Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump is going to lose HUGEEEEE!

Just kidding.  I think he will win big.  Hillary cannot do anything to win back the people she has alienated, but he can.  And at the end of the day she is a conniving, cold hearted bitch who has likely had a lot of people killed, and who will start eradicating fundamental rights on day one through fiat and a complicit system.

But look at this:

What do you see?  NO COMMENTS.  Yahoo particularly keeps posting these Trump hit pieces, where no comments are allowed.

It is easy enough to understand the methods of aspiring totalitarians, but much harder to understand the motives.  What do they want?  What do they think they want?  What unacknowledged emotional needs and pains are driving them?

In the modern world we have a pretty good understanding of Developmental Trauma Disorder.  Bill and Hillary likely both have very severe cases of it, and both may actually be clinical psychopaths.  Their fucked-up-ness is explained: their mothers did not love them effectively.

But who supports them?  Who says "Global Fascism?  Sounds good to me.  How can we lie, cheat and steal in the pursuit of it?"

And to the point here, who are the people defending the indefensible?  Is it just sheer stubbornness?  Emotionally driven perceptual blindness?

After all we know about Hillary, who still feels a compelling need to lie, cheat and steal in the service of her agenda?  The venal?  Surely their numbers cannot be that large.

Whatever the specific answer, it is clearly a mass psychopathology which is moving away from general societal happiness and well being, and towards violence, injustice, cruelty, and mass social and economic failure.

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