Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cultural Gaslighting

it occurs to me that Leftism as it exists today in America--,an historically Liberal order unique in world history in its efforts to pursue the good, to protect the rights of all, to administer impartial justice, to speak freely of its mistakes, to facilitate equality of opportunity, etc.--as cultural Gaslighting. Her is a link: https://en.

Why is Donald Trump likely to win this election? Precisely because lunatics in large masses, led by Obama, are going around calling sane, good people crazy. They are calling racists, when they are not. They are calling them haters when they are not. They are calling people who question the wisdom of importing large numbers a of people who have they want to kill us into the country "fearful".

Gaslighting. That is the word. And the reaction of healthy people is self assertion and detachment from the people and narratives in question, which we are already seeing. The media have been attacking Trump relentlessly. Hillary has spent $200 million on attack ads to very little effect. The issue is not that Trumps supporters are dumb. Quite the opposite: they are reacting healthily to efforts to drive them mad with Double-Think and Big Lies.

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