Friday, February 28, 2014

Manic Order

As I have said often enough, I think that without periodic lunacy, we all go mad.

The madness of much of our modern world is that madness can be eliminated.   Qualitative outliers--the random, the unpredictable, the inherently uncontrollable--can be vanquished.  Perfect order can be achieved. I mock this order in my Inquisitor piece by offering an image of Sade salivating over a billion piles of perfectly arranged ash.

But it truly seems to me that the transhumanists want something like this.  They want order, order that is as transcendent as their materialistic biases allow.  They do not want qualitative reorganization through mania, through visions, through useful delusions and hallucinations.  They do not want the uncontrolled, the Dionysian, the ecstatic, EXCEPT when and how they want it, via drugs--and later software--carefully programmed to create an exact and predictable effect.

Let me ask this question: if a drug existed which when taken would give you the same thrill solving the equation 2+2=4 that Einstein got in deriving General Relativity, would you take it?  What if the thrill were LARGER, exponentially so?  What if the feeling could be induced in you of ecstasy that lasted for days?

What if you could be made to fall in love with your phone?  What if chemicals could be administered which not only mimicked the best, highest qualitative feelings of being in love, but surpassed them considerably?

What role does conscious awareness play, what role logic, in this universe?  What purpose does life have?  If we can take drugs which create the FEELING of purpose while floating aimlessly in a backyard pool, can we say that the concept of "meaning" has meaning, that it is something more than a biochemical sensation? 

I say yes, definitely so.  I say that mechanistic understandings of life make these sorts of mind experiments possible, but that in the final analysis, life is not coterminous with biology.  This is a metaphysical point, and a critical one; and one at that well supported empirically.

We can discuss these issues, and failure is not inevitable.  We do not have to abandon principle at the first sign of resistance.  We do not have to feel guilt at not always being "nice".  We can stake claims as to what it means to be human, and counter the claims of those whose empirical backing is much weaker.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning After

Oh, we have all gone, I think, those places booze takes us.  It loosens up emotional flow, leading to too much, on many occasions, but for many too much is needed, at least at times.

For me, this resurgence in drinking will not last long. I already feel its limits.

For years, I have said that anything I say while drinking is true, and that remains true as I read the increasingly "loose" stuff I posted last night.

How many of us, I wonder, really grasp on an emotional level the tyranny of the alarm clock?  How many of us feel how little the world CAN care about us, when all the movements are scripted?  How many of us can dream openly of a world where we belong?  Where everyone belongs?  Where belonging is a principle characteristic of that world?

How many of you feel the evil in those who want to confine us, cage us, reduce us, kill us?  How many of you see this on the horizon?

I am certainly hung over, but not drunk at all.  I got enough sleep.  Normal madness should be a part of every day.  I retain, at this moment, the capacity for sustained close reasoning, but choose to express myself in this way.

I would wish for you today to look at your world as a stranger, and understand all the ways in which it does not make you feel at home.

And tomorrow, may you feel all the ways you belong.


Still working on the 750.  Just about done.   What I feel is a happiness and beauty I want to share.

What I will say to you is that everything you do and say in the coming day is holy.  Do you believe this?  Is this Stupid?

Pay attention.  You can do better.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'm drinking.  I'll have a 750 of tequila in me before I hit the sack.

My blessing and curse is to retain a high degree of lucidity.  What I am processing is weeks of ambiguity.  I hit in the past few weeks the Getty in LA, the LA County Museum of Art, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and other places.  I watched people, and more importantly watched art.  I felt.  I went deep.

I did Breathwork, and my spiritual guide was five circular saws dedicated to destroying me utterly.  Yesterday and today, I decided to give it rein.  I see myself being cut to pieces, sawed into pieces, dissolved in acid, decapitated, thrown from height, smashed into a pulp.  Hated, always hated.

I have allowed and emphasized negative internal dialogue: you are stupid, you suck, no one likes you, you will fail, everything you do is meaningless, you are ugly and fat, no woman will ever like you, you are still stupid, you are still ugly, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

Funny thing: not only am I still alive, but something in me is getting stronger, and it thinks this whole thing is funny.

I will never be New Age material.  I will never stop saying the word Fuck.  But I will say that solutions are possible for all ailments.  Sometimes the fix is making the problem worse.  Do you disagree with me?  Go fuck yourself.  Use your right hand unless you are a lefty.

Ooh Rah.

