Monday, October 31, 2016


Unless something has changed, the Democrat Governor of Virginia--I believe him name is Terry McAuliffe, who is also the person who donated so generously to the political campaign of the wife of the FBI agent who supervised the investigation of Hillary--granted voting rights to convicted felons unilaterally and in defiance of Virginia law, after which the Supreme Court of Virginia told him he did not have the right to do that, and he is currently ignoring them. [He is, in other words, either refusing to uphold his oath of office, or breaking the law outright.]

None of those votes have legal standing.  Hopefully, Trump will win in a landslide, but if he does not, the legitimacy of those votes can and should be challenged, if the vote totals are within the margin allowed by the votes potentially cast by people not legally allowed to do so.

This is common sense.

And the law.  Let's not forget that we are theoretically a nation of laws, even if evidence for that claim becomes scantier year by year, and as institutions are infected by contact with people like the Obama's and Clintons.

The Wrath of Sauron

I really think it has been best until now that the professional, which is to say the mentally and emotionally disturbed, Left, has been able to assume Hillary could coast to victory easily, could schedule nothing for ten days before the election and emerge the clear winner.

It literally feels to me like now orcs are on the march in hordes, issuing from dark place.  They will be enraged beyond belief, like wild animals, if, as appears likely to me in the absence of massive and undetected voter fraud, Trump becomes the clear victor.

I talk about my dreams from time to time.  Most of the time I am able to interact with even unpleasant dreams in a fairly conscious way.  Sometimes I will have what they call Lucid Dreams, where everything feels as real as this world.  I have had a few that literally, in every respect, felt like waking life, felt like I had somehow been transported to a field somewhere in the night, and stood there in rustling grass, feeling the breeze and smelling the night, and was able to think, there, that "this is a dream, but it does not feel like a dream."

Many of those who believe that our spirits and body/brain are severable, that they are separate, even if for a time related, things, believe we do travel in another dimension at night.

Well, and I am using this as a method of processing this experience, a demon attempted to attack me in my sleep this morning.  It was a lucid dream, and some wild animal got in.  As I always do, I immediately confronted it, and it disappeared and I awoke.  My heart doesn't race.  I don't have nightmares, because I can control them.

But facing--attacking, moving towards instantly and with no hesitation--demons denudes them of their power.  Their power is in terror, and in hiding in the shadows and whispering.  Faced, looked at, they disappear.

Self evidently, I do read books on psychology and neurophysiology, and see no reason to reject the importance of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex, or whatever.  But I do also believe this world is a sort of projection, an illusion, a collective dream, and that much of what we imagine is unreal.

And I do believe in a demon haunted world, literally.  I think people who are good people can protect themselves, but I also believe we need to avoid complacency and weakness, and we need to daily do what we can to feed and build what is good in this world.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Not all that glitters is gold

And gold sometimes requires polishing before it does.

Just putting that out there.  Much of our country needs nursery rhymes to reconnect with its sanity.  There was a time before. . . .

Trump and violence

I saw some idiotic piece a while back by Deepak Chopra about Trump embodying the American shadow.  Let me ask a simple question: who is committing all the acts of violence?  Who paid people to provoke violence, to start riots?

Scott Adams breaks it down here:

In all previous elections, particularly the last two, the Republicans have been content to let lies stand, to allow themselves to be pushed around, in all likelihood to allow voter fraud, to ignore media bias, all of which are working to enfeeble Americans intellectually, and to allow big lies to take root in the consciousness of millions of people.

What Trump (with a lot of help from Wikileaks)  has done is throw a bright flare up into the sky, allowing us to see this darkened landscape clearly, and realize just how bad things have gotten, to see the money changing hands in the shadows, to see our elected and appointed representatives looking the other way where crimes against America are concerned, to see the nexis between Republicans and Democrats that is working to vitiate our Constitution and with it the protection of our liberties.

Far from being a shadow, Trump is bringing light, which is SHOWING us the ugliness, the hatred, the intolerance, the violence of the Left.  He is the result of anger, but RIGHTEOUS anger.  There is such a thing.  He is Jesus taking a whip to the grifters and thieves outside the holiest shrine in Judaism, who made a carnival of what should have been a solemn and serious place.

The destiny of humanity.

We may survive.  We may develop means of ACTUALLY caring about the less fortunate among us, and raising them up without feeling the need to tear anyone else down.  We might develop--no, the information is already there--we may be able to DEPLOY methods generally around the world such that all peoples become happy in peace.  This is what we want.  Peace is not the absence of violence: prisons in general are quite free of violence, as are graveyards.  Peace is a system in motion in which all the components interact harmoniously, effectively, and which works to generate increasing informational capacity manifested as joy.

Dan Siegel, in his book Mindsight, defined mind thus:

the mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information.

Now, as far as I can tell he is an atheist--so he seems in the book, although his views may have evolved--so he is simply using Complexity Theory to describe mind as an Emergent Property of processes happening throughout the nervous system, and between our nervous system and those of others, and even our environment.

What I would suggest is that in  important respects the regulation of the flow of energy and information is also the task of human culture.  Culture plainly is a part of mind.  It directs the flow of energy and information.  We see what we are conditioned to see, and fail to see what we are conditioned not to see.  We do what we have been conditioned to do, and avoid what we have been conditioned to avoid.

I have argued in the past that Free Will mainly consists in what we pay attention to, and it consists in what I have termed "non statistical coherence".  Much of what we do every day is automatic.  We are on autopilot.  That is not free will.  But I feel there is something that we can allow emerge, a light that appears spontaneously within us, which brings with it the capacity for more.

Wealth is the Emergent property of the confluence of the rule of law, free markets, enforceable contract law, and property rights.  We have solved the problems of how to generate wealth, and if you think about it, wealth is really a form of energy: it is sufficient food for our bodies, and in the modern world the ability to light our homes, to heat them, and to cool them.

