Saturday, July 4, 2015


I predicted both consolidation among health insurance providers, and increased rates for everyone who was actually paying for their own insurance already.  We are seeing both.  The purchase of Humana may not be the end.

The goal, for companies like Aetna and United, was to increase their relative monopolies.  That is why they supported Obamacare.  That, and the fact that everyone was automatically upgraded to Cadillac plans whether they wanted them or could afford them or not.

People who automatically assume that because corporate profits and power are rhetorically opposed, that they are opposed in fact.  Wall Street wrote the Wall Street Reform Act.  And insurers--at least the giants--almost certainly had a role in shaping Obamacare.

The principle difference between Fascism and full blown Socialism is that the illusion is maintained that there is a gap between the private sector and the public.  The reality is the same: de facto government control of everything, and rule by oligarchy.  But the outward appearance can be different.

Keynes pointed this out very clearly and very openly in his General Theory, which remains a Fascist masterpiece.

We do not need to migrate to Single Payer for the government to control health insurance.  It is sufficient that they control the insurers, and that they are few, and not subject to competition.

No one who desires the public or other good in this life can be spared the work of thinking, if they are to do their actual, honest best.  We are surrounded by lies, but that does not mean that the truth cannot be found.  That is why I write my treatises.  I would not revise anything in my Obamacare piece, even though I wrote it 3 years ago.

All of this is simple, readily explained, and readily comprehensible.  We are simply surrounded by fools, greedy opportunists, and aspiring tyrants.

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