Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Fed

It's funny how they always use opaque language, even in journals which are not targeted at professionals, but rather the general public. It is like this stuff is only meant for those who know the code words, and can be relied on to support and be a part of the system.

But I will note that they have admitted, in as clear a language as is possible for these tools, that my plan for the Fed to buy up ALL debt, public and private, in the United States is completely doable.  There are no limits on the Fed.  It can print an infinite amount of money, and do so instantly.  People do not grasp this, because it is a BIG idea, because something large is hiding more or less in plain sight, and until they grow balls and imagination, until they learn to ignore their training and conditioning, they cannot see it.

They see clothes on the Emperor.  They are not pretending at all: that is what they see, to the extent they think about it, and very few people think about fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve at all.

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