Friday, September 23, 2016

Today's thoughts

OCD is anxiety with a terminus. It is a way of regularly grounding the Lightning.

Could we call leftists Hydrophobes?  They are afraid of the concept of purity, and of deep feeling, and it is a synonym for rabid.

I was listening to The Doors the other day and noticing Jim Mortison talked about freedom a lot. Most of the counterculture did back then. They don't now. Rather than doing their own thing, they all do the same thing and feel entitled to demand the same if he rest of us.

If I were President, I would schedule a low key, informal meeting of the worlds leaders, and see if we couldn't figure out some map to a future all of us would want to live in. The people "planning" our future don't like most of us. I like America, but see no reason to pick fights. How can we all get along together? How can world leaders build effective and real friendships?

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