Edit: goddammnit: I am a cliche.  I feel love for all the absurd when I am drinking.  I feel love for all those who don't fit in.  I feel love for curved lines, stupidity, bold but dumb chances.  I'm on the side of those who bet their life savings on a bad tip and lose.  I see those who try but fail.  I feel those who love but lose.  It all crushes me, and I die, but then I am still there.  May you kill me in a new way.

Ooh Rah.

Fuck love: fuck love.

but we all know it will never die.  It lives.  It lives.  you live.  you live.  Somewhere, we were meant to go, you can start, now. . . .

Debate topic

[Following is in invitation to debate for a specific individual].

Resolved, that the following study can as easily be read as evidence FOR psychokinesis as against it, and that far from being conclusive, it leaves many questions unanswered.  Given that it fails to honestly address these facts, it must be seen as disingenuous and intended to support a preexisting conclusion.

Gratitude, Part 2

I wanted to respond in a post to a comment someone made.

It seems to me there are two paths to most emotional "gestalts", which work in tandem with one another.  One is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, in which you consciously work to change thoughts and behaviors.  You reinforce on a daily basis what you are grateful for.  You have a gratitude jar, or a daily practice, or try to remind yourself as often as possible how many things are working, how much is going right, how much you take for granted that need not be there (food, sleep, companionship, work). 

This in my view is a useful practice.  I can say with certainty that "Learned Optimism" is one of the most useful books I have read, because it taught me a habit I have retained across many years of making the difficult temporary and local, and in assessing with great care both my actual responsibility for mistakes and failures, and emphasizing the degree of control I actually have.

At the same time, I would say that within my psychological worldview, anything short of radiant happiness, spontaneous gratitude, abundant health, and the ability for the effective work that always leads to success in a reasonably just society--such as we have had for some time, and which may yet survive Obama's patent assaults on it--is a result of a sort of knot deep within the spiritual body or psyche.  We are meant for happiness, but we tie ourselves up, we disrupt energy flows, we prevent the spontaneous emergence of order and everything that comes with it.

This is the level I am trying to work on.  I can feel, at times, huge amounts of energy flowing from me in clouds, but I can't maintain this. I shrink back, become sullen, irritable, fearful, none of which are attractive traits.  I can and have tried to simply maintain a facade, but it doesn't feel right for me.  I feel like I am going to get stuck in a perma-smile of the sort one sees on long term car salesmen.

My sense is that gratitude is a natural result of unveiling a deeper wisdom.  It comes naturally, unbidden.

The other day I had overindulged in drink the night before, and thankfulness came to me for my hangover, or what passes for one with me, my apparently substantial ability to process alcohol being what it is.

And it hit me that experiences all contain something interesting in them.  I would use the metaphor of someone deeply thirsty drinking dirty water.  It still tastes amazing, because you are thirsty.  Likewise, that ability to react with glee, with happiness, is still latent even in a time when you are NOT thirsty. 

Or imagine not having seen a human being for weeks.  When you finally run into someone, will you not overlook virtually all their flaws, unless they out and out try to kill you?  Was this capacity for appreciating human contact not already there?

Few thoughts.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I felt clearly tonight that evil is an internalized acceptance of self hatred.  I felt it in myself, struggling with the constant streams conflicting within me of emotional legacy, and desire for release and new growth.  You cannot accept self hatred.  You have to ride it out.

This point is deep, I feel.  It is important.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I have been feeling a lot of gratitude lately, and I have noticed that I am able to be grateful even for negative experiences.  The key is not to label them, but simply accept them as "experience of any sort".  All sensations, all feelings, all perceptions: they move us in ways, change us in ways, make possible the liberation of joy and happiness.

In my own case, both my parents tried to kill me in their own ways.  The aftereffects of this subtle but very real energy have bothered me my whole life.  But that poison is becoming separate from me, outside of me.  It is the not seeing that is most dangerous, most hurtful.  It is the hurting and not knowing why, because if you can't see the source of something, it is very hard to turn off the spigot.  You are shot invisibly in the dark, helpless to defend against it.

I am grateful for this poison, and for the seeing of this poison.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Oi, I can't write what I have been feeling.  It is very much of "that".  I am a thought worker, but thought workers must align their emotions, process their feelings, must do prep work before trying to think at all.

Ponder these pictures:

Crazy Swiss, posted by crazy Czechs.

I had intended to make a post on abreaction.  This may be the point, despite the manhattans.

Freud, early in his career, both realized that most of the cases of hysteria he was treating were the result of childhood sexual trauma, and that the most therapeutic modality was facilitating an emotional expression of those deep feelings, which he called "abreaction".

