Saturday, September 3, 2016


So let me get this straight: you feel the need to feel offended on behalf of people who are not here, because they MIGHT be offended?  If you feel both the right and duty to feel the feelings of others, why not express all the possibilities? They may just have found that joke fucking FUNNY, so you need to laugh on their behalf.  It might have reminded them of their mother that just passed away, so you need to feel sad.  They might not have even heard what I just said because they were thinking about their mid-terms, so you should feel nothing.

Or perhaps, you could just mind your own business, and stop being such a judgmental, rigid asshole.

If you think about it, there is a fair amount of prejudice/racism inherent in the idea that it is possible to predict with absolute confidence how "they" would react.

The ESSENCE of the Leftist project--and I am speaking her of ideas, not people--is reducing the world to homogeneous "theys". That is all class theory is: the elimination of intra-group diversity at the level of principle, combined with fright and anger whenever someone behaves inappropriately, with "false consciousness".  Ponder how fucking arrogant and out of touch that is.  And yes, I am again thinking of Sartre and his fellow frogs.  Their work lives on today.

They used "middle class" (bourgeois: in Alinsky-speak "have a little, want more") as an INSULT.  Ponder that.

I will wonder out loud as well why nobody has pointed out yet how fond Hillary was of Alinsky.  Granted, nobody seems to have cared that Obama considered him his most important political influence--a Communist who dedicated his main book to Lucifer--but it could be something put in the public domain.  Certainly lying is something he recommended.

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