Information is what directs the flow of energy.  And here is the point I wanted to make: the destiny of individuals as well as societies, is to transition from mere survival, to inner, non-material growth, which is to say quantum increases in informational complexity. Our destiny is to move from a wealth of things to a wealth of being, with the sense of being increasing as a result of greater awareness, which is to say informational richness.  We see more.  We feel more. We taste more. We smell more.  We hear more.  And we sense more intuitively.

It seems to me very wealthy, very powerful, outwardly intelligent people worry about resource depletion on this planet, about overpopulation.  Seemingly, their solution is the use of blunt force trauma to coerce humanity into a path of reducing resources by being dead, and by a vastly diminished quality of life.

But this is stupid.  As I have likely shared, the spiritual technology exists for all of us to live in grass huts and be happy.  We can combine the best of technology for getting physical things done, with the best of spiritual technology to make it all worth it, to build a sort of heaven here on Earth.

It is possible.  But only if we are not fucking idiots in large enough numbers to survive all the attacks on morality, decency, humanity, and liberty.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pico Ayer

"Transformation comes from not knowing what's next."

Self evidently, an obsessive pursuit of understanding is a core element in my personality as it has manifested historically.  It drives me.

[I saw the movie The Accountant last week, and recognized some parts of myself in Ben Affleck's character.  I was actually pondering this morning if we have become a nation of Asperger's Syndrome, with our emotional disconnection, and comfort with abstraction and computing]

But I know there is an infinite amount of Not Knowing in me.  I am playing with seashells too (albeit much smaller, less pretty ones, in a reference I assume you get), amusing myself by the seashore.

And as I have said, what I FEEL is that growth comes from curiosity, from play, from sending something out and wondering what will come back.  Will it be blue or green?  Will it come back at all?  I don't know.  There is no way to know.  But it should be INTERESTING.

Growth is saying, often, this is INTERESTING. Interest pulls you, it moves you, but you can never know where it is going.  It goes from here to there, to there to here.  You are following a trail, tracking a scent.  It can end in many ways, but there is a thrill in the chase, in the seeking.

All wisdom is found in play, in curiosity, in laughter, in an expanding pool of happiness that the world is such a rich treasure with so much yet to discover.  It is a path you need never fear will end.  That is one certainty we are given.

White privilege is Original Sin repackaged

Shaming is a powerful tool for building social compliance, and compliance of course is necessary for centralized and coordinated control.

In the Bible, Adam and Eve are cast out of Eden.  All of humanity is marked with their sin.  We are born with it.  We cannot erase it.  All we can do is repent, and if we are Christians beg God to forgive us as we take shelter in his Son.

This is bullshit of course.  My God is a loving God, and that is very much the behavior of devious power mongers--of which humanity of course produces large numbers--but not a loving God.

But ponder how we are all being asked to apologize for things we haven't done, in response to crimes no living person remembers.  White guilt/white privilege is NOT about empowering black people.  Have you seen any plans to create jobs in ghettos?  Have you not yet realized that failing schools is the GOAL of Democrat policy?  Is anyone so stupid as to think an actual magical incantation that will affect real lives is achieved when groups of white people engage in shared self loathing?

It is about fomenting doubt in the minds of the people who would otherwise to continuing the Liberal American tradition of inclusion, personal responsibility, civic mindedness, and actual fairness.

In form, intent, and outcome, White Guilt is exactly homological to Mao's form of brain washing, where people were expected to confess to all sorts of crimes they had not committed, which were pure abstractions.  Crimes which would not have hurt anyone, had they happened, which they didn't.  The whole thing was, again, a type of Gaslighting, a method of psychological torture intended to break the core self, to infuse a perennial and inescapable sense of worthlessness and helplessness, and to do so in the service of psychopaths whose only longer term plan was destroying all longing from freedom, all curiosity, all love, all independence of thought, all creativity.  It was and is a purely destructive enterprise.  It takes everything good we are born with and crushes it.

All of this is evil.  It is pure evil.


I enjoyed this:

One point I had never considered is that happiness and enthusiasm have every bit as much survival value as fear and aggression.  They create work.  They create effort.  They facilitate exploration and learning and emotional and technical growth.  If you love to do something, you get good at it.  And happiness also is closely tied with creativity.

The second point I would make is that free markets and property rights and enforceable contract law have evolved in the direction of happiness.  Being a happy organization is literally a competitive advantage.  As he puts it, happiness leads to creativity leads to innovation leads to success.

How opposite Socialism is in this, in denigrating work, denigrating challenge, and disempowering everyone.

A note to Trump

It's much too late to turn back.  If you lose, you cannot go back to being who you were.  You are now a threat to Hillary and a criminal system, which can punish you in many ways.

We are starting to see censorship, the purging of alternative opinions, of the consolidation of power in silence by a criminal elite.  None of those things bode well for your future, or that of most of us.

Moreover, if we put Hillary in place, our economy will over some fairly short time horizon crash.  Your entire empire depends in large measure on some degree of economic prosperity.

Worse, she seems to WANT nuclear war.  If the Russians attack us, or the Iranians are able to set off an EMP, all your work is done, gone, useless.  Your world will fall apart.

Hillary has much more money to spend than your campaign, but you yourself can make up that difference.  That is one of the best things about your campaign.

You can't go back now.  Victory is your only salvation. Seemingly, it is OUR only salvation.

Friday, October 28, 2016

More scandal

Obama's lawyers file bullshit lawsuits against banks, make it cheaper to settle, then send the money not to the people they supposedly want to protect, but to left wing hacks, criminals, and activists.

America is run by criminals.  There is no other way to look at it.  We look down on the Russians and Mexicans, and Nigerians, but why?  We are the same.  Fucking psychopaths doing what fucking psychopaths do, with the active support of Obama, Hillary and for that matter the Bush's, both of them.


