Friday, September 23, 2016


It seems to me that tolerance is a mid-point between enmity and understanding.  You don't speak of tolerating people you love.  There is a continuum between close friend and enemy.  Somewhere in the middle a modus vivendi can be crafted by the wise.

And as I ponder it, it seems to me what the word is INTENDED to connote is a situation in which the behavior of someone is mildly or greatly bothering you, but you choose to tolerate it, to put up with it, to let it be and let it go, because it is either not worth making the fuss, or because on a level of principle you have decided not to allow your own feelings about something to cause you to react with social or physical violence.  Putting up with flag burners as a matter of principle would be an example.

Here is the key point: if there is no internal friction, that is not tolerance.  And in this regard I would differentiate psychologically mature tolerance from the childlike and irresponsible version on full view in Europe and large segments of America.

Tolerance is "I have feelings and habits, and you have different feelings and habits, but we can still get along in peace."  This is mature.  This is Liberal.

What the Left--what paid and professional agitators funded by that demonic wart George Soros and his ilk--do, is they say "you don't get any feelings.  If you object, we will shout at you, insult you, attempt to marginalize you, and throw hate at you."

Anyone who accepts this proposal is displaying a profound lack of psychological boundaries, of mature defenses, of personal agency, of moral discipline. You have submitted your own ego to the control of mutable Others.  This, again, is what happens with the headless ones, as I call them.  It does not lead to genuine tolerance, real peace, or any form of meaningful happiness.

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