Friday, September 30, 2016


What was the purpose of the KKK? It was the use by one group of people of violence and the threat of violence to keep another class in fear, such that they could be controlled politically.

In what meaningful respect do the bullying tactics of the Left differ in means or aim, other than that, in this country, they haven't yet killed anyone in the name of Political Correctness?

I don't see it. I am trying to engage with someone who was s friend from Breathwork, and it is literally like s form of mental illness, a fever, a counter-Liberal madness has fallen on her. Snd there are many millions like her.

She thinks she means well. She loves puppies no doubt, and babies, and first fall of snow. But certain basic logical thought processes based on the Golden Rule have become impossible. There is one set of rules for the Left and snother for the right. This fact cannot be questioned, and this policy need not be defended, since it has the ontological supremacy as the Trinity in Catholic theology.

It is a very, very odd thing to see. I have seen it countless times but it continues to amaze me.

And the KKK for its part was protecting s way of life, as they saw it. Everything Leftists do is oriented around the destruction of everything good, noble, and beautiful in this world.

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