I feel the Hell within me draining away.  To use a current metaphor, it is draining a swamp.  It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes courage.

It seems to me we all graduate into adult life with miniature--or perhaps large--hells within us.  We put boundaries around it.  We push it from consciousness and push it from our daily lives.  That is not who we are, not who we choose to be (hopefully, although some clearly do).

But we have to stay alert.  In Christian notions, the Devil, temptation, is always there.  You have to fight it.  You have to keep the devil in the hole, as Tom Waits puts it.

This is misguided, in my view.  God has not asked us to observe some strict and unbending moral code predicated on our abdication of all normal human instincts.

What is needed, rather, is an allowing: establishing a conscious contact with these feelings of rage, and anger and jealousy, and fear, and humiliation, and shame,. and violence, and despair, and sadness and disconnection, and AMPLIFYING THEM.  This is Kum Nye.  You find something small and pay attention to it. You merge it with the breath.  You expand it and amplify it, and it becomes a cloud that eventually travels beyond you and becomes irrelevant.

I have discovered a new personal development method I am testing and will share if it bears the fruit I expect.

But I wanted to say that the goal of psychospiritual development is to erase the past, and to encounter and interact with what happens as it is, in the present; to bring nothing to the table, to have nothing within you which is "triggered", to be perfectly present, perfectly responsive, perfectly perceptive.  Life is fun in such situations, even when difficulty knocks on the door.  You do not trigger despair: you trigger RESOURCES.

Most people lead lives of "quiet desperation" as Thoreau memorably put it.  But it is possible to dispose of all unwarranted anxieties, and to do the OPPOSITE, which is learn to cultivate happiness, contentment, confidence, power, engagement, control, agency. Not only are you not acted on then, but the world, life, becomes a game, a game you can often win.  That is what we all should aim for.

Onion headline

Hillary Clinton heard yelling ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME to world. World thinks it's funny.

Huma Abeddin

Since she was not involved directly in the original probe she has likely not been offered immunity. Neith has Cheryl Mills. If the FBI wants to recover some of its lost luster it needs to put an agent on the case who has NOT been bribed--if they can find one--and put together a case quickly that will allow them to present credible threats of thirty year sentences to both Mills and Abeddin and get them to squeak.

Obama can pardon them, but particularly if Trump wins, he himself will be subject of criminal probes. It might make sense for Trump to leave him alone, politically.

But none of knows who will win, and once the FBI presses charges neither can know if they will be pardoned.

It is a shitty thing that Obama is so corrupt or this would be easy.

It may be the case too that pardons can only be granted AFTER charges are filed. I'll leave it to professionals to decide, but if the FBI had not DELIBERATELY fucked up, they could have squeezed the IT folks BEFORE they gave them immunity. Hillary should be in jail for numerous felonies, not campaigning for control of the DoJ and FBI.

The Trump Revolution

I think we are finding people from across the ideological spectrum realizing they were pissed about the same things, but divided by the propaganda so the elites used to justify it, which of course was the intention.

The smoke is lifting. Trump, by speaking obvious, important, and necessary truths has lifted the curtain and exposed the corruption and deceit at the heart of BOTH parties.

BTW: Camille the Pirate is back:

Seemingly too independent for Salon, she landed in Limey-land.

Paglia says she has absolutely no idea how the election will go: ‘But people want change and they’re sick of the establishment — so you get this great popular surge, like you had one as well… This idea that Trump represents such a threat to western civilisation — it’s often predicted about presidents and nothing ever happens — yet if Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. It would be an incredible release of energy… at a moment of international tension and crisis.’
All of a sudden, the professor seems excited. Perhaps, like all radicals in pursuit of the truth, Paglia is still hoping the revolution will come.

I cannot resist adding, they are speaking of Trump as both a Fuck You, AND an orgasm. As Michael Moore said, it will feel good. I probably shouldn't have gone there, but think of all things all of us long to be able to say, the things that make life fun, spontaneous, REAL. It is like we are being pushed into a gray, hopeless world where, as in a Wrinkle in Time, there is a time for play, but nobody remembers what is is or how it feels.

Words as incantation

As I meditate on the texture of Leftist discourse--which is to say, broadly speaking, anything said by a Democrat, or a university student or professor in the Humanities--it seems to me that words have acquired reality.  Words are acts.

But acts are not.  Acts are less important than words.  It is almost like anyone speaking in an unapproved way, who is seeking--not having been contented with the Foundness which was foisted on them in school--their own truths, is casting spells, is committing witchcraft, is enfeebling the very world with their horrific acts of treachery.

It is a primitive thinking, infantile thinking, as as I ponder it it has much in common with the "spells" cast by people suffering from Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder.  OCD appears highly structured--you have to tap yourself 16 times before eating, you have to wash your hands exactly 5 times after touching a doorknob, etc--but in reality that external order results from inner chaos.  It results from an inability to manage anxiety, and a constant need to "ground" it in concrete, controllable acts, without which the world will disappear.  You may not be sure that stepping on a crack will break your mother's back, but why chance it?  For all you know it is working.

This whole explosion of control-oriented behavior--did I read wearing a clown costume is ILLEGAL in some places?  WTF?--is the outgrowth of profound terrors, unresolved anxiety disorders.  It is NOT the result of clear, outcome-based thinking oriented around improving human life in any definable way.  On the contrary, it ACTS TO make people weaker, more pathetic, more needy, and more miserable.

Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

If you look at this map, the blue in Michigan, northern Ohio, and northwest of Philadelphia is all Rust Belt.  Those are current and former union workers voting Democrat because that's what their fathers did, and what their fathers did.

Many or most of those people--certainly the unemployed ones Michael Moore talked about in his talk I posted a few days ago--will be voting Trump.  I am not wonky enough to have all the Electoral Votes memorized, but carrying all the Red States plus those three would be a very good start.

