Thursday, July 16, 2015

The apocalypse

I was dreaming I lived in a post-apocalyptic world last night.  Logistically, it was harder.  It was harder to find stuff.  Nothing was handed to me.  But the bartering and planning and scheming were not that uncongenial.  Sometimes a lack of given-ness can be exciting.

I am changing.  I am finally starting to be able to enter this realm of qualitative change, to get at things on a deep level and move them.

And the more I do so, the more I realize that the WORLD needs qualitative change.  We see everywhere that we need to "love" one another, which means something different for every person saying it, but usually comes from a place of emotional lack, and not supersufficiency.

We see that we need to "change" before it is too late.  Obama's propagandists skillfully played on this obvious meme.

But I will double down and say that the PRIMARY chance we need to see, the one that will actually make a difference, is a qualitative generalized shift in how our cultural elite view the cosmos.  As Chesterton said, it is not a question of if one's view of the nature of reality matters, but if in the long run anything else does.

There are no serious competitors to quantum physics for First Prize in the Reality Contest.  Physicists have tried and failed.  The Higg-Boson will not alter the facts of non-locality, and wave/particle duality.  String Theory was an expensive and fairly embarrassing failure.

It is time for the best minds in the center of the field to start admitting that we have NO IDEA what is "really real", and that our best guess is that consciousness and what we call "matter" dance in an interactive process, and that at the bottom of the line of turtles is an endless soup of realities waiting to be created.

It is time for our best minds to grant that a MODEL of reality which does not match up with measurable events is WRONG.  When someone says that Robert Jahn is--or was--doing bad science, that he is an embarrassment, that person has a professional responsibility to actually study his data.  This did not happen, which is manifestly egg on the face of every clown who claimed to be a "scientist" and to take the empirical method seriously.  You can't simply say "this is impossible".  That is what the Church did when informed about the heliocentric model.  Nothing could be imagined that would be further from the spirits of honest empiricism and free inquiry.

We do need to change as a world.  We don't need to recycle, or buy Priuses--both in my view are by and large both expensive and more than a little silly (recycling most products takes more energy than it saves; and Global Warming isn't real)--but we DO need to integrate new, primary visions of the nature of reality into our central discussions.  Psi and the survival of death and the interconnectedness on a primary level of all life need to be taught at a university level to all students.

And we need, as I said yesterday, bold economists to start pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes.  Absent fractional reserve and central banking, we would have no booms and busts, a steadily increasing standard of living, and eventually no unemployment, no poverty, and no issues with health care, the world over.

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