Being an asshole, he abandoned both correct ideas the moment it became inconvenient for his career. 

Stanislav Grof, who is justly well known for many reasons, amplified the work of Otto Rank in stipulating that the birth process was traumatic for almost all infants.  I recently had the chance to watch a speech of his, in which he noted how ludicrous it is that physicians place an emphasis on immediate nursing for newborns, immediate bonding for newborns, but fail to consider AT ALL the trauma of birth itself.  The dominant paradigm is that babies feel NOTHING until they take their first breath, and then at that point the attention paid them is critical to their psychological development.  Why?  Does it not seem stupid to stipulate that these little proto-humans, these fetuses attached by an umbilical cord destined to be severed, feel NOTHING until they first nurse after their umbilical cord is cut?

Grof, for his part, did a huge amount of LSD.  He was one of the first to "partake" after Albert Hoffman had his bicycle ride, and for him it was huge. Over time, he brought a LOT of people in with him, particularly at Esalen, for month-long sessions that created varying varieties of craziness.

Having seen a LOT, having done LSD psychotherapy, both in Czechoslavakia and the US, he came up with the idea that much of our imaginal experience comes not from early life traumas, but from traumas DURING our birth.  Specifically, he proposed the Perinatal Matrices, which is to say, the parts of our own births in which we become stuck.

Freud found early on that facilitating emotional reactions was healing.  It brought relief of symptoms.  He himself, though, was unwilling to accept what was likely the truth that most of upper class Vienna had parents who molested their children.  By extension, he refused to grant reality to their stories.  He had to insist it was all imagined to avoid being ostracized.  No doubt, he actually became an asset.  He corroborated lies.

But releasing stuck emotions is clearly healing.  Jung rejected abreaction of emotions whose origin he could not fathom, given particularly that he rejected birth trauma as significant.  But things continued to progress.

Atha: Giger.  These images are from Grof's Matrix 2 and Matrix 3.  I look at them, and a hidden poison manifests, that I had not known was there.  I feel a sickness I had not known was there.

This is therapeutic.  Ah: how do I post while drinking?  Everything we need, every clarity we crave, is there.  It is all there.  You are complete.  I am complete.  Are we not both simply persistently stupid?

I wish you well.  If you reading this blog, you are crazy anyway.

Nothing is meaningless

This has two meanings; or, none.

I like circles, except when I hate them.

Ah: it will end well.  That is my feeling.  I wish you a good night, and a good day, repeated until done.


Watched this movie, largely starring Christian Bale, about a post-apocalyptic political order based upon a universal requirement for people to take something like Prozac at prescribed intervals, to stop feeling, and to eradicate all attachment to spirit, to beauty, to sincere human connection, and to all of those aspects of life I have called qualitative.

Without discussing this overly much, this in my view is the actual reality, the banal, ugly, repressive, evil reality of political orders like those in Cuba and North Korea, and what the Chinese have imposed on the objects of their imperialistic aggression, like Tibet.  The POINT of Communism is the suppression of joy, happiness, love, kindness, decency, ambition, culture, and human connection.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  This is why I created the term Cultural Sadeism.

I leave you with an image: listening to Fidel fucking Castro talk for 6 hours about how wonderful he is, how great Communism is, how evil Capitalism is, and doing so in a crowded hot room, knowing that the least hint of impatience, boredom, or God forbid disagreement, would be enough to get you locked into a dog kennel for a month in a hot room.  This was and is the reality.  You don't get to go to the bathroom.  You don't get to go to the drinking fountain.  You are watched carefully the whole time, and expected to shout enthusiastically even if your mother is sick and can't get medical care, or if you have not had a good meal in three days.

And this is a trivial matter, compared to most Communist atrocities.  I feel, though, that sometimes the reality comes through better in the trivial instances.

Being Average

If I ever set up a self improvement program (I'm still in the "healer heal thyself" stage), my slogan is going to be something like "let me help you be average".

It's counterintuitive.  I will grant that.

But it seems to me that in shooting for the moon we so often become unbalanced as individuals.  Are you driven, task-focused, perfectionistic?  You likely lack the ability to relax, and likely are somewhat stunted in your capacity for deep empathy.  Are you super-sensitive, giving, nurturing, loving?  Then you likely lack the stomach to truly grasp the extent of the capacity most humans have for evil.  Your entire political ideology likely rests on wishful thinking.

