Sunday, August 28, 2016

PBS censors the Green Candidate

In case you thought censorship was only of the Right.

There is an agenda, one coordinated through the Democrat Party, and seemingly a playbook for Republicans as far as what they can and can't talk about, and everyone, including most of Fox, pushes it, on the major networks, most of the time.

There is a lot of money at stake, so behind all this is Big Money.  It is wrong, of course, to demonize all corporations, but some of them ARE demonic, just as some people.  In the same sense we do not view all people as criminals because some are criminals, it is not right to view all corporations as bad because some are.

People work for a living.  They do things in the expectation of gain.  They work, in other words, out of "greed", which is one framing, and necessity, in another, and in the expectation of achieving some measure of physical safety and security and comfort in another.

Corporations are no different.  If they do not turn a profit, they don't exist.  If they don't exist, that work doesn't get done, and that work doesn't get done, you get Cuba or Venezuela.

Laws exist to rein in the bad corporations, and specifically, the bad, greedy psychopaths who run them.  So too do market forces, which can and should punish bad corporate behavior.

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership seemingly exists to do is provide powerful corporate counters both to legal control, and to free market forces.  It exists to weaken the power we Americans have to limit bad behavior.

Stein and Trump, for these reasons, oppose it.  Hillary supports it, because buying and selling people and influence is her stock and trade.  The TPP was made for her, and she for it.

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