Monday, August 29, 2016


Not sure how long this term has been around, or where it started, but I like where their head is at.

For many decades, calling someone "far right" implied extreme xenophobia and bigotry.  It was tantamount to saying they were Nazis, and wanted basement torture chambers.  These things are, of course, creatures mainly of the Left, even if Franco and Pinochet could plausibly be called rightists.

But Alt-Right is hipsters and normal people who are horrified by the increasing censorship of reasonable opinions, who are scared of the increasingly strident hate speech emanating from the Left, who are fine with homosexuals and weed AND guns, and who do not necessarily oppose social safety nets of some sort, but fear the Federal Leviathan--the wars on Poverty, Drugs, and "Terror", with the last clearly having served as a Trojan Horse to get in place ubiquitous surveillance endorsed by the public only because of pervasive fear.

Alt-Right is Trump, is people who do not fit molds, who have not been part of the problem, and who are sincerely interested in actual solutions to real problems.  That does not describe mainstream Republicans, and the Democrats of course break everything they touch, at least in recent decades.

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