What we need are average people, well balanced people, people who have a good Go switch, and a good Stop switch, who care but not too much, who get things done, but stay in contact with their softer sides.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Look before you leap

I think this might be usefully described as my version of conservatism.  It does not say you should not leap, but that bringing prudence and experience into the decision process is useful.

There is nothing new about government control of free enterprise.  There is nothing new about bread and circuses.  Every leftist initiative is in important respects a retrogression, counter-progressivism.  It relies on demagoguery, which was a term coined over several thousand years ago.  It relies on something for nothing, hand outs, promises to make life easy and happy.

It is not saturnine to insist that these policies have never and cannot work.  On the contrary, it is an optimism, founded an ideas which DO work, which DO elevate human consciousness.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I think it is true, and certainly useful to posit, that the calmest people are those who have been through the most storms.  There is no short cut to this state.

So every shitstorm you struggle through gets you closer to being the guy or gal that nothing bothers.  Every difficulty has its use, and sometimes that use is nothing more than developing endurance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My two goals in raising my children were to develop resilience and empathy.  I figured the brains would take care of themselves, and were certainly no goal of intrinsic importance.  I am happy to report success in all areas, but did want to share what I just realized as to how to measure this.

Laughter.  If you can laugh at yourself sincerely, you are not self important, and if you are not self important you naturally have room for the emotional lives of others.  You can value them, share them, care about them.

And if you can laugh at pain, you are tough.  One of my favorite scenes in any book is a trivial scene in "Gates of Fire" where the Spartans are conducting a commando raid on the Persian emperor's compound.  During some tough going, one of them breaks out laughing and says "Could we BE any more miserable?" 

That is beauty and poetry in my eyes.  It is what I have taught my children, to the best of my ability, and they have listened.  Frankly, I think they are both tougher than me, which is great.

Laughter is a salve and a lubricant.  It finds and loosens knots, heals wounds, and grants courage.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Any intelligence which considers itself superior to experience is no intelligence at all.

Failure to grasp this is perhaps at the root of most or even all large mistakes made by ostensibly intelligent people.

The example I would use is the rookie officer and the Been There Done That NCO.  It doesn't matter how smart you are, or how well educated you are, he still knows more than you do about the things that matter, at least until you get up to speed.

I will admit that one of my movie heroes is Staff Sergeant Nantz from Battle: Los Angeles.  That movie did not fare well critically, but fuck the critics.

I had intended to be more cryptic, but that is a game that only amuses me.  I will admit that too.  I know it.   I, too, am ridiculous.

The Sufis, at least of one or several schools, classified people by their Idiot Type.  I'm curious what sort of idiot they would have considered me.  Lots of possibilities!!!!

Structure of Personal Revolutions

Do you not have a dominant tone?  A way of being, of moving through the world?  Can we not call this your paradigm, and insist with Kuhn that your way forward--IF you move forward, which most people do not, in important ways--is through paradigm shifts, or what I would tend to call qualitative progress?

Is there not phlogiston in your very being, right now?  I think there is.  Certainly, it courses in my veins.  I breathe it in, and watch it disappear.  I don't know where it goes, or where and who I was just a moment ago.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Compassion and Spiritual Materialism

To truly feel a global compassion, one must first mourn and process ones own wounds, but also mourn the fact that life itself, for all humanity, is for all of us sometimes painful. We put on a brave face, make the best of it, sometimes break down, often run, but this truth is there.

It is so much easier, more facile, to conflate niceness with compassion. Nice is an
outer ritual of sorts, an agreeable facade, but it often betrays cowardice and it must be said, confusion.

I have been reading about the "consciousness exploration" of the 1960', and would echo a phrase from Chogyam Trungpa, that of "Spiritual Materialism". I would add "experiential Materialism". This is a topic I have visited before.

What difference is there between greed and
covetousness and social competition for the latest car out of Detroit, or a prime home in the best neighborhood, and those qualities applied to competition for the best guru, highest high, most far out experience, and most "exalted"state?

Can you not have competitions for most setene, or most compassionate?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Global Government, Part 2

Our options are global culture, or global givernment. In my view, they are mutually exclusive. Culture creates government, and government erodes culture.

Global Government

If the human race ever evolves sufficiently to be able to institute a just global government, it won't need it.

It is worth noting as well that history clearly showsthe connection between war and expanding government. The strategic significance of global warming as an idea is it creates a lobal threat against which a centrally coordin
ated "war" must be waged.

Given global peace, however, I think we all know there is no warrant for bureaucratic metastasis and interference.

