Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Self Regulation through Other Regulation

"I demand that you treat me in a certain way, or else I'm really going to lose it."

This is not reasonable.  It is a type of blackmail, in which you imply negative consequences for people not allowing you to control their behavior.

And it is not mature.  Here is the thing: there is a world outside our ears, and a world between our ears.  Maturity is both dealing well with what flows from the world to us, and with what happens within us in that process.

Anyone who can only calm themselves in very narrow, carefully defined, defended, protected spaces--and one wonders if it happens even then, since no space can preclude anxiety--is weak.  They are helpless.  They are traversing the route back to the womb, or back to being immobile creatures entirely dependent on luck, like anemones.

The path to happiness is the path to self regulation, is the path to self mastery is the path to being able to remain calm cool and collected in increasingly various, difficult, and potentially stressful situations.

The path to happiness, in other words, is AWAY from ersatz wombs called "Safe Spaces".

Now as someone who has dealt with trauma all my life, I GET, I GROK, that there is a time and place for the sense of safety.  I understand personal pain.

But I have never asked the world to go out of its way to be nice to me.  I HAVE asked for emotional support.  I have asked for hugs.  I have solicited kind words on occasion.  I have valued people who were nice to me.  And I have yelled at people who, in my estimation, were assholes.

I get the sense, with all the special snowflakes nesting in our college campuses that one day I might be locked in a box for refusing to use the word "Cis", which I still don't know the meaning of, and do not intend to look up, because the pseuodo intellectual bullshit underlying will simply piss me off.

I didn't laugh at this video at all.  We are few short years away from this being reality, if we don't wake the fuck up:

Mental illness, emotional pain: these are problems to be solved, not badges of honor.  Everything the Left touches goes into regression.  We regress emotionally, intellectually, culturally, socially, economically and even physically. We are winding the clock back to times when raw violence, tribalism and bestial instincts ruled the world.

Here's a word for the snowflakes who want to tell us how to act: Wlbur: Whiny Little Bitch, you are.

Asking politely for reasonable amounts of courtesy has long been a thing.  Getting in people's faces because of their unfamiliarity with your increasingly bizarre and loony list of demands is not asking for courtesy.  It is demanding people kowtow to you and your infantile ego. It is demanding you be treated as a superior, because you are a victim.  It is the opposite of everything good humanity has built in the past millenia.

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