Monday, August 15, 2016

Bon mot

Whoever understands, needn't prevent the flaws in his character.

I can't decide if there should be a comma after prevent, but you get the point.  If not, well shit I'm going to explain it.

This popped in my head, and I am always willing to take direct transmissions from my unconscious, the Beyond, or whatever.

Here is the thing: Christians SUPPRESS what they call sin.  There are 7 deadly sins.  They are--and I had to look this up since I've never seen Se7en: hubrisgreedlustmalicious envygluttonyinordinate anger, and sloth.

 If you feel pride you punish yourself.  If you feel greed, you punish yourself.  Good Christians might find themselves whipping themselves continually for sins of thought.

But every impulse in the human being has a positive intent.  What happens is they get perverted by traumas and unprocessed unconscious content, and made obsessive.  If they are not obsessive, they come and they go, and they are of no more consequence than passing clouds.  You can watch them, feel them, understand them, and let them go.  This is sinlessness.

Christianity is in many respects a dark and unpleasant religion.  I doubt very much Christ would recognize much of his teachings in most churches, at least those which focus more on sin and eternal damnation than love and optimism and the promise of heaven.

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