Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Donald Trump is right

I liked this article:

The best empirical data seems to show that illegal aliens do in fact commit crimes at much higher rates.

And we have to question the illegal lunacy Obama is displaying in fundamentally saying that he refuses to do--or allow anyone else to do--any job requirements he doesn't like.

Mexicans are not Americans.  That should be clear enough, and his first job is to protect Americans, both Americans lives, security and property, and American wages and jobs.  I read from time to time how Australia both enjoys high labor rates and low unemployment.  One factor among many is clearly that they have no issues, or very few, with illegal labor.

And Ann Coulter is clearly right that the plan is to bring all these people in here, get them addicted to welfare and public assistance in various forms, and build a new reliable Democrat base so that lunatics continue getting elected forever, up until, and even after, we go the Greek route.

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