Friday, September 30, 2016

Virtue Signalling

It occurs to me that the perfection of "morality" in the Leftist cult, at least until one graduates to the Luciferian core, is feeling exactly what is supposed to feel, when one is supposed to feel it. The best connected feel the Zeitgeist, the needs of the Party, but the Party is merciful. Dear Leader in one form or other--in this country at present, Obsma and the media lapdogs licking his heels and ass--comes on and explains patiently exactly how good people should feel. The people who are going to make it in this system immediately admit and recognize their error, if they were not quick enough, and cheer enthusiastically at Dear Leaders wisdom, in contrast to their own stupidity.

This, PARTICULARLY when Dear Leader is articulating views that contradict what He said yesterday.

Watch this video:

Hillary (and Bill) were articulating basically the same policy aims 20 years ago that Trump is today. But the "conscious liberals" all KNOW he is a racist, and her policies then were the essence of common sense.

You cannot buy into this lunacy without being superficial: intellectually, emotionally, and in your loyalties. You are expected to betray your very fsmily if they feel the wrong things.

Life is only rich when it is deep. Leftism impoverished everything and everyone it touches on that score.

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