Thursday, September 22, 2016


Math represents a static order. Nothing is in motion. No spontaneous evolution is possible.

Complexity represents order in motion. It is inherently robust and resilient as an order.

Imposed orders are inherently unresilient and weak. That is why on going coercion is necessary.

Many intellectuals--this is indeed perhaps the defining attribute of their cognitive depravities--want to use the mathematical model, the static model, in order to understand systems in motion. Such is the Marxian Dialectic Materialism. Such is the concept of "structural" white privilege. No such thing "exists". It is posited as a static trait of moving objects.

I would assert that any system you can understand fully is not complex.

Given that the vanity of these emotion driven talking heads is that THEY can understand the world, the tendency is virtually irresistible to want to hack the world into simpler pieces, to satisfy weak egos driven by anxiety ridden minds and in general weak and clumsy bodies.

I value strength. Very little good comes from weakness, whereas much good comes with disciplined strength.

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