You know, it occurs to me another way this election could be rigged is that I'm not sure all States require their Electoral College representatives to side with the voters.

It is a testament to DECADES of abuse of the American people, truth, common sense and common decency that Trump still, after all this, stands a very good chance of winning this race.  Everyone in most places of most governments is a fucking lying thief who only cares about staying in power, lining their pockets, and laughing behind closed doors at the gullibility and stupidity of the American people.


It seems like the most accurate portrait of actual voting would be asking people coming out of the polls who they voted for.  I see real time updates every election, but I have never been quite clear how it was gathered.  I don't know if reporters try and stop 100% of voters outside voting places and get their vote or what they do, but it seems to me an app could be developed, or even a simple pad of paper, where you check who you voted for.  I don't know how far people are willing to go to ensure election integrity, but if in fact it is the plan of the elite to first create false polling data, and then cheat by rigging the machines to match it, then asking actual people walking out should show any gross mismatches immediately.  Hillary is clearly not up 12 points, and she clearly has no "momentum" as one commentator put it.  How could she?  She isn't even campaigning and she is hit with a new scandal almost daily.  Trump is filling stadiums like a literal rock star.

As far as voting integrity, why is Mexico much better, much more sensible than us?  That is a rhetorical question.  The answer is Democrats like our system because it facilitates cheating, they have dumbed down our populace so much that they can create drama over the need to prove you are who you say you are, and because Republicans, until now, have lacked the balls to call them on it.

As far as Hillary, I think she is dying.  I literally think she is dying.  She has been very sick for a very long time, and the pills and shots they are using to make her function are taking a toll.  I see her in my minds eye slowly realizing that even if she wins the Presidency, she will not be on this Earth much longer, and her mortality is slowly dawning on her.  She is tired, very tired.  At this point, what difference does the Presidency itself really make?  Her fucking husband is who will get it, who will use it.  He is the bastard she has been putting up with all these years, to get to this point, and what for?  What is the point?

That is what I feel.  Who knows how accurate it is?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stalker, again

I look back to some of my posts from years ago, and I really feel I am growing. I did the best I could then, but I can do better now.  Hopefully I can do better yet in years to come as I thaw, and get less crazy.

Without dwelling too long it, it seems to me that everyone was lying in this movie.  The professor pretended he was selfish and wanted the Nobel Prize.  He never contradicted anyone who accused him of it.  But what he really wanted was idealistic: to protect humanity.  And he was willing to die to do it.

The Author said he had no conscience, no soul, but refused to subject the world to his inner demons and failings.  That IS a conscience.

The Stalker acted distraught that no one believed, and one could be forgiven for thinking that he was a closet idealist, but in reality he himself showed he had no belief both by never going in the Room, and by--after demanding of the world that SOMEONE believe--refused to believe in his wife, after she offered to basically see him through all the way to his alleged dreams.

The wife lied when she said that she made the right decision.  I forget exactly what she said, but it amounted to a repudiation of her torment writhing on the kitchen floor in the beginning.  She lied to herself and the camera.

And the child WAS the miracle the Stalker claimed he wanted, claimed was the result of belief.  And she was horribly lonely, rejected, and alone.  She was unseen by all, unknown to all. They could only see their representations of belief, not the Light to which it led, and which had already been granted.  (In Nostalghia, in a dream, a feminine voice says to God: show him a sign.  God: I show him all the time, but he cannot see).

It's funny reading literature or watching film and finding you need to interrogate the outer narrative.  I felt like that, as I posted years ago, with The Great Gatsby.  Nick's opinion notwithstanding, Gatsby was a shit.


I was thinking tonight that both the statements "everything I do is in my control", and "nothing I do is within my control" are both contingently true.  Sometimes it is useful to exaggerate and build your ability to control your behavior, and sometimes it is useful to exaggerate your inner knowing, your spontaneity, and simple have faith things will work out.

And as I ponder it, a wave function appears to me.  It goes up and down.  And what is it doing?  Searching for what is most true in any moment.

Truth--particularly moral truth--is not built as an eternal structure, like the Parthenon was in principle.  It does not have unmoving columns and an immense roof to support.  It is more like a dance, or the engagement by a predator with its prey.  No hunting animal hunts exactly the same way twice, but all hunt in similar ways all the time.  It is the same, and it is different.

So much is lost when we attempt to make things of ideas, rather than processes, emergences, happenings. insights, music.

You cannot think your way into truth, but you can think your way out of it.  You can quote me on that.

I was watching an interview with Andrei Tarkovsky last night--I got special reels with both The Sacrifice and Stalker I had not previously noticed--and he was commenting, as he watched a small creek flow by, that thinking about reality doesn't interest him, but participating in it does.

Beautiful Loser

Listen to the lyrics of this song.  I won't link them, as he is easy enough to understand.

I didn't get this song for a long time.  What is a beautiful loser? What's wrong with dreaming like a young man with the wisdom of an old man?

It is perhaps testament to my own stupidity that I didn't get it.  But as I deal with my anger--and this is my post on the Headless Ones--I realize that what he is describing is someone who never commits to anyone or anything.  He doesn't take a stand and roll the dice.  He always goes along to get along.  He thinks about all these beautiful things he could do, people he could be, places he could go.  He smiles often, and everyone thinks of him as nice, but they don't think about him often.  Why would they?  He is featureless: a perfect lodger, and perfect guest.  You hardly know he is there.  Sure, he's there if you need him, but he has the courtesy not to demand the same.

All of us, to be happy, need to put our print on the world.  We need to know we are seen, that we are recognized, that our life is reflected in the eyes of others.  This is hard wired, it is instinctual.  We cannot choose to be otherwise.  And this process is dynamic.  Sometimes it is pushing and sometimes pulling.  Sometimes it involves aggression.  It is natural to be angry when someone demeans or belittles us.

