Friday, June 12, 2015


Helpfully, I have had some major technical problems lately.  I bought a new iPhone, for example, and it took a good six hours of work to get it to synchronize (I said a while back I wouldn't buy another Apple product, but eventually reached the conclusion that there really are no good guys in high tech, and I may as well use something that tends to work more than to not work.  Music is important to me.)

As I was wrestling with this and a couple other unanticipated problems, it occurred to me that there is machine time, and non-machine time.  There is interacting abstractly with an abstract environment, which is what I am doing here.  And there is sitting at my kitchen table, working on a model, or practicing Tai Chi, or finally putting up new toilet paper holders and fixing the coat rack.  They feel different.  Here, I am more comfortable, but I think precisely because it takes me out of ordinary time.

My Lumosity scores have been going down the past few days, and I am realizing it is because I am living less in my head.  This is a good thing.

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