Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The argument made by Communists--and our universities are filled to this moment with people who, for all intents and purposes, fall under this rubric, although they may use words like "Open Society"--is that corporations, which we might view as the new synonym for "Capitalists" abuse people.  They take their labor and make money off it.  They do things unsafely.  They hurt the environment.  They are "greedy"  (versus, you know, all the countless billions who work hard every day for no reward at all).

In the 19th Century in America, and in present day China, there were clearly abuses.  People worked long hours for low pay in unsafe conditions, and many landscapes were destroyed.  This is clearly true.  What is equally true is that there are no more robber barons in America, and that the implementation of  Communism in China has not prevented their emergence there.  Both in 19th Century America and in present day China, the cooperation and protection of the government was necessary for these abuses.  Labor otherwise could and would have organized.  It is impossible to illustrate the foundational corruption of Communist ideology more simply than to point out they ban labor unions.

Here is my point: if we think of government not as an alternative to Capitalism/Corporationism, but as a larger equivalent, then the idiocy of putting all power into its hands should become obvious.  Communism is Megacorporationism.  It is where the Corporation is everywhere, and has the power of life and death over every employee, who is also a slave.  Everyone works for the same corporation, and nobody can protest, or find somewhere else to work, without risking death by fleeing.

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