Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I would like to comment simultaneously on three stories:

1) Michael Savage had his radio broadcast hijacked yesterday when he started talking about the many doctors who are publicly opining that Hillary most likely has advanced stage Parkinson's disease, and like everything else, has lied about it and concealed it:

http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2016/09/26/exclusive-michael-savage-reacts-pulled-radio-pure-sabotage/  Story on interruption.

https://youtu.be/Zr1IDQ2V1eM  Doctor explaining why he thinks Parkinson's is the most likely candidate for what is REALLY wrong with her.

2) Air Force drone pilots have their bank accounts and credit cards frozen in response to whistle-blowing on drone strikes, which they feel create 2 new terrorists for every one killed.  They talk about how kids are called "fun sized terrorists."  They have not been charged with any crime.


3) Aaron Russo: he talks about a conversation with one of the Rockefellers, who allegedly told him a year or more in advance about 9/11, and who told him the end goal is to have everyone fitted with an RFID chip that has all their money, and if they protest, they get turned off.


I was pondering today that everything electronic can be deleted or blocked.  If police kick in your front door and arrest you, even if you have time, you can't post it to Facebook.  Your friends, if they find out about it, can't post it either.  If I might paraphrase the hippies and radicals of the 60's who in the main are the ones spearheading this, the final repression will not be televised.

Everything digital can be made to disappear with a few keystrokes.  All the pictures of you on your computer or on the internet.  All your bank records.  All your tax records.  Your social security record, your drivers license record.  If your assets are also seized, your very existence can easily be made to disappear, and this will become more and more true as people trust clouds and not physical records.

Whenever cars become self driving, you can be driven anywhere they want.  They won't even need to come get you: you will come to them.

But short of that, anyone completely and fully cut off from digital communication is largely cut off from the mainstream of political life in this country as it has evolved.

All of this is possible today.  Savage's experience may have been merely a trial, to see what is possible, and to see how people react.

And as far as tracking people, they likely realized ten years ago they don't need chips: the phones serve the purpose for 99% of the population.  These phones can be disabled remotely so you can't make calls.  They can obviously be cut off from the internet, and conversely as Snowden and others have shown, they can be real time microphones that record you snoring at night, cussing at the video game you are playing, and know what music you are listening to on the radio.

I don't get what drives most of these people, and I definitely think they exist.  It is a form of grotesque psychopathology.  Global human happiness is possible, but that is not the aim.  Global warming is not real, and no serious person believes in it, even when they are peddling it to the ignorant masses.  The desire for control is primary, and I don't know what drives this.  Perhaps one day we will know.  Perhaps we won't.

But I continue to believe that if we are foolish enough to elect Hillary, the end game is within her first four years; and for his part, Trump could well break some large scale treasons wide open.

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