Friday, August 26, 2016

Alex Jones

What I think Jimmy Kimmel doesn't get, is that as crazy as Alex Jones is, people KNOW they are being lied to, and he is directly driving traffic to , because people have a hunger for SOMEONE, anyone, who is not speaking off a script.

And I do think Kimmel opened the jar.  She is weak, and he couldn't risk her failing.  Pickle jars do pop when you open them.  And there IS a short hard turn, before it happens. Jones is not wrong, even if calling it a pickle can is not a great phrase for him.

I will be the first to admit I have a hard time watching him, but I am glad he is out there, and saying what needs to be said. I doubt anyone else picked up the firing of Dr. Drew immediately after he publicly said responsible things as a doctor about Hillary's physical health, based on what she herself has released.

I see it spun here, on the link Drudge provided:

Ponder what is being said silently with this:

Pinsky made headlines last week when he announced on his radio show he is “gravely concerned” about Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health and the health care she is receiving. It played nicely into Donald Trump’s position that Clinton is not healthy enough to serve as POTUS.

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