Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Conspiracy and the Alex Jones Election

I read today that Hillary calls questions about her health "wacky conspiracy theories".  Well, we know major, credible doctors, reading her symptomology and course of treatment are saying WFT publicly.  We know she a concussion in 2012 that caused enough brain damage that she had to use coke bottle glasses to function.  We know she is on Coumadin, a powerful--and according to Dr. Drew outdated--blood thinner.  We have seen her do weird ass shit on camera, in what medical friends of mine said looked like Parkinsonian seizures.

We can assume she focus group tested the words "wacky" and "conspiracy theory".  They work in most cases, on most topics.  The usual suspects undergo the usual brain fade when the usual handlers tell them "there is nothing to see here.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".  And they don't.  They were told not to.  The way they roll is they don't.  They are inert matter, to be acted on by outside forces, solely.

But here is the thing: you can push this idea much too far.  Once someone has one time decided a conspiracy theory isn't, then every other conspiracy theory on the table gets a second look.  And if we can infer anything from the continual presence of tabloids at supermarket counters everywhere, it is that people love gossip, and a conspiracy theory is just a form of gossip.  They are often hearsay, unverifiable.

But sometimes they were true.  Bill Clinton was fucking Gennifer Flowers.  Gary Hart couldn't keep his dick in his pants for six months, or whatever it was.

And Hillary is sick.  She is hiding some major health problems that dwarf the issues of FDR, Kennedy, and even Wilson.  Things that impair her judgement on a day to day basis, and which pose serious risks of killing her, not least because the quack taking care of her has as his main virtue discretion and personal loyalty.

And Julian Assange is likely to be in a position to know who his informants are and were.  It could well turn out that the staffer killed in DC was one of his sources. What then?  A robbery that wasn't doesn't take much to turn into a hit.  This sort of thing happens.  We all know it.  I suspect a significant number of Americans don't believe the official JFK story.

It seems very likely the Report from Iron Mountain is what it seems to be: the long term result of a sustained process of collaborative work conducted over a much longer period of work than would be needed for satire, and as humor would in any event need to be counted a massive failure.

It is quite easy to place 9/11 within the context of an abhorrence of peace, and the political need for enemies.

Here is my point: we are at the point of a massive tipping point, in which large segments of the American population simply detaches from traditional narratives, and starts getting its news from people like Alex Jones.  They don't diminish their consumption of traditional news media: they stop.  They realize in large numbers they are being lied to, and they take to the streets if efforts are made to stifle political dissent and pluralism.

Hillary is much weaker than Michael Dukakis, and he was ahead by about as much at this point as Hillary was last week.  That lead seems to have disappeared.

Trump, in my view, is the likely winner, and my hope is that we reenter an era where truth is told.

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