Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Race Relations

I may have told this story, but some years ago I was on a job site listening to a black guy and a white guy go at it, for hours--electricians, if memory serves.  The white guy would make jokes about you niggers, and the black would start making jokes about honkies and crackers and "stiff white folk".  I listened to this for probably about ninety minutes, wondering if one of them was going to lose his temper.  Eventually, one of them said "It's lunch time.  What sounds good?  The other said, "I don't know, Subway?"  Sure. let's do it.  And the way they did it told me that they were in fact good friends, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

Words are not weapons.  Sticks and stones break bones, but words do not.

I have great faith in the common people, in their common sense with regard to how to treat the people immediately around them, and in their ability to learn new and better ways of getting along.

What most people who hate need is simply contact.  They need to see the other people as they actually are, and see that they face the same problems, feel the same fears, have the same hopes, as we do.

And as I say obsessively, the TRUE hate in this country is not racist, or homophobic, or classist, but rather the hate that the Left feels for everyone who fails to conform to their view of how the world should work.

The creed of molly-coddling, as we might term the impulses underlying what I call Sybaritic Leftism is that of helicopter parenting.  And I read that, in fact, that is the style employed by most parents of the kids who attend our elite schools.

Helicoptering is great when children are very little.  It is great for someone to always be there.

But the helicopter has to move away, and eventually leave that child.  That child must make his or her own way in the world, and call back the helicopter when needed, but otherwise use the space created to build a sense of self, a sense of the world, and self respect and embodied integrity.

Children do not exist to meet our needs.

And blacks do not exist to meet the emotional needs of white do-gooders.  I am not calling them children, but one certainly cannot look at the bulk of black communities in this country and call them developed and functional.  What have they been taught to call for?  White do-gooders.

Oh, I know I shouldn't say these things, but goddamn it what we are doing isn't working, and it is creating a shitload of unnecessary pain, fear, sadness, and failure.

Who the fuck is still capable of telling the truth?  Too few.  Too few.

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