Sunday, September 11, 2016

Reverse Gerrymandering

If you think about it, the current apparent policy of Obama in not just allowing illegal immigration, but seemingly facilitating and directing it, could be seen as reverse gerrymandering.  Instead of redrawing lines to include the groups you want, you take the groups you want--and illegals are happy to land anywhere--to the places where you need votes.

As a general rule, Latin American countries have chosen for most of their history, since they've had the vote, to try and vote themselves other people's money.  This never works, so strongmen have been a part of the landscape off and on in most countries for most of the past 100-150 years.

Mexicans who come here illegally can be assumed to favor the same policies which destroyed their own country.  And those policies are those espoused by the Democrats.

I agree with many observers that if this policy is ratified by law--and supported by a newly Left-wing stacked Supreme Court--the rule of law in this country will have been dealt a final blow.

And we need to be clear, clever Fascists--and Hillary and those around her are definitely clever--keep a surface sanity, and an outward appearance of fairness and gentility.  But people start getting arrested, and the media does not report on it.  Judges start sentencing people for fictitious crimes, and it all appears legitimate.

Even in Nazi Germany, even in fascistic Communist nations, trials were still held.  The outward appearances of justice were maintained.  All crimes were justified in the complicit, prostrate press.

Take something as simple as Hitler's invasion of Poland.  He had a number of prisoners executed, dressed in Polish Army uniforms, and dropped on the German side of the border.  He then claimed the Polish had attacked Germany.

This is a dangerous time.  It is foolish to deny it. I am going to start volunteering for the Trump campaign this week, and donating what money I have.

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