To pursue peace is therefore to pursue, in principle at least, less government.

I think a case could be made for converse as well: large government has often waged war on the very people it supposedly protected.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Demons are just fences, and all fences have gates.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


The short answer is no. The longer answer is yes.

I'm going to let you figure this one out. It has meaning on multiple levels, including the obvious smartass one.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Art Idea

I think it would be interesting to creat a "mirror" which deducted by computer the person looking in to it.

My intent would not be to suggest that person does not exist, but rather that the world is a much more interesting place when we don't make ourselves the centerpiece.

Additional ideas: highly interesting or even interactive background behind the viewer, or taking their picture and adding it back in reduced and marginalized, but fully mirroring their motions. I think this is technically possible.


If you are not most happy with your own kind, you have no kind. Ponder that.

The root cultural invention of leftists has been to create a kind, a tribe, which dep
ends entirely on conformity to mutable propaganda. It has no substantive content; it is not trying to accomplish, say, an end to tribalistic violence as rxpressed in actual racism. It is in no sense Liberal. It does not truly appeal to universal principles, like the sanctity of human rights.

The tribe consists precisely in publicly acknowledging you belong. It has no coherent world view, no true catechism, no sense of the sacred, no sense of duty, which does not come from conformity to the tribes mutable organizing manias, hates, and avarices.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Where could he go?  Clearly, he was using drugs to kill some pain perhaps even he was not able to diagnose--hell, that he was LIKELY unable to understand, to fathom, to come to grips with.  It's out there somewhere, but you don't know where, you can't figure out how or even where it is hurting you, but you hurt all the same.

Does he go back to rehab?  What do they tell him?  One day at a time, think of everyone you are hurting, we're here for you.  But he hurts NOW, and none of this reduces that.

He had something on the order of 50 bags in his apartment, and 20 used needles.  He was on a massive pain killing binge.

My dream is to create places where one day people like him have somewhere to go--in the middle of a figurative or literal night, in the middle of a figurative or literal hailstorm--and where they can get actually effective help.  This has to do with worldview (hope relies in part upon structures you believe in which do not contradict any facts you know), with people possessing emotional empathy, and with therapeutic techniques that actually WORK. 

He was a bright guy, and no doubt decided no shrink was going to help him, and that if he gave up drugs he would lose his best and only true friend.  Small wonder his friend killed him.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Read this piece from Russell Brand and thought it interesting.

We all exist in an ocean of energies, of waves flowing through us at different frequencies.  This is certainly literally true (contemplate how many radio waves are floating in front of your eyes at this moment; or neutrinos passing through the earth; or Earth's magnetic field encompassing you; or "gravity", whatever the hell that really is), but there are cultural waves too.

Most of the hard core drugs addictions, like heroin, are happening in industrially advanced nations.  So, at any rate, it seems to me.  Can we not postulate that in the process of putting 1,000 channels on the TV, far too many of us have found ourselves on a frequency of one?  Can we not speculate that Russell Brand at least WAS on a frequency of one when he was doing drugs, that they made all the other frequencies appear in a rainbow before he drifted off?

In my considered view, the success of 12 step programs lie in two principle perceptual movements their system facilitates.  First: you are not alone.  There are a lot of people out there JUST LIKE YOU.  As the Police sang, there are a hundred billion bottles. And it is not just addiction you share with them, although that plainly int itself creates a bond that cannot be shared with all.  It is in some respects a view of life, that life as we have to live it is broken somehow.  It is bad enough that it is broken, but worse that we have to lie about it, to ourselves and others.

And then there is the idea that you can't do it yourself.  You have to collapse, disappear, qualitatively reorganize based on the idea of a simultaneous destruction of your self destructive self, and your reconstruction as someone now living within a web of meaning and support that goes beyond the mere human.  You can rest without drugs or alcohol.

To this I would finally add that culturally we need insanity to be sane.  We need periodic breaks from deadlines and coffee breaks, and relentless greed and striving; and I don't just mean vacations.  My own experience is that vacations, once you sort out the logistics and spend your money, are not always that recuperative, and in this country at least, the one week vacations we get stuck with really don't do more than titillate us.  Still, I think Germans and other Europeans with much more generous breaks find many of the same problems.

No, I mean some version of dancing around the tribal campfire and letting spontaneous elements of yourself come out in a setting where you feel welcome, among friends.  This is what the hippies tried to contribute, but their failing was that what they effectively proposed was dichotomous: you were either one of them, or a suit.

