Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boston Bombing, ongoing thoughts, most random

Dzhokhar could be pronounced "Joker".

Tamerlane killed millions of people.  Scholars estimate that his military campaigns caused the deaths of 17 million people, amounting to about 5% of the world population.

Were these two citizens?  It appears they were on student visas that they overstayed.

Tamerlan was married.  Here is a story about her.

I am waiting and watching this story.  It seems to me it is more complicated, in both the execution of the crime, and it's timing, than two random, uncontrolled kids.  They feel more like a sleeper cell, activated for a purpose.  Was the handler the Saudi the Obama Administration immediately allowed to escape the country?

It is also clear to me that we already have plenty of safeguards in place.  These two, if they are not citizens, should have been deported the moment it became clear they were not students, and particularly once we were told by the Russians that they were implicated in Islamist terror.

As context, more people were killed in Chicago by illegal guns the week of the bombing than were killed in Boston.  As I have said before, the category of "terrorist" is no different in principle than that of criminal, with the vast difference that its use POLITICALLY is vastly different.  It makes for effective propaganda.

Finally: you have forgotten that a nuclear armed power was threatening to fire nuclear missiles at us, haven't you?

Monday, April 29, 2013


Never abandon either the rice bowl or the brush.


Why turn the other cheek?  Does it help the other person?  Is it metaphorical?

Here is my take: our task is to eradicate fear entirely.  To the extent that we brace in advance for bad events, to the extent that we fight fights in our minds, we fear.  At their hearts, police officers and soldiers are some of the most fearful human beings on the planet.  And stupid hippie chicks some of the most fearless.

We KNOW, of course, that bad things happen to people.  Christ himself was murdered in a very unpleasant way.  If you live life recklessly, bad things become much more likely.

But for my purposes, I want to get what I call "the knife" out of me, by which I mean a defensive posture, a protective posture.  I read that Marines are taught to have a plan to kill everyone they meet.  This is precisely what I do NOT want, what is in me, now, and which I feel is interfering with penetrating to the emotional and spiritual depths which most interest me, which pull me, tantalize me.

There is a large, large world out there that can only be reached by consciously disarming ourselves, and walking naked and bowed.  That is my feeling.  I may change my mind, but that is what appears most real to me, now.

Resist not Evil

A month or so ago, I was doing my Kum Nye exercises, and it hit me that all possible conditions in others which I might find objectionable coexist in me.  Everything I need to recognize and change in myself I can diagnose by noticing what I react to in others. 

This was quite an interesting realization.  I am violence.  I am superficiality.  I am pettiness.  I am greed.

I can sit at a lunch session in Beverly Hills, with stereotypically superficial human beings possessed to the soles of their designer shoes with cupidity and vanity, and I am that (Tat tvam asi).

I am death and darkness.  I am cruelty.

Goethe once said, approximately, "nothing human is foreign to me", and I think this is what he meant.

In large measure, what we call our character is our effort to separate ourselves from what is out there, from the dark, cold seas, and windswept mountains, and dismal, overheated bogs.  But we are that.

This is, I suspect, a closely guarded secret, for the simple reason that most people will not be able to process it, and because if you do not have a light shining through you, it is quite easy to get lost.

But the essence of true wealth is owning everything that is and could be.  This is a worthy happiness.

There is much I am not saying.  I may some day, and I may not.  If this is annoyingly cryptic, I apologize.

Friday, April 26, 2013


I have been busy the past few weeks, and of course have thought a great many things, which I will pass along sooner or later, but wanted for this moment to say this: it is perhaps best, in philosophy, to contemplate what will make you laugh the most, the most openly, and the most deeply.

In my view, it is contemplating how absurd we all are.  We are all packages of mistakes, vanities, pettiness, error, judgementalism, sloth (which even the outwardly diligent are generally guilty of when it comes to deeper thought), cupidity, and self satisfaction.

Look at those around you.  Find their flaws.  Then realize you have the capacity for those very flaws yourself.

I am not speaking theoretically.  I am not saying it would be desirable for people to think like this.  I am saying that in my own experience, all that is needed to calm the most robust conceit is honest perception.

You can love that which you are, can you not?  You are that.

I will expand greatly on this in a few days, weeks, something.  For now, I am going to simply enjoy watching my own absurdity and that of others.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Further unanchored speculation

The two guys with the camo pants felt like Israelis to me--no reason.  I do want to be clear, that Israeli soldiers often become mercenaries.  A friend of mine once ran into one working with a drug cartel in Columbia, who in effect was helping them fight us.  Because they have seen a lot of covert action for many decades, I suspect many of them are well paid by people able to do so.  This has nothing whatever to do with the nation of Israel.

