Saturday, July 18, 2015

Die Beziehungen sind beschissen

I have been here and there.  It may be that I was an exchange student, and learned at some point to speak fluent German (to the extent I was mistaken for a Swede, not an American), and saw a German folk singer singing his songs at my Hochschule.

At one point he said the phrase above, which translates roughly "The relationships/connections have been shit on."  I don't think it's great German, but I like it.

Across many years, I have kept this phrase. In a lifetime, you only get so many good phrases, so many phrases that enter deeply into you, that become a part of you.  For me, for reasons I don't care to elaborate, this is definitely one of them.

To You, World, I ask: do we not all have some cleaning to do?

Certainly, I do.

Of course alcohol is involved, but it has only ever been an amplifier for me, never a modifier.

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