And the Cult of Niceness interrupts this process. Our thought leaders have destroyed moral certainty, but we all need a code.  The people who have rejected church and traditional religion are thus left with niceness.  Kindness. We are left with the Dalai Lama speaking partial truths when he says kindness is all you need.

It is not quite right to call this fucking stupid, but it is close. In his home country of Tibet--for whom he assumed by his birth and his title spiritual responsibility--they have cameras in all the major cities where they can identify and put out people who set themselves on fire within I think it was 4 minutes.  They want the outer appearance of civility and order.

I have been thinking the past couple of days about a story I read of a monk who was captured by the Communists and presumably tortured.  Do you ever imagine yourself being tortured?  Do you wonder how you would deal with it, what strategies might alleviate the pain?  I do.  As a student of history I know full well what is possible.

This monk escaped, and immediately killed himself by jumping off a high bridge.  That set off a wave of riots Obama did nothing to support, and the Dalai Lama muttered pious and completely useless platitudes. He hasn't been there since he was a child.  He knows little of the Tibetan people as they have evolved since the 1950's, and particularly after the Campaign of Cultural Destruction, as Mao's Cultural Revolution might more accurately be labeled.

Returning to my main point--although this is topical, as we will see--the Cult of Niceness permits no defects.  You cannot be forgiven for being an asshole.  You cannot be forgiven for voting for Trump.  Nice people don't do that.  Nice people do what all the other nice people do.  They are nice.  That is their creed, their purpose in life, to always say Yes, to always concede in every conflict, to never complain when caught in a freeze.

Yes, yes, yes: we always say yes.  You want to rape me?  Sure, why not.  You want to burn cars in my street?  Sure, why not.  I would hate for someone to think I wasn't nice.  You want to terrorize my neighborhood, beat people up, steal our shit, then spit on us?  Well, I wonder what we did to make you so mad.  We will have to apologize and fall prostrate at your feet.

Do you recognize this?  It is everywhere apparent in our decadent world right now.   Beautiful losers, who want it all, but can't have it all.  You can't be yourself when you are busy prostituting whatever residual sense of self respect you had to the needs of people who hate you.

We hear of the guy who shot the place up, or who is outed as a serial killer: but he was so quiet.  He seemed like a nice man.

What happens when you give and give and give and never get? What happens when you reject in principle the notion of psychological and moral boundaries?  What if everything you could hold dear is up for constant negotiations, which you always lose?  What if nothing you own and no part of your personality is truly yours?  What if you have no home, no resting place, no shelter from storms raging all around you?

Run that scenario through your mind.  What do you get?  Bestial, primitive rage. Unreasoning, because unrecognized aggression, hostility, the desire to HURT people.

What I think many naive people--and America is filled with these people, because they have not been cheated, stolen from, attacked or violated--fail to get is that smiling faces really can conceal black hearts.  The cruelest among us can have the best, most winning smiles.  The Headless Ones might be hilarious at parties, funny, charming, interesting.

Until you trigger them.  Then that facade disappears.

Most of the people who hate Trump and Trump supporters rationalize to themselves that he is a hateful, horrible human being.  They do this with no evidence at all.  Everything he has said was either reasonable in context, or fabricated.  The bad things he did not say, and the things he said were not bad.

As he said, he has not even felt any need to apologize to Melania for all these women who came out after the Access Hollywood tape, because they are so plainly plants. He's no saint, but there is no record of hush money, bullying, or lawsuits, all of which have followed Bill Clinton since the early 1980's.  The careers of Bill and Donald are very roughly contemporaneous, and could not be more different.  You cannot conceal serial abuse, not that long, not when dealing with someone as rich as Trump.

But the Headless Ones are not reacting rationally.  They are seizing on a pretext to vent all the rage suppressed in them by their long term decision to be doormats, to believe nothing, to go along to get along, to mindlessly repeat whatever the current party line is, even if it contradicts the last party line.  Bill and Hillary both made speeches taking a strong stand against illegal immigration.  Both rejected gay marriage.  Hillary and her fixer started the Kenyan angle on Obama's birth. We are seeing in Wikileaks (say a prayer for Assange, by the way) virtually continual plots either to conceal truths, or foment and spread vicious lies.  This is Soviet KGB stuff. It is the same level of lying, the same level of centralized planning, the same focus on power to the exclusion of all else, and the same cynical indifference to human lives.

So Sweden is slowly evolving from a country of first genuine Liberals, to Sybaritic Leftists, to one day soon oppressive totalitarians.  Even if their government does not go that way, they will be Islamized, and that creed, in its demands for perfect conformity, for its continual threat of violence for all difference, may as well be labelled in its purest, most Fundamentalist forms Cultural Sadeism.

We have to have boundaries.  We have to have the ability to say No.  We have to have firm and relatively fixed--even if adaptable to genuinely changing circumstances--notions of right and wrong.  The idea "fat shaming is never OK" has, it seems to me, acquired stronger ontological moral significance to the Headless Ones than the better notion "it is never OK to rape a woman".  Bill is a rapist. They don't care.  Joy Behar joked about it.  Trump called a woman who worked for him, whose job it was to be skinny, fat.  THAT is what they care about.

Do you see how crazy this is, and how this interlocking set of demands for perfect conformity with an outer face of niceness and concern, combines with latent and growing rage from unmet psychological needs for order and stability and belonging?

I am getting to where hipsters scare me.  I know the inner ugliness inside of many of them, the frothing at the mouth and violence which would erupt if I wore a Trump shirt into their bar.  They are not "cool".  They are monsters with a kind appearing face.  If you don't trigger them, you don't see what is in there.  But if you do, well, how many Trump signs do you see in yards if you live in the city?  How many Trump bumper stickers?  We are not stupid: we know shit happens.

