Monday, August 29, 2016


It is worth noting that slavery was only ever seriously practiced. in the South, and only from, I'm guessing, 1700 or so until 1865.  We have 50 States.  Slavery was legal in KY, TN, TX, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, TX, MO, MD, DE, VA.  I may have missed one or two, but that is 13 States.

So even in the time of the Civil War, most of the country did not "benefit" from slavery (which was never a particularly good economic system).

And within the slave owning States, it was the 1% who owned most of the slaves.  At least 90% of EVERYONE in all those States never owned ONE slave, much less many.

And a great many people who now live in the United States have ancestors who immigrated within the past 150 years, which is to say after the Civil War.  That is my own case.

I was accused today of using blacks to get ahead, then denying them my "privilege".  This is absurd.  My ancestors immigrated to the North, after the Civil War.  Blacks have fucking jackshit to do with anything where I personally am concerned.  They did not help me or my ancestors, or hurt them.  They were completely irrelevant.

We need to understand that overeducated lunatics are accusing ALL white Americans not only of crimes NONE of them committed, but of crimes not even their ancestors committed.

I reiterate: no psychologically healthy person with intact boundaries and reality testing can accept this guilt.  It is inappropriate, masochistic, and most importantly: IT DOESN'T HELP ANYONE.

Half this fucking country belongs in a looney bin.

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