Monday, August 15, 2016

Never Trumpers

I finally found an argument that seems to work with some of them.  First off, some of them are actually Democrats and somehow got herded into the wrong party at some point.  Some of them are really stupid.

But the argument seems to be that they are screwed no matter who they vote for, and they don't like Trump.  If they are fucked, they may as well flip Trump the finger for stealing their party and their Party.

But here is the key: it is no doubt true that Trump may not do what he says.  He may flip 180 once in office.  He may be a Democrat in wolves clothing.  Nobody would ever suspect a Democrat in wolves clothing. They are wolves in sheeps clothing.

But he MIGHT DO EVERYTHING HE SAYS.  This possibility cannot be discounted.  He may lower personal and corporate tax rates.  He may rejuvenate our economy by encouraging confidence and liberating money for investment.  He may overturn Obamacare and replace it with the free market solutions which have always made sense, and which I have argued for for some time.

He might negotiate an acceptable modus vivendi with Russia.  He might get the Germans to pay some fucking money if they want our troops there.  Same with South Korea.

He might do the same mass layoffs in government that CEO's in the private sector have always been willing to undertake when needed, particularly if they were dead weight.

He might, in other words, be successful.  He might do everything we hope and more.

So in Game Theory terms (actually, no, I forget the formal terms, but fuck it) you have one option where you can assume with 100% certainty that a left wing, anti-liberty agenda will be pursued.  This is given.  This is disputed by no one.

On the other you have a range of probabilities that Trump MIGHT betray us, ranging from very low, to, perhaps, 99% for the biggest doubters.  But nobody can say with certainty that he will ignore EVERYTHING he has on his campaign website.

On the one hand, you have a chance.  On the other, no chance.  This should be a simple decision, for all but the most sanctimonious pricks.  Those people should still come around eventually, or be damned to watching reruns of Roseanne and drinking Folgers for the rest of their natural lives, at which point we turn them over to the Big Man, who will also be unhappy.

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