Sunday, September 4, 2016

Voter ID: an alternative

First, I will reiterate that NO recount is possible without paper ballots. Period.  Full stop. There is no other correct answer I can see.  Any computer system can be compromised, and the errors never teased out.

Secondly, though, it occurred to me that if we are going to assume for the sake of political argument that black people are inherently and generally inferior to white and Asian people to such an extent that it is unreasonable--the word used is racist, but of course assuming they are that fucking stupid is itself the actual racism--to ask them to provide the same documentation required to drive, cash checks, buy booze, and board airplanes, then we may as well make it is simple as fucking possible to verify their identities: we photograph and fingerprint the voters who vote but do not produce ID.  That way you can avoid having hundreds or thousands of people traveling from voting booth to voting booth pretending to be different, and sometimes dead, people.  We could scan and cross-index fingerprints, and as needed compare pictures.

This would not prevent people both voting for themselves, then voting for someone else in another district who is dead or was not going to vote, but it would make the whole thing harder.  And it might piss off enough people for all of us to admit that assuming the worst of blacks is vastly the more racist policy.

Now, I assume, perhaps erroneously, that the rolls will be checked to make sure all registered voters are in fact citizens, but if we have fingerprints, and particularly if we set out long jail terms for voter fraud, we might get some goddamned common sense back.

I often feel I am living among lunatics.  They repeat as their own ideas imbecilities they have simply heard repeated, and consider themselves intelligent for having done so.  Oi.  And Oi usually means I'm drinking, but I'm not.

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