Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thoughts on Trump campaign

I read today that Trump is "tired and discouraged".  I can't of course know if this is true or not, but it would certainly be understandable if he is finding the process of dealing with continual lies, attacks and backstabbing tiring. Anybody would.  Churchill himself, who is my gold standard, would be tired.

But he would also know in his gut that this battle, this war for sanity, is winnable.  Churchill took a lot of naps, smoked a lot of cigars, and drank a lot of alcohol, and all seem to have helped buttress his inherent resilience.

My take is that if Trump is tired--and I'm talking to you, Mr. Future President, because obviously this blog is Yuge--take a week or two off.  The Olympics are a distraction.  This moment is not a prime time for campaigning.  The debates are coming up, and hopefully you have reached out to Assange to see if you can coordinate the next leak, and if you can be prepped in advance as to what to expect in detail.

And at some point, I want to see a massive media blitz.  I would like to see a couple hundred million flow out in well targeted ads aimed at swing states, and a continuity stream in the safe States.  I'm not an electoral strategist, but it would seem obvious some solidly Blue States can be ignored.  People get paid big money to figure this stuff out.

Hillary is a crook--might not hurt to juxtapose an image of her and Richard Nixon--physically frail, and hates our troops and cops.  You can juxtapose images of her supporting Black Lives Matter with the images of fire in Milwaukee.  The blacks who might find this offensive are the ones doing the burning, not those dealing with its effects, which is about half of them.

Finally, I would insist that all jurisdictions, at least in States you care about, have paper backup if they use digital vote machines.  There is no possibility of a recount when you are dealing with a hacked voting machine.  It will turn out the same result every time.  With paper--and after the hanging chad fiasco, the simple pen and oval method seems the most obviously useful--you can verify things.

And you can simply say that you will not accept the results of any vote in any jurisdiction that cannot prove no fraud was committed.  We keep reading, from the usual propagandists, that "no evidence of voter fraud has been found."  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  If a fraud is successful, and not challenged by the loser, then the evidence is washed down the drain.  This is logically obvious.  And how many elections have been challenged?

Here is the thing: if you can cook the polling data, then hack the system to alter the voting data, you can make massive fraud appear plausible.  The only possible safety from this is paper ballots, and accurate voter rolls, and of course, in a sane world, proving that you are who you say you are.

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