So we have at the heart of our social order, of our cultural order, horrible psychic deformities which are fed daily by a media elite controlled by a handful of powerful and cynical people, who could not care less if there was rioting in the streets, mass famine, mass death; who welcome an uninformed and thoughtless electorate.

Much of our nation is caught up in a collective delusion, in fantasies of power bred from powerlessness.  This is no exaggeration.  The Soviet Union happened.  Lubyanka happened.  It is happening in Cuba at this moment, where everyone is terrified into silence.  It is happening in North Korea and China.  I read many of these "Bodies" exhibits--which thankfully seem to have lost their shock value and popularity--are made possible by Falun Gong members "harvested" for the purpose. It seems clear that they are killing people and harvesting their organs.

This is happening TODAY.  It is not the Nazis driving Jews around in trucks hooked up to the CO2 exhaust.

Evil is possible, and all the stands between it and its aims is resistance and awareness.  I aim to build both here.  Ponder what I have to say here.  Look in your own heart.

Do you exist in a community where people can admit they are sometimes assholes?  Is it understood by all that we all fuck up, and that emotions inevitably run out of control on occasion?

Do you get that Trumps comments need to be placed in that context, and not that of Thought Crime?  If Bill rapes someone, that is a real crime.  If Hillary goes on a witch hunt to destroy that woman, that is evil.  If you say "all the girls love me" that is boasting.  There is a difference.

But the very notion of difference depends on the concept of lines, doesn't it?  You have here, and there, and in between a line.  Now you are on one side, now the other.  If you live in a swirling vortex of largely unrecognized and rationalized emotion, no nuance is possible.  It is always Us versus Them.  It is always tribal solidarity, because if that disappears, the Void appears.  There is nothing left.

To be sure, I have called these people nihilists for some time for this reason.  If rape is OK if your side does it and horrible if the other side does it, the value in play is not moral.  The value in play is tribal loyalty, which means you have no opinion on rape which can be generalized at all.  You believe nothing, other than that one ought to do what ones leaders tell them to do.  This is the mindset of the Nazis and the core Communist elites. It is anti-moral.

Joy Behar's motto may as well be "Meine Ehre heisst Treue".

Watch this video of the eminently witty and congenial joke teller and life of the party, a mild mannered man who smiles often and tell me I'm wrong:

He calls himself harmless and kind, but then says "I don't hate anyone, but there are an extraordinary number of people I would like to kill".

I am not making any of this up.  I am not misperceiving the situation or the danger.  People who would support this view are walking down every sidewalk in every city in America TODAY.  All that is wanted for gulags is some sort of disaster, and a concerted propaganda campaign.  The preparation-- the alienation from their own culture, from the notion of personal moral agency and responsibility, from critical thinking, the inculcation of obedience to the talking boxes, radios, and computer screens--is already more or less complete in roughly a third of our population, and going into overdrive on all our college campuses.

I even think this clown thing is centrally controlled, as a PsyOp. It builds fear and paranoia, in answer to which obedience to a seemingly coherent group is an instinctual response.  Safety in numbers.  Don't be left out of the herd or you will die.

Sadism with a smile, with a concerned look, with a "put some ice on that" is particularly Satanic.

It is not too late, but we need people in positions that matter to see what is going on, and speak out, and to renew a genuine Humanism.  We need college professors to wake up.  We need leaders of both Parties to wake up and speak up.

As I have said before, an Apocalypse is possible.  I do believe in the afterlife, but rebirth requires life on Earth.  If human life on Earth is extinguished, hell will be a very long term result for the wicked.  No one can claim ignorance, now.  Many Truths have been revealed and have been getting revealed for thousands of years.  Everyone, in my view, gets many chances, many lives on Earth.  But we have no reason to suppose those chances are infinite in number, at least within this age of the Universe.

If I have any readers, I may have lost some there, but that is my opinion, based on my own reading, my own research, and my own thinking.

Wake up before it is too late. I beg you.  You have been given a mind and a conscience.  Speak to them, and listen to the answers.

Hillary's health

I literally can't keep track of the reasons not to vote for Hillary, but her health continues to be one of them.  We might well wind up with Creepy Kaine as our President if the IV's and continuous rest she will receive in the White House can't keep her alive, and they can't pull a Weekend at Bernie's.

The excuse was made before the debates that the reason she wasn't campaigning was that she was rehearsing her lies and talking points.  What is the excuse now?

Here is the schedule:

She gives one speech October 27, and 2 on October 28th.  Then NOTHING until November 8th.

This election is a referendum on how fucking stupid Americans are.

Vote Rigging and the Clinton Foundation.

So it turns out that the voting machines for half the country were provided by a company that donates to the Clinton Foundation.  If we add those provided by Soros connected Smartmatic, an absolute majority of machines have ties to the hard Left.  I continue to ask why anyone would depend on machines which can be rigged, without paper backup.

We see all these stories about votes being changed on the screen.  Self evidently, they can also be changed AFTER the vote is cast, in a way invisible to the voter and any observers who may be present.  We are being fucking stupid in much of this country.

I did want to comment briefly on the Clinton Foundation, on how it likely works.  I see much suspicion, but have seen little targeted commentary.

Given that the Clinton Foundation only donates just over 5% of its donations to actual charities, we can assume nobody considers it a serious charity. They likely do fund some AIDS/HIV programs, but if they collect a billion dollars, that means $50 million goes to charity. That is a good chunk of money, but what happened to the rest?

They have not been audited, but it seems a virtual certainty that many illegal and unethical things are going on. They have likely figured out how to bribe people with the money, by awarding them contracts for work they don't do.

They likely use the Foundation as a way to fly everywhere and enjoy ridiculously opulent vacations, through tenuous or even fabricated charity connections. Their cars, and jets and perhaps even boats, perhaps even houses, can be bought with this money.