Any intelligent operation will have multiple levels.  You have the people you want to be blamed--such as the mostly Saudi terrorists on 9/11--then you have the actual operational background.  These two may well not have known of the Lord and Taylor cameras, perhaps as an operational oversight, perhaps due to the mission being rushed.

On 9/11, it would not have been necessary for the hijackers, or Osama Bin Laden, to have known the second aspect of the operation, which was the planting of bombs.  That part could have been, and likely was, compartmentalized.

It may be that this Saudi, who appears to be on the verge of a legally sanctioned--an Obama-sanctioned--escape, was the intended fall guy, but that they got to him much too quickly.

I have no proof or even evidence for any of this.  I am speaking off the cuff.  I have often found, though, that the larger the number of possible perceptual filters you can create, the better the eventual match when you have sufficient data.

Boston--my conspiracy theory

 I play with ideas.  They have an almost tactile feel to me.  I move them around in patterns, in what feels to me like an artistic way--which does not mean that the result is necessarily esthetically pleasing, but that I enormously enjoy the process of movement.

And I see no reason to constrain my play for ANY reason, not even if it leads to be me being accused of being cranky (frankly, I'm often guilty of that), nuts, contradictory, and simply dull witted.

So, my usual excuse making out of the way, here's my take:

Very wealthy people, in tandem with many people who have attained positions of high power and influence due to their ideological conformity and following political support, want to mold the United States on the model of Cuba.  The Rockefellers, in particular, have often praised Fidel Castro's regime.

Castro never had a mass famine.  He never killed millions of his own people, merely hundreds or perhaps thousands.  He tortured people by putting them in small cages for long periods of time, which barely had large enough spaces to breathe.  He put informers on every corner, and convinced children to inform on their parents and elders.  He created a climate of fear so thick that his control over his nation--particularly in the absence of weapons in private hands--is absolute.

If you look at our own ghettos, that is Cuba.  That is the effect of stifling innovation and the capacity for initiative over the long haul.

The powers that be have recruited Jay-Z to the cause, and they are thinking in advance how to sell the coup they want to impose.

Their plan until recently was to convince the North Koreans to launch nuclear missiles at the United States, which would have enabled the DHS to execute a plan they were first asked to prepare the moment Obama hit office, of using the chaos and economic dislocation nuclear attacks would cause to get all potential "counter-revolutionaries" of the streets, in a manner not initially likely to rouse suspicion.

But this whole plan depends on the cooperation of the military, and after egging Kim Jong-Un on, they realized that if the military did not obey the chain of command, that the whole thing would implode.  So they canceled the plan, and Kim Jong-Un still can't figure out how to back out of this thing without losing face. 

But they also realized that America needs more "seasoning" and that a renewal of the fear that followed the 9/11 bombings would be helpful towards that end.  Perhaps they can initiate a much more comprehensive facial recognition technology.  Perhaps they can get people used to metal detectors at sporting events.  Perhaps they can get the military used to operating in US territory (Hagel apparently send some military bomb units to Boston).  Slow boil.  Slow boil.

So they were looking for a different step forward, something spectacular, but relatively easy to put together.  Somebody was watching the Family Guy and got the idea to bomb the Boston Marathon.  So money was moved, people were hired, and the work done.

I want to be clear about something: anyone CAPABLE  at this date of supporting anything like Communism, or the regime in Cuba, is evil.  Period.  There is no other way of putting it.  They are sadists, capable of anything. 

These ideas may be nuts.  I readily grant that.  But they feel most right to me at the moment.  What I would add is that these are the same people who were responsible for planting the explosives on 9/11.  As I have said often, there were CLEARLY unsuspected coconspirators, whose names we may never know.

As I gather more data, I will happily change my views.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

National Defense

I wonder if the Defense Dept. has contingency plans for a condition in which the President more or less openly begins violating the Constitution, with the support of Congress and the Courts.

We need to understand that people like the Rockefellers, and George Soros, and unnamed other billionaires, seemingly have it in mind to suppress our political freedom.

At what point does this become a military matter?  Are there minds with sufficient agility out there to ask the question?

If the military is a part of a broken loop--if it reports to someone who no longer is defending the Constitution--at what point does it become a power unto itself, so as to reestablish Constitutional rule?

