Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Soviet style propaganda

Read through this article.  It is AgitProp, designed to fuel hatred and anger towards Republican, and reward with a sense of moral sanctity those who adhere to the Democrat brand and ideology.

There are a couple of jewels in here.

Until the GOP ban, Michigan offered voters a bubble on their ballots allowing a straight-party vote without checking off all the individual candidates, which is favored by many black voters. Without that one-and-done option, black voters would take longer to vote and create long lines in precincts already plagued by long lines. 
Translated, blacks can't read so good, and all those options confused them.  Now they can just vote the Democrat ticket again without all those nasty words and names to plow through.

The GOP must be panicking now that the federal court judges who once backed voter-ID laws are getting wise to the GOP shenanigans. Judge Richard Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh District says his vote upholding the Indiana law was wrong; he realizes that photo-ID laws are “now widely regarded as a means of voter suppression rather than of fraud prevention.” Boom! 
Translated: the smart kids buy this bullshit, and you should too.  Boom!

The GOP has a sinister Plan B in North Carolina.  

Translated: GOP evil.  But you have a friend in Jesus and the Democrats, which are practically the same things.

It’s crazy that the modern Republican Party calls itself the “Party of Lincoln” and Trump has called the Democratic Party is the “Party of Slavery.”

Crazy, because undeniably true.  True is bad.

Don’t be fooled by this historical amnesia. The two parties switched sides for good when Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson rammed the Civil Right Act and Voting Rights Act through Congress. The Republican Party is now the Party of the New Jim Crow Voter Suppression.
Proportionately, more Republicans voted for those acts than Democrats.  LBJ had to ram these bills through in the face of relentless Democrat opposition, as for example that of Robert Byrd, ex-KKK leader, and on her own account a "mentor" to Hillary.

This is the sort of shit filling the airwaves, saturating the internet.  This is the sort of shit that makes actual progress almost impossible, because it makes honest, probing discussion of real problems and following real solutions impossible.

It is not accurate to call it imbecilic.  It has a purpose--that of rallying the usual troops around the usual metaphors and inaccurate assumptions--and it serves that purpose.

It is accurate to call it willfully wrong.  As such, it constitutes a crime against humanity, literally.

And I will note Yahoo put it on its main news page, and that it has comments disabled.  I would boycott these assholes, but it is assholes all up and down.  Lunacy reigns.  I can't get away from it.  But I will continue to write about it.

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