Monday, July 13, 2015


If I don't think you can do something, and you prove me right by not even attempting it, is this truly my fault, even if my opinion of you played a role?

It is a foolish, ridiculous belief that something should only be attempted once everyone around you is singing in unison "you can do it." Had that been the standard in America, very little would have been attempted, and even less built.

Racism is when you show up for a job completely prepared, ready and willing to do a job, and you are told "we can't hire you because you are black".  This was the case, as one example, with substantially ALL unions, North and South, from the period of Wilson until perhaps the 1970's.  Democrats knew this, and did nothing to curtail it. FDR made it worse, by only awarding contracts to unions, who he knew refused to hire blacks.

What racism is NOT is you showing up in baggy pants speaking broken English demanding a high paying job and not getting it.  It is NOT you getting fired for showing up late 3 times in 3 days.

Racism does not force young men to impregnate young ladies when they are 16.

Racism does not force 40% of urban American blacks to drop out of school.

Racism does not force black men to murder black men in large numbers.

The problem is that the concept of equality has been hijacked.  It was forced onto a plane at gunpoint, and flown to some unknown location, and an impostor placed into service.  This impostor does not want to improve the lot of actual black people, but rather to change the DIALOGUE, so that rather than being forced into a position of judging people not willing to judge themselves, we can create a congenial illusion that all the real problems of the world can be solved by TALKING, and that the only real sin is not talking in the right way.

Stupidity is no longer a vice.  Laziness is no longer a vice.  Greed is no longer a vice.

No: the only true vice is incorrect speech.  Such speech is obvious, and it can be judged instantly and harshly.  And that is exactly what the college trained imbeciles behind all this nonsense view themselves as best qualified to do.

It is exactly like they think they can solve world hunger by improving global grammar.  It cannot even be called illogical, since no attempt is being made at logic.  It is the sort of interpersonal game played in bad relationships by emotionally shallow and profoundly disturbed people.  Nothing is what it seems.

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