Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I'm making some water kefir, and they insisted that the water not be chorinated or fluoridated, so I looked up our local water system.  They use both fluoride (required by law), and chloramine, which is a successor to chlorine, but possibly worse.  Here is the Mercola article:

They say it leeches lead out of the pipes.  Where in an average city might there be pipes old enough to have lead solder in them?  The inner city, the old city, the places where in most cities the ghetto is.  Wherever I look, the downtown yuppie condos are new, and most of the white people live in houses somewhere in the suburbs that in a great many cases have been built in the past 30 years.

So is more lead getting into the blood of inner city kids?

And although I don't think I have mentioned it, it does seem that the John Birchers were right about fluoride:

Now it is Harvard saying it.

Here is Mercola on the same topic:

Net: it does not reduce dental caries, is toxic, is cumulative, and continues to be intentionally added to the water most of us drink.  And when consumed by children, it seems to make them dumber, with a best guess being a drop of 7 IQ points.

Hell: now I am going to have to start buying my water elsewhere.  These things seem legitimate.

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