Plainly, plenty of suits smoke pot and go to Dead shows.  This is not what I mean.  What I mean is that their proposals never stood any real chance of getting integrated into mainstream culture, and not just because of social conservatism, but also because of the countless casualties of that lifestyle.  Many, many people went mad.  Many more became relentlessly self absorbed and narcissistic, talking about Love, but really in love with the idea of themselves talking about love.

[pretend there is a segue here]

These problems have solutions.  I cannot emphasize this enough.

I will add, actually, one of my favorite lines from any movie, from "Battle: Los Angeles": "Marines don't quit."  Simple.  Nothing fancy.  But there is a profound spiritual depth in persistence, in my view.

We must persist.  We must assume that good will see its day, will win the final victory, that happiness and general prosperity can be achieved.   Or we die trying.  These are the choices for those with eyes that see and hearts which see.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Can I tell you the truth?

How often does this really mean "Can I tell you what I need you to hear?" or "Can I tell you what I want you to hear?"

We all have internal dialogues, and one regrettable element of my own is that this phrase pops in my head constantly.  Growing up, it was always followed by lies of varying shades. Truth and love are both words to which I am borderline phobic.

I will add a semi-related, but not really, point: if a psychotic tells you that the bathroom is the third door on the right, and they are correct, this is useful information.

When you dig into psychology, there are all sorts of trick mirrors and trap doors.  You are projecting.  You are indulging your infantile self in fantasy gratification, or whatever.

One can easily psychologize, as one example, people like Alex Jones, who see Illuminati everywhere, who think that a cabal of several hundred super-rich, super-powerful people is plotting regularly at the Bilderberg conferences to institute a global government, and abolish democracy and human rights.  You can break him down.  You can say that he is suffering from some psychopathology or the other.

But at the end of the day REALITY still exists.  Truth statements can still be made which can be validated or falsified. And if he is right, EVEN IF he is crazy, he is still right, correct?  Third door on the right?

For many years of my youth I eschewed psychology for this exact reason: it can make lunatics of the sane, and treat the insane as wise elders.

True Progress

This video is excellent, and true:

I would encourage you to share it, particularly with any folks you may know in the areas being described.

This is the wavelength people of genuine goodwill need to be focusing on.  We need to confront vigorously and without shame or hesitation the lies awful people have been telling for half a century about their true intentions.

No one who genuinely cares tolerates this level of failure, decade after decade, without realizing that what they are doing is not working.  No one is that stupid.  No one.

From this, one MUST infer that the people pushing these policies DON'T CARE.  Yes, they may be hypnotized automatons, drunk on their own rhetoric and narcissism, but no one can lie in their hearts as to who they are.  They can simply cover it up by directing hatred outwards.

It is precisely the knowledge of their horrific and ubiquitous failures that drives the invective against true Liberals, which is to say, in this country, political conservatives.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I took a career profile someone posted on Facebook, and came up with "humanitarian".  I accept this.  This is what I am trying to be, with qualifications.

When people hear that word, they think someone trying to provide water to people, or to heal or comfort the sick and dislocated.

In my case, though, I think structurally: what IDEAS are floating around that are CAUSING mass suffering?  I look not just to objective poverty and deprivation, but to CULTURAL poverty and deprivation.

Are the Tibetans suffering more from poverty, or from the sustained Chinese assault on everything they value and love?  They were poor before, and I suspect most of them would go back in a HEARTBEAT to the status quo before the Chinese came, even though that would mean many of them living in cold places in yurts (or whatever they call them.)

What are the pervasive American maladies?  I would say sanctimonious indifference to preventable suffering in our midst, materialism fed by a lack of a good alternative, and a complete abandonment of sensitivity to spiritual crisis and growth.  We want to be clocks.  We aspire to be gears in vast machines.  Some gears are bigger and shinier, but qualitatively the same.

This is my principle enemy.  This is the principal problem we face.  We have good tools for economic development: property rights, free markets, and political freedom.  These have always worked and always will work.  Why are they not generalized the world over?  Bad ideas. Horrible ideas, and, again, a sanctimonious indifference to outcome, which is to say preventable human suffering.  It took both the Chinese and the Indians over half a century of mass starvation to adopt free markets, and they have advanced more in 20 years than the previous 1,000.

I am a Humanitarian.  This is why I get pissed so often.  I hate stupidity, and hate it even more when it works to inflict pain on innocents.  As some meme I saw put it, keep in mind that one option for those who aspire to be Christlike is pulling out a bullwhip and running the bastards out of town.