Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump and the KKK

This is a REALLY risky strategy.  I get the feeling I used to get watching Family Feud when someone said something really stupid, but everybody cheered anyone, hoping against hope.  This was the best they could come up with a a meeting on how to beat Trump, while running an old, run down, sick career criminal with zero personality and enough scandals to occupy most of a spreadsheet.

It reminds me too of the epic FAG response Alex Baldwin gave at the end of Team America, after the rousing Dicks, Pussies and Assholes speech: "Uh, Global Warming!!!"  Pulling out the race card, again--really, leaving it out, but pointing out that it is still there, is hackneyed, obvious, and wrong.

Donald Trump is not a racist and there is not, and never has been, any evidence for it. If he were a racist--you know, pal-ing around with people like Robert Byrd--it would have come out on the last 3 decades.

And anyone who is not a mouth breathing imbecile will grasp this before election day.  Trump is getting on message, and there will be a number of debates.  Once they grasp that Hillary is grasping at straws and telling horrible lies about Trump, we will see a lot of people pull away from her, and enter the Trump camp.  These attacks can't be continued for months.  They can't be sustained, because they are offensive and wrong.

All of these tactics are the sorts of things you might do just before the election, after all the debates are done, but not NOW.  You might get a short term spike, but that is why you save your ammunition.  For his part, Trump is saving his heavy guns for closer to election day.  We have September and October.  We have Julian Assange waiting in the wings.  We have a very high risk of complete burnout on the 24/7 attacks on Trump.  CNN may well help him get elected, their best efforts to the contrary notwithstanding.

These people are panicking.  Trump is not a flash in the pan.  He is not a lightweight, and he is not stupid.  And he is saying things which have needed saying for a long time.  He is showing himself to be a leader.  We have needed someone with the balls to stand up to the crass ineptitude and corruption of our Parties and media elites for a long, long time.

Edit: I have a feeling that there is this wave of pent up energy just over the horizon, and I have the feeling that the professional Left and elites can feel it too.  They are pushing against it with every tool at their disposal, with all their energy, but the harder they push, the larger its potential energy becomes.  I think a day will come when Trump is up by double digits, everywhere that is in play, and that he will bring States into play the Democrats thought were safe.  There is that much anger.

Reading social media, it is easy to forget a whole lot of people who vote are not discussing politics on the internet, but they KNOW they are being called fools, and looked down on by left wing elites.  I see this daily when I interact with college indoctrinated lefties.  Nobody likes being called a fool and laughed at, and my best guess is that a LOT of people who stayed home in years past will be voting enthusiastically in November.

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