Friday, July 3, 2015

Being me

You know, an enormous benefit of having what amounts to a public diary--which chronicles probably 95% of my inner work--is that I can be absolutely open and spontaneous.  I don't have any huge inner secrets, demons I can't name or mention, or anything to hide.  I am what I am, and I have spoken who I am, publicly.

In my view, this is the way to live.  If you think back to tribal times, when people lived in tents together, it really wasn't possible to keep anything secret for long.  You were known to be the person you were.  I see no reason not to suppose this the case, and of course the quantity of distractions and allurements were a very, very small fraction of what they are today.

Today, you can live in a cave and nobody need know what you are doing on the internet, what private perversions and vices you have developed, and just how far off of normal and healthy you have drifted.  I look people in the eyes and I don't know what they are going to home to that evening.

Still, and I am going to try and develop the habit of returning to the positive, we live in a very peaceful era, filled with people who are overwhelmingly honest and hard-working, and I remain grateful to be me.  I like the skin I live in.

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