They can illegally pull money out, by setting up shell charities, and getting a good accountant, and paying off regulators.

It's a great racket. And they have also set up a system of bribery. If you want a favor done, if you need something to happen--like, oh I don't know, American troops fighting Assad, or naval warships off the coast of Yemen--then you donate to this "charity", and it's just like donating a hundred dollar bill to the retirement fund of a police officer.  It's nominally legal, but since the Clinton's can cash that money out, it's effectively a bribe.

As far as the story, the VERY BEST face one can put on it is that this company donated to the Clinton Foundation expecting to be awarded government contracts, or perhaps as a reward for services already rendered.

The worst, self evidently, is that they not only donated to the Foundation, but worked with them to rig the machines. They only have half the market: they no doubt want it all, and helping put the Clinton's in office would give them that.

I smell coffee in the air. I hope the hangover of decades of mental sludge will prove superable.

Edit: this is what I'm talking about:

Vote Rigging and the Clinton Foundation.

So it turns out that the voting machines for half the country were provided by a company that donates to the Clinton Foundation.  If we add those provided by Soros connected Smartmatic, an absolute majority of machines have ties to the hard Left.  I continue to ask why anyone would depend on machines which can be rigged, without paper backup.

We see all these stories about votes being changed on the screen.  Self evidently, they can also be changed AFTER the vote is cast, in a way invisible to the voter and any observers who may be present.  We are being fucking stupid in much of this country.

I did want to comment briefly on the Clinton Foundation, on how it likely works.  I see much suspicion, but have seen little targeted commentary.

Given that the Clinton Foundation only donates just over 5% of its donations to actual charities, we can assume nobody considers it a serious charity. They likely do fund some AIDS/HIV programs, but if they collect a billion dollars, that means $50 million goes to charity. That is a good chunk of money, but what happened to the rest?

They have not been audited, but it seems a virtual certainty that many illegal and unethical things are going on. They have likely figured out how to bribe people with the money, by awarding them contracts for work they don't do.

They likely use the Foundation as a way to fly everywhere and enjoy ridiculously opulent vacations, through tenuous or even fabricated charity connections. Their cars, and jets and perhaps even boats, perhaps even houses, can be bought with this money.

They can illegally pull money out, by setting up shell charities, and getting a good accountant, and paying off regulators.

It's a great racket. And they have also set up a system of bribery. The VERY BEST face one can put on this story is that this company donated to the Clinton Foundation expecting to be awarded government contracts.

The worst, self evidently, is that they not only donated to the Foundation, but worked with them to rig the machines. They only have half the market: they no doubt want it all, and helping put the Clinton's in office would give them that.

I smell coffee in the air. I hope the hangover of decades of mental sludge will prove superable.

Edit: this is what I'm talking about:

Trump as narcissist

It has long been my firm impression that Leftists, lacking as they plainly do emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding and all the other things that permit psychologically healthy people to create authentic communication with one another, simply take the valid and accurate charges leveled against their candidates, and reverse them.

I do think Obama is a narcissist and Hillary is a psychopath, but Trump gets accused of both.  Let's take them one at a time.

A narcissist is someone who is really only able to relate emotionally to themselves.  That's not even quite it.  They are the only person in their world.  They seek out attention and fame because seeing themselves in the eyes of others triggers mirror neurons in them that creates the only facsimile of emotional connection which is available to them.  It seems to me that narcissism and the emotional disconnection caused by Developmental Trauma are for practical purposes identical.

We're not sure what happened in Obama's first year of life.  It is certain the biological father--who was likely Frank Marshall Davis, a man 30 years or more Stanley's senior, a Communist, an African-American, a pornographer, and at least later, a drug dealer--played no role in his early life.  Stanley--and ponder the fucked-up-ness implied by naming your daughter a boy's name simply because you wanted a boy--moved to Seattle, where as a single mother she immediately started attending school.

Young Barry had no family there.  His grandmother was thousands of miles away.  Stanley was young, dumb, alone and busy.  And she was capable of sleeping with Frank Marshall Davis.  Imagine the ambivalence she must have felt about young Barry, once she realized she had been taken advantage of.  Feelings of disgust and remorse must have coursed through her.  

It is not hard to imagine young Barry being neglected, of him failing to attach, and of him growing up a narcissist.

And how EASY to be Barack Obama in 2008!!!  The world loved him.  He could do no wrong.  The press gushed over him at every turn.  He won the Nobel Prize in the expectation of accomplishments to come.  A narcissist's dream?  Of course. And practically, I have never seen the slightest hint of humanity from him.  He managed a well practiced tear after Newtown, but it had every bit as much spontaneity and emotional truth as Hillary's horrific and frightening smile.

Compare this to Donald Trump.  By ALL accounts, he gets to know as many people as he can on every project he does.  He chats with people.  He cares about them.  He takes care of them.

And he loves having fun.  People may say it is tacky to make guest appearances on World Wrestling Foundation (or whatever it was), but he's just having a good time.  He is a people person.  He loves talking with folks.  And yes, OF COURSE he loves the limelight, but by ALL accounts he does a lot of good things, generous things, that he never takes credit for.  He does them because he can.

And does anyone really think President Mom Jeans and bicycling helmet would have stayed in the race if he has been subjected to the same torrent of awful and continuous assaults on him that have been thrown at Trump?  Trump has received a huge amount of coverage, but by actual count 91% of it has been bad.  Obama is plainly thin skinned.  He is very sensitive.  He has virtually no character.  And we should be grateful for that, or he would have actually accomplished his "fundamental transformation of America".

Billary will.  I have no doubt of that.

