Sunday, September 4, 2016


if you think about it, the primary job of politicians is convincing the electorate, and their fellow politicians, of their sincerity. Self evidently, everyone promises to fix something, but practically, since the systems in play in complex topics like economics are so recondite to average people, the REAL task, particularly for Democrats, is rationalizing failure in such a way that they continue to seem interested in solutions to the problems--like the failure to flourish among many blacks in this country---they claim as their own core concerns.

And a particularly insidious loop, on that particular issue, is that the very failure of the policies is argued as evidence for why Democrats are indispensable. "You are poor", they say. "How could you possibly survive without us?" In that circumstance, and as long as they remain believable, the generalized amelioration of black poverty would be an unmitigated disaster.

This might well be labelled a moral hazard.

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