Thursday, August 18, 2016

People who hate people

People who love robots, who love artificial intelligence, are people who have lost their social capacity, who are functionally alienated from their fellow humans.  They are insect-people, who love nothing and no one.

They are EXCITED about eliminating a million jobs.  Why?  It's not the money.  It's a profitable segment already.  It is the IDEA. And the idea has no human cost, because there are no humans in their world.

That is my gut level view.  They may offer superficial rationalizations, such as that such cars will make driving safer, but the fact is that their engines will be plugged into a massive network that can be centrally controlled.  Not only will the government be able to hear and see virtually everything you go, but drive you where it wants you to go.

And for what?  So socially deactivated psychopaths can do work to plan yet more attacks on the soul of the human race while driving from one place to another?

The problem we have is that what I am going to start calling the insect instinct can be expressed physically in machines and robots, so those operating at the insect level can become obsessed with it, immersed in it, and bring it into mass being.

As a race, we are not remotely ready for what our collective traumas can and are driving us into.

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