But can anyone say what Trump is going through is FUN?  Fuck no.  It's fucking brutal.  It was seemingly getting to him after the Access Hollywood betrayal.  A part of "locker room talk", as all men know, is that you boast about things you haven't actually done.  That tape should never have been released.

And on that note, I read yesterday that Paul Ryan's wife's brother's wife--someone he has sat across from on many occasions at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners--is in consideration by Hillary for the Supreme Court.  Consider that many think Romney or Ryan leaked that video, and people with blood pressure issues will find themselves reaching for their medicine, and those with anger issues shouting out loud.

Trump is no narcissist.  This entire picture has been fabricated.  Do you get, yet, that our media LIES?  They don't just spin: they fabricate from whole cloth.

And if we want to talk about psychopathy, well, Trump is a normal, ordinary person by all accounts.  He knew Jeffrey Epstein, but unlike Bill, he never rode the Lolita Express to pedophile island.  Nor did her participate in the persecution of his sexual victims.

Bill fucked them, then Hillary the Shrew persecuted them like they were guilty of witchcraft and deserved to be burnt at the stake.  Let me quote a Chicago Democrat from the Whitewater era: 
if you want to talk about real evil, it’s her.’ It was a terrible time. She was the one that did everything to destroy the women.”
In her very first case, defending the man who raped Kathy Shelton, she went low and stayed there.  She Gaslighted a 12 year old girl, who no doubt came from a poor family and had few emotional or financial resources. She tortured her in defense of a rapist JUST LIKE BILL, so that she could say she won.

Is what she did with Juanita Broaddrick any different than what she did to Shelton?

That is psychopathy.

Here is a list of the traits of psychopathy/sociopathy/antisocial personality disorder:

  • Superficial charm and good intelligence
  • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
  • Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
  • Unreliability
  • Untruthfulness and insincerity
  • Lack of remorse and shame
  • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
  • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
  • Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
  • General poverty in major affective reactions
  • Specific loss of insight
  • Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations
  • Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
  • Suicide threats rarely carried out
  • Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated
  • Failure to follow any life plan
I count 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 certainly.  The rest I would need to know more.  Take number one: she is fake as fuck, but she smiles and I don't doubt people lacking insight can see her as fun, funny, and friendly.  And she is certainly intelligent.  No one has ever denied that.

Unreliability: Benghazi.  I could cite many more but that will stand for now.

Lack of remorse: what difference does it make?

Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior: her decision to wage war on Libya AFTER we had a signed peace deal that should have given us everything we wanted, if in fact democracy was the goal.

Poor judgement: she is continuing to do all the things that created the problems in the Middle East.  This list could also be made much longer with little work.

Incapacity for love: here is the thing: she does not seem to love anyone.  She certainly does not love Bill.  This is the whole problem with her putting up with his repeated infidelities.  On some level, she does not have the emotional reactions a normal woman would have in the face of more or less continual (1,000 or more women, or so he has claimed on some accounts) cheating on the part of her husband.  Maybe she loves Huma, but that seems unlikely too.  She seems to be alone.

General poverty in major affective reactions:  What is happening there is that they developed a general strategy of smiling contemptuously  to say through body language "there he goes again".  But that was not an emotionally appropriate response to real horrors he was not making up.  And she was unable to feel her way through that.  Those circuits are not wired in her.

We can speculate on the rest.  It does seem likely, based on the National Enquirer stories, that she, like Bill, likes emotionally detached sex and cocaine.  She is clearly cunning, so lacking irrational--romantic might be the word here--delusions seems likely.  She clearly DOES have a life plan, but it is not necessary for all the symptoms to be present.  I would suspect if 4 or more are there the diagnosis becomes relatively easy.

Trump is a charming person who has always connected with people.  He is liked for who he is.  Many, many women came forward to defend him from all those charges.

Hillary and Bill--Bill is the guy who could give a woman that goofy smile, rape her, then put the smile back on and say "put some ice on that", like he now cared about her--are clearly sociopaths.

Wake the fuck up America.

Editorial Cartoon

All the networks: ABC, CNN, etc. with smoking guns, and Trump on the other side, bullet holes around him in the wall, but intact.  Caption: smoking guns.

Who you trust more:

someone who gets rich and then gets into politics; or someone who gets into politics and THEN gets rich? As Harry Truman said, you can only get rich in politics by being crooked.

Most rich people, like Soros, Buffet, Schmidt, and Bezos, are content to buy influence. Her blatant and shameless hypocrisy notwithstanding, Hillary would have much less money without Citizens United. It will never be overturned because it is good law. She just fulminates against it because it sounds good. Money in politics has been very, very good to her.

Trump is in this for two reasons only; he sees a screwed up country and believed he can fix it; and he has always sought out challenges.

I was tempted to say he likes attention, but getting dragged through the mud by every network on the planet is not exactly a good time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shame based culture

Most cultures, for most of history on most of the planet, have depended on relatively static notions of proper behavior which were enforced by shaming and the threat of banishment. You are born into a family of a certain status and you are expected to behave in certain ways. Men act like men and eomen like women. There is no "finding yourself", except perhaps on rites of passage and religious rituals. You have sn assigned place and are both expected to act in appropriate ways, and able to count on others doing the same. You are enmeshed in a network of reciprocality.

What true Liberalism attempts is a greater freedom to explore, a greater diversity of opinion, a wider range of tolerance. Shame is greatly reduced as exploration is rewarded.

But in recent years shaming has returned in the form of speech codes. Comply or die may as well be the slogan.

What should be our most culturally advanced institutions, our universities, find themselves re attempting something very old, and very primitive.

Free Markets

it occurs to me that we could refer to pricing diversity or price complexity, where a Command Economy would consist in pricing homogeneity.

Self esteem

It seems to me there are only two ways to build genuine self esteem in kids: 1) knowing them and loving them sincerely as they are; and 2) giving them regular opportunities to fail without censure. A chance to fail