I look at the Federal Reserve, and simply wonder how we can stop people who can create hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air whenever they want, and who have apparently put this power to the service of enslaving us all.  Certainly, we are already wage slaves to a much greater extent than should have been needed.  As I have said before, countless broken homes and broken minds can be attributed to this insane conveyor belt we are all put on as a condition of simply existing in modern mass society, one which technology should have caused to SLOW.

Odds and ends

I was noodling around Amazon looking at my Wish List, which includes a number of conservative classics, and came across Robert Nisbet's "The Quest for Community", published in 1953.  I have not read it, but he apparently argues that modern alienation--which is to say cultural decay--leads more or less directly to the need for totalitarianism.  I have been arguing much the same for some time: if people are not taught coherent moral narratives, which define who they are, what they should do, and create a place for them--then through decay, through entropy, the much less complex, much less rich order of master and servant arises naturally.

Here is my point: gay marriage is not just an attack on the Christianity, but also an attack on the traditional institution of the family outright.  I have felt this, but I don't think put it quite this bluntly.  As such, it is one more step in the direction of tyranny.

I saw a self proclaimed "artist" mouthing Keynesian doctrine to one of my Facebook friends the other day, and confronted with the vigourous and ineluctable contradictions in the basic tenets of the faith, more or less throw up her hands and say "I don't support money, anyway."  Ha, ha.

I see these apparently decent people simply choosing to decay, choosing to abandon reason, choosing, in effect, to support mass violence and tyranny, by simply tuning out, watching Family Guy every night, blowing a J, and simply not giving a fuck.  These are Obama voters.  This is the lifeless, thoughtless mindset which left wing propaganda is intended to create.

The most clever propaganda coup the Left has ever pulled has been getting popular opinion to locate Fascism on the political right.  The right is God and Country.  The right is Liberalism, and political diversity.

Fascism is merely to the right of full-blown Communism.  It is a system in which the government--which is quite separate from the people, and speaks for them, but does not answer to them--controls everything.  Because it allows private enterprise, people confuse it with being pro-business.

What in fact happens is that the government rewards large corporations with a great deal of money, if they support the government.  It punishes small business, since it is harder to control, and simply lets the rich get richer, while the politicians get more and more power.

Fascism is a system in which, for example, the leaders routinely take enormous contributions from large corporate donors, and rewards them with lucrative contracts, and legislation which increases the burdens of their competitors.

Life under Obama is increasingly Fascist.  As I have said often, the goal both of Keynes and the Fabians with whom he kept in close contact was to implement tyranny so slowly that nobody noticed until it was too late.

What I just realized the other day is that a critical GOAL of Obamacare is to put stress on small business.  It was likely sponsored by and for the mega-corporations whose healthcare plans already meet applicable standards.  It won't affect them at all.  But it will be ENORMOUSLY damaging to the mom and pop places which create most of the jobs, and make life somewhat decent.

Thus, in another one of those ironies which virtually define the mental illness of what I will simply call Cultural Sadeism--even those who claim ignorance of the end goal understand on some level why they are attracted to zombie movies--the very people who are most vocal about "buying local" are supporting policies which will hurt those very businesses.  They are further supporting the very Fascism they claim to oppose.  They are building up the very corporations they claim to oppose.

If you are not a thinking, reacting, reflecting human being, you are not good.  Everything starts with perception, if you are sincere.  It cannot be otherwise.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spirituality, aka the pursuit of deep truth

The large is always on the other side of the small.  There is only one large, but countless smalls. Confusion about these facts is the cause of most important human error.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Korea, and rumors of wars

This North Korea thing has me a bit worried.  It does not appear North Korea ICBM's are equal to the task of reaching the continental United States, but Tower 7 was not hit with its plane, either, and it still collapsed, and no one in power said a word. Stating obvious truths like "47 story skyscrapers do not collapse because the curtains are on fire" has been left to people like Ed Asner, who are otherwise on the political fringe.

There would be nothing to stop the willing and able to plant a false flag nuke in Los Angeles harbor, or San Francisco harbor, and making sure it is said to be delivered by a "previously undetected North Korean submarine capability".  Such an attack would cause financial and economic dislocation far, far beyond the area directly affected.  It would allow the DHS to put to use its fleet of counterinsurgency vehicles, and its contingency plans for prison camps built purportedly to hold internal refugees.  They would deputize normal military units.

