Monday, July 13, 2015


For some reason I keep getting calls from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  I swear at them until they hang up.

We cannot and should not absorb an endless train of illegal Mexicans when we already have enormous pockets of poverty, overwhelmed social welfare systems, chronic systemic unemployment, and are only staying afloat by borrowing--on a national level, to the tune of something like 40% of all money spent.

It is not generosity or compassion or decency or humaneness to fail to take account of the future, to fail to consider our children and their children in our present political calculations.

When and if the system crashes--and it may last indefinitely, but it is also primed for a crash tomorrow if certain people decided to make it happen--EVERYONE but the already rich will suffer.  All the poor who the Left claims to care for will suffer greatly.  Everyone who has been bamboozled onto the government teat will suffer.  The middle class will suffer.  The old will suffer.  The young will suffer.  Marriages will suffer.

As I say over and over and over and over: you do not get credit for how you feel.  You get credit for connecting a feeling to your rational sense and reconciling them.  If you want to help, and in fact develop plans that, based on current fact and past history, in fact appear to help, then you are doing the right thing.  If you claim to want to help, though, and push hard to continue failed policies, and push hard to short circuit and prevent rational debate as to the propriety and utility of those policies, you are part of the problem.  Period.  

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