through connection to s higher power, then I decided higher ORDER --i.e. The Tao--was better. Orders are latent, organic. We need to rid ourselves of the concept of Gid as king and master. God is the ocean within which we live. Within God is endless potential, but we choose what to pursue and focus on. We ARE radically free, but life does have rules; there are cause and effect relationships between action and result. This observations holds even if one is an atheist.

Prior to Christianity, and the unrelenting rejection of all other faiths which defines the Judaism from which it arose, religious war was, in my understanding, unheard of. The Romsns let everyone do what they wanted, and for those offering incense and sacrifices they felt kinship, regardless of the name of the God or Goddess on the other side of the phone line. This held even for the Jews, who until the destruction of their Temple were still slitting animals throats and casting them into fires.

This is what was so confusing about Christisnity--no sacrifices, and absolute intolerance. That spirit of course infused Islam, where the most dogmatic aspects of Christian intolerance were elevated to positive commandments.

But we need to remember that "religion", per se, was not a reason for warfare for much of human history.


It seems to me Leftistd dream of our children inheriting a POLITICAL order, within which culture is marginalized; whereas true Liberals want to gift their children a CULTURAL order, which includes a cultural political tradition of tolerance and the negotiation of difference.

Mussolini, who coined the term Fascism, and who presumably understood it better than ahistorical millenials, defined it succinctly as "everything in the State; nothing outside the State; nothing against the State."

Leftists as uniformly aspiring totalitarians obviously meet that standard. Here is relevant point: culture must necessarily exist within that State, and historically, beginning with the French Revolution, efforts were made both to destroy all traditional "clingings", and to COERCE a new "culture" from scratch. It failed every time, because that is not how humans are wired. Nothing authentic and real can arise in conditions of fear, which is the ubiquitous and intended emotion in regimes of the sort Bill Ayers admired and admires.

The coming darkness

I read Bill Ayers and others want to enact "Days of Rage" on a national scale, but particularly in Washington, D.C. As someone who planned the cold blooded murder of millions of Americans, he somehow finds Trump objectionable, because he has conflated his own propaganda with the truth.

I continue to be somewhat befuddled by how they can treat Trump--who on all accounts is a very congenial guy who treats his employees well, and hyperventilating complicit media claims to the contrary, has never said anything even remotely racist, and has certainly never blamed "black people" for anything the way Obama has repeatedly blamed "white people"--as if he is, to use the overused phrase, "literally Hitler".

They have no sane basis for making this claim.  Here is the claim I will make, though, which allows their ridiculous propaganda to make more sense on an emotional basis, which is its origin and destination (sometimes via circuitous and hazy waves of words): this will be the bookend to the 1968 Days of Rage.  It is the end of an era, of a bad dream, of a pompous, childish, absurd vision that America could be improved with a kick to its collective balls, and that the children of affluence who never held a real job, who never understood or even cared to associate with ordinary Americans, could somehow "perfect" this nation, if only granted access to the reins of power.

They got what they wanted in Obama.  He was the result of 40 some odd years of dissimulation and behind the scenes work.  It seems Ayers and his father played a direct role in his ascension, as a covert hard core Leftist, to our nations highest office.

And it has been a disaster, which all sane people could have predicted.  Nothing good has happened, and much bad has happened.  It continues to be the case that our nations universities have become hard core indoctrination centers, but we just saw in the last election that they are not churning out enough brainwashed and demented drones to overpower the vast majority of sane Americans in the voting booth.

I read Obama and the DHS just federalized the elections, presumably because they continue to believe their own lie that Russia influenced the election.  As with all things they do, this is poorly thought out, because it provides the perfect avenue for Trump to begin the work needed to help make Democrat vote tampering and election fraud a thing of the past. Absent fraud, they are on a steep downhill decline.

The Democrats, as I was reminded today, lost, on balance, the last three elections: 2010, 12, 14.  Yes, they retained the Presidency in 2012, but they lost seats in Congress, and nationally in the States.  Overall, they have lost, I read some ONE THOUSAND seats of various sorts under Obama.  This is a decisive and irrefutable repudiation not just of him, but of everything he stands for.  \

It is, to be clear, a repudiation of the fascist "democracy" (e.g. the German Democratic Republic, or Students for a Democratic Society) which Ayers envisioned, along with his wet dreams of murder on a scale larger even than that of Soviet Russia (edit: he wanted to kill 5-10 million more people than Hitler, making him and his co-religionists the only "literally Hitlers" in the room; as usual it is the ACTUAL fascist accusing everyone else of it).

48 years later, the 1960's are over.  Can we expect rage, violence, pouting, churlishness, anti-social behavior, bullying, spitting, shouting, screaming?  Yes.  But the institutions protecting our Republic--even if suffused with traitors, as I suspect many of our agencies are now after 8 years of Obama--will very, very likely prove more than sufficient to, in the main, ignore these pathetic Nazis, their jackbooted behavior, and their hatred of virtue, decency, and the American tradition of freedom.


I read this article last night:

It's not bad, although of course it is unsurprising that a modern academic would get to sex and death fairly quickly, as those were Freud's conclusions: thanatos and eros.

Without commenting too much on the specifics, I would submit that writers and poets have sleep problems because they BECOME poets and writers because they have large numbers of unprocessed emotions which drive them into the creative process.  They have demons, and demons they choose to keep, as Rilke famously commented.

The alternative is silence.  I myself of course have many sleep problems and many unprocessed emotions.  But I see where they come from.  They are not random.  They are not just an affliction from God which landed on me.  They have a source and they have an extinction.  Perhaps one day I will abandon this blog entirely.  Nothing will drive me to write.

And I think of societies which have disappeared in the mists of history, where all the children felt loved, where families were uniformly nurturing, where life had purpose, where the small things in life were cherished, and where people died without fear.  Some Native American tribes seem to have been like that (certainly not all: some were just like the imperialist West, merely less technologically sophisticated, and perhaps slightly less greedy, since there was less to steal).

And one has to ask: are the skyscrapers Ayn Rand admired so much really the acme of progress?  Is progress not more in how we feel about life, about one another, about death?  Is all success in techne really masked social mediocrity and failure?

Most science fiction writers focus on how technology will change our lives, for better or for worse.  It seems to me the more interesting question is how we perfect our society, so that all babies get the nurturing they need, children emerge into a coherent cultural order which is not confused, and which is rooted in genuine wisdom (rather than pious sounding platitudes, and stupid ideas repeated endlessly), where adults possess the emotional strength and maturity to use their freedom in personally and socially productive ways, and where we have learned that death is not the end, and nothing to be feared.

As Madison pointed out in one of the Federalist Papers, if we were all angels, we would need no government.  Is this not the obvious direction to go?  The alternative seems to be rule by demons who think they are angels because they see and feel nothing important, ever.

And what I would add is that there is no evidence that "equality", which is to say disindividuation, the repudiation of ideas of merit and individual moral progress, makes anyone happier, or happy, or for that matter, less miserable.  I think it was either Ford or Eisenhower who commented that prisons provide free healthcare, housing, and food.  What they also provide is an egalitarian environment.  Everybody gets the same size cell, and everyone gets the same amount of food.

The jail is in fact the perfect emblem of a totalitarian system, both in practice--witness how many risked and paid the price of death to escape countries like Vietnam, Cuba, and East Germany--and in theory, where the minds, too, must be chained.

Leftism is a mental illness.  There is no other way to view it.  The great emotional virtue of the egalitarian creed is that since we are NOT all equal, there is a continually replenishing supply of opportunities to feel anger and resentment which predated the political commitment--which were present due to emotional illness--but which are justified by it.  So often, I think we feel something first, then reach around for something to justify and mask it.  The alternative is investigating it honestly, and coming to the realization we are not who we thought we were, which makes many uncomfortable, and willing to fight hard.