Thursday, July 16, 2015


Companies that object to paying for contraceptives (I don't see elective abortion on here, but am not going to research it) don't have to.  The contraceptives will be paid for with magical fairy dust.

One is tempted to assume that Leftists really do think you can get $3,000 for a piece of shit car missing two tires and a windshield.

Because this may not be obvious to some--most people seem to fail even now to grasp the basest rudiments of economics and business--obviously the insurance companies will pass these costs along in premiums, probably spread among all insureds.  Ultimately, Hobby Lobby will still be paying for contraceptives.  I think 5/9ths of the Supreme Court should be put in stocks and have rotten fruit thrown at them.  They are abdicating their roles as defenders of the Constitution, and at that implementing bad policy, which will hurt far more people than it helps.

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