Monday, July 6, 2015


With respect to my last post, I thought I might post a link to a really well done video put together by professional, credentialed, architects and largely structural engineers regarding the idiocy of accepting the received view of the events on that day:

I will note that Lynn Margulies, in addition to being a National Science Prize winner, was also Carl Sagan's wife.  Interestingly, she inverted my own college career by getting her B.S at the University of Chicago, and her graduate degree at UC-Berkeley.  She called 9/11 "the most effective television commercial in the history of Western civilization".  I have made a similar point.  Some large section of humanity itself was tuned in live when Towers 1 and 2 collapsed. 

Most, of course, have forgotten Tower 7, which was really only shown on 

9/11 itself, and then scrubbed from media coverage.  It is worth wondering why.  Many 

explanations present themselves, some innocent, some much less so.  I can't render a strong 

opinion one way or the other.

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