Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I've been following the story about the guy in Switzerland who attacked train passengers with a knife and who set a fire which apparently got on him, and played a role in his death.

They won't release his name, other than to say it is a "typical Swiss name".  Here is the problem: in the comments on one of the stories, someone said that the name was anything BUT Swiss, and that their efforts to post it had been repeatedly met with comment deletion.

I read German, so I looked up the Neue Zurcher Zeitung article on it.  They, too, say only that he was Swiss, he was not a registered foreigner, and that his name was "typical".  They then note in comments that there will be no comments, and they appreciate your understanding.

As I keep saying, how can you know what is being censored?  You can't.

Here is a plausible thesis: this guy is named Ahmed or Muhammad, and he was either born in Switzerland, or naturalized long ago.  He was supposed to be integrated, one of them.  The guy you can trust.

The people who do the censoring--the government officials who don't want to trust the people they are responsible for keeping safe--would be panicked to learn that even long naturalized Muslims can be radicalized and weaponized, right in their midst. This puts at risk the whole narrative of multicultural integration.  This makes it logical to question the loyalties of ALL Muslims.

We live in a very dangerous time.  I am paranoid by nature, but that is the only reason I am wide awake.  Most people prefer sleep, and I understand fully why.  The problems in play are enormous, and seemingly incomprehensible.  But all good has to start with truth, and that is a good start.  

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