Tuesday, September 6, 2016



Note the day.  You won't find me with a nice word to say about the Gray Whore very often.  They have done far too much to justify mass death and widespread horror, social failures at home, and to make the American people comfortable with the Big Lie.

I would call your attention too to how the issue gets treated as a public health problem, as a demographic issue, as if the fact that people are lonely is not reason enough to care about them, as if we weren't all in this shit storm together, as if loyalty and caring were not innate human traits which do not need to be justified.

Does all of life need to wind up on a medical chart or government survey?  No.  Is this a sort of ersatz meaning system for socialists?  Yes, I think it is.  They have rejected what comes naturally.  They have rejected who they are: human beings.  And yet, they are not something new: they are something very, very old.

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