Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fascism is at our door

We have a major candidate for President openly talking about the coercive shut down of political opposition. This is categorically anti-American, categorically a blatant example of the sort of authoritarianism our Constitution was explicitly written to prevent.

Who are the lunatics who make this sort of thing possible?  Who are the imbeciles and lunatics who support them?  Where is the decency in this world?  It is surrounding us, I suppose: most people are good, but my God it continues to astonish me how craven, how intellectually corrupt, how STUPID even the graduates of our best colleges and universities are.

Leftist policies cannot be defended.  They cannot be defended on moral, practical, or any grounds whatever.  They corrupt culture, alienate people from one another, breed poverty and resentment, and place in power psychopaths who eventually generate misery directly.  There is nothing good in any of this.

In October I am going to join a Trump phone bank.  I would encourage any readers I may have to do likewise.  If Hillary wins, our democracy is cooked.  We will be fortunate Barack Obama is so lazy, stupid, and cowardly, and that he spent so much time golfing.  Hillary will get right down to work ending everything good in this country, and promoting cronies, crooks and thieves.

I actually don't think this is hyperbole.  Propagandistic control of the media, and public gullability, indifference, and out right stupidity, have reached a point where she can commit crimes in the light of day, crimes which cannot be denied, and GET AWAY WITH THEM.  If she is President, she will attack journalistic pluralism--the few remaining honest human beings in the profession--immediately, and then we will have NO IDEA what is actually happening.

Jesus Christ people: wake the fuck up.

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