Such units need to refuse the orders of the DHS.  There is nothing in the Constitution for it, and this plainly seems to be a method developed specifically to get around the very real patriotism felt by ordinary military units, but which need not be felt by large segments of this very new agency, which may have been seeded from the start with traitors.  It is impossible to know, but the very real transgressions they have already committed all around the country against the rule of law are legion and well documented.  I have in mind things like stopping buses at random and searching the passengers; or what the TSA does every day.

Still, this morning I felt strangely calm.  Christ said "always wars, and rumors of wars.".  Last night I had a number of interesting dreams, one of which was being placed in Europe in the Napoleonic era, getting ready for another round of war.  I was looking at where the commanders were in the coming battle, and looking at all the civilian houses all around, and realizing how brutal war must have been for the non-combatants.

When thousands of soldiers are dying, who cares about the women raped by marauding soldiers?  Who cares about the livestock stolen, and the people who starve to death?

When I was at Gettysburg, our guide was pointing out houses that had been at the original battle that were still there.  At one, he said the owner got back to find his yard filled with hundreds of rotting animals, all of which had to be buried.  And much of the early battle was literally house to house, room to room in Gettysburg.  The civilians had nowhere to go.

As I begin to get under the fear in me, I can look at it from underneath it, and I see that the past is a myth.  Who you think you are, or were, and everything in times past is gone.  It was entered into your mind--individual or transpersonal--in a way which was already transmuted, transfigured, both more and less true than what actually happened.

We cannot trust the past.  What we can realize is that the chains of fear can be released here, now.  Certainly in our current condition of peace, but even more generally in the face of any obstacle, calm is an option.  When you anticipate, in other than a prudent, abstract way, you also create myth, don't you?  You create stories which cause reactions in you that constitute real pain, of anxiety, fear, tension, reduced physical capability, decreased mental capability.

Slowly, I am letting all this go.  I of course have no more idea than anyone else what the future brings, but outside of basic prudence, I am going to let my fear go.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sam's Speech

I've taken solace in this excellent speech from time to time.  We all need a shot in the arm at times.  The first link to it I clicked on comments had been disabled due to teenage psychopaths mocking the sentiments expressed here.  Then the preview was for a serial killer series, in which young girls were murdered, and fed to other young girls. 

We need stronger and stronger shocks, it seems.

How do we return, not just to a functioning economy, but to a functioning society?  When our children are fed twisted and sick images and ideas virtually from childhood?

The oldest daughter of a friend of mine who watches a lot of horror movies LAUGHED the first time she saw the Exorcist.  What are we becoming?

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I watched 21 Jump Street two weeks ago (and was gratified that both of my kids thought it was stupid), and it vaguely traumatized me--not, of course due to content, but because the thing was filled with brain crushing stupidity, vulgarity, and a complete lack of thematic consistency.  I felt myself getting dumber, less empathetic, more aggressive, and more alienated, watching this movie.

Now, I am an adult.  I can of course compensate for those feelings, but one of my skills, I think, is looking into the emotional core of things.  This movie is very popular, I am told, in the young teen crowd, roughly 12-17.  It talks about oral sex often, uses constant crude sexual imagery, portrays parents as irresponsible adolescents, and even invokes the "1%", which in the real world is Obama and his super-elite banking patrons, but here is a motorcycle gang we are somehow supposed to hate because they deal drugs.

As I meditate, sit in silence, process, these images keep coming up, because nothing MAKES SENSE.  There is no latent social order.  There is no moral activation, or call to goodness.  There is nothing in there which would shape a young mind to do good, or find value in anything but evanescent and sybaritic pleasures.  It is decadent, in other words, and those souls unfortunate enough to fully imbibe this brew will in short order find themselves profoundly confused, depressed, and alone, even if they surround themselves with people.  This is a malady you cover up, but do not fix, with incessant texting and Twittering.

I will add that, for myself, I have reached my emotional core, and found fear, great fear, unreasoning fear.  It is hard to look oneself emotionally in the eye, to see the darkness, to let negativity flow over you.

These worries of mine, about cultural decadence, are simultaneously valid, in my view, AND indicative of a habit I developed when I was still in my infancy, as a condition of survival.

I am done with this fear.  It is going to hard for me, for a time, as I sit still and watch it sweep over me, and as I AMPLIFY it, which is how you fix it.  But it clear to me something is on the other side, and I want it.

We need leaders.  Leaders are those willing to go where they have never been, to go where no one can lead them, to find new things, new paths, new knowledge, and bring it back, knowing full well their best work may win them nothing but scorn and obscurity.  Still, such work is what makes life interesting.

Paradoxically, that last paragraph made me smile.  I feel better now.  I don't know why, but hell, there it is.