Thursday, September 1, 2016

Word of the day

Well, Trump has delivered a major speech and the complicit media realized a long time ago that a synchronized, simplistic, code word oriented counter-offensive works best in preventing outbreaks of rational thought among the sheeple who occupy so much of our country.

My guess is the word is truculent. Bellicose would work too.

We will be told that asking people to immigrate legally, that enforcing the same standards Bill Clinton called for in the mid-90's, is morally equal to calls for mass murder and concentration camps. Why? BECAUSE THEY FUCKING GET AWAY WITH IT. It's that simple. Big lies can be told in public and repeated by the usual pundits because we never hold them to a higher, morally acceptable standard.

Edit: looks like the Cause and Huff and Pout are sticking to darkness. That was a good meeting they said. Great mess engine they said (I had messaging but mess engine works too). So even though Hillary is not going to make any campaign appearances for s month, after credible--now MORE CREDIBLE-- rumors about her health, despite the fact that campaigning is normally how you demonstrate fitness for the job--she is staying home in bed, and letting her accomplices chant "Donald Dark Trump and his Darkening Darkness."

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