Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gay Marriage

Never believe me when I say I am going to stop making political posts.  I am growing as a person--I am getting flashes of personhood that are lasting longer and longer--but this still continues to be a comfort.

Again, for the same reason that a compulsive carpenter can still be a good carpenter, a compulsive thinker can still be a good thinker.

The stipulation that Christians must modify their faith to accept homosexuality, and homosexual marriage, is an example of the State stepping in and altering Church doctrine, and compelling compliance.  They are saying more or less, "you can do what you want, but you can't do this."  In other words, they CAN'T do what they want.

They either now or soon will not be able to refuse to conduct gay marriages, lest they be sued; and whether they consent or not, the movement to revoke tax exempt status has already been started--this despite the fact that the concept of non-profit exists equally in a great number of groups that are completely non-religious.  The focus on the Christian churches specifically is in my view unmistakable.

Logically, why must it necessarily stop even there?  Once accepted in principle, why couldn't the State force Christian churches to stop teaching that Christ is the only path to heaven?  Or that one must be "born again" to be saved?  Why couldn't the State implement an "equality" doctrine requiring churches to give equal time to Muslim preachers?

Why couldn't the pork producers lobby Congress and compel Jews and Muslims to eat bacon?

Why couldn't pornography producers sue--and prevail against--Churches which condemn their products?

At some point, why couldn't the State tell ALL churches that there is no God and that teaching about such a being constitutes unacceptable child abuse (violating the Equal Protection Clause, since parents are equal in their rights to their children)?

The motion is clearly to stifle religious belief in this country.  Obama's enemies were people who "cling" to guns and religion.  Despite his best efforts, he got nowhere with gun control, so religion is the next logical target.

It remains to be seen how pissed off, and how well organized the churches in this country are, and how they will react in the next election.  Most of them were already Republican because of the last time we went through a convulsion like this, in 1973.

As I have said often, though: we must fear the loss of liberty of any and all, because all large encroachments begin small, beg necessity--or in this case moral virtue--of some sort as their cause, and grow slowly and imperceptibly (to most), until in a great realization people realize it is too late.  Some are saying that now.  I can't say with confidence they are wrong.

But the American people--while naive, and generally unwilling to submit to the discipline required to do honest and comprehensive thinking--are in general good spirited, generous, and kind.  This remains one of our great strengths.  It has been perverted, not dissolved.

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