Friday, September 2, 2016

A Post Moral order

It seems to me the principle engine for individual and social progress is curiosity, which is ideally combined with patience and kindness.

When we speak of "Morality" in our current climate, we are usually speaking of behavioral standards which, if violated, occasion the violence of censure.  This censure can be internal, expressed as guilt, or external, as expressed in shaming and/or imprisonment.

It is interesting to think that the word "order" can mean both something arranged in a coherent fashion intelligible to our minds and/or senses; as well as a demand that we do something, as in "the officer ordered me to . . .".

Implicit in historical social orders is that some violence was needed to maintain harmony, i.e. order.  Ideosyncratic understandings--particularly in Judeo-Christian-Islamic orders--were met quite often with death and imprisonment.

What I would propose is that healthy morality is an outgrowth of play, which itself is an outgrowth of generalized mental and emotional health, which itself cannot come into being except through freedom, acceptance of diverse behaviors and ideas, and self knowledge on the part of every individual within that order.

Morality, so called, in other words, is not a rigid system for judging others, but a spontaneous effect of healthy social relations, as the Taoists argued long ago. The very existence of morality as a field of study indicates its essence, the truth within it, has been lost.

Might I say "where there are words, there is darkness"?

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