Tuesday, September 20, 2016


It seems to me that the answer to nearly all political and social questions is "more complexity".  "More freedom" is implied, but complexity is the point of freedom.

I had a relevant experience today, but without sharing it, I will ask: would you want to live in a world completely, utterly, systematically, deprived of apparent randomness?  Do you want to live in a world where nothing unexpected ever happens?

Me: fuck, fuck no.  Whatever happened to me--and in a nutshell something unexpected happened and I reacted as an asshole, because that is my default--I interrogated, and asked: what was that about?  And I got an interesting and unexpected answer.  This could not have happened, if something unexpected had not happened.

Most of Taoism can be summarized as a plea from the 6th century BC for complexity, and Hayekian Extended Orders.  Perfect morality is inherently flawed.  We have prisms through which this makes complete sense.  Fuck: observation will do.

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