Friday, November 12, 2010

Tower 7 thoughts

As I explored here, the official explanation of the collapse of WTC7, a 47 story building built according to modern building codes, is that it was the result of the combustion of office furnishings. It is not stated how the fires started, nor are any calculations offered on the difference between the heat needed to damage a steel I-beam treated with flame retardant, and what is possible if you built a bonfire of wood desks and books, which nobody claims happened.

The official account is simply untenable. This leads necessarily to the conclusion explosives were involved, and then necessarily to the conclusion that more people were involved in the plot than have been accounted for. Given how much we have sacrificed in Afghanistan--which war was a DIRECT outflow of the attacks--this is morally wrong.

Personally, I find it impossible to believe George W. Bush had any involvement in this, but the logic is inescapable that SOMEBODY, who has yet to be named, did. This constitutes a national security threat.

I wanted to further comment that given the foregoing thesis, the conclusion seems inescapable that the actual target for United 93 was WTC7. Here is the timeline:

Flight 11 takes off from Boston at 7:59 and crashes at 8:46 into WTC1.

Flight 77 takes off from Boston 8:14 and crashed at 9:03 into WTC2.

Flight 93 takes off from Newark--right across the river--at 8:42. Figuring 15 minutes to hijack it, this would have it crashing at about the same time as Flight 77. Bam, bam, bam.

In my view, the intent was to get coverage, get a lot of cameras, then blow all three buildings. They were supposed to go down together,one after the other.

Remember, too, that the Emergency command center for NYC was in WTC7, and that some high level officials in the Guiliani Administration said they heard explosions prior to either WTC going down. You can Google it, if you care. Their interviews are on YouTube.

What must have happened is that for whatever reason the United 93 crew screwed up. They likely just waited too long.

Their "support crew" must then have had to improvise, rigging some fires in WTC7, then blowing it, hoping that in all the confusion nobody would wonder too long or too hard how a 47 story modern skyscraper just drops like a rock when it hasn't even been hit by a plane.

And that is what happened. People just don't want to awaken to the horrible truth that buildings like that don't just fall down because the curtains are on fire. As the official version commented, this would be the first time in history something like that has happened.

I'm not conspiratorially minded, in general, but it seems clear to me that somebody got away with a lot of murder on that day. May have been unidentified Al Quedists, or someone else. We may never know, but if we are to resolve this mystery, we have to first accept that that is what it is. The story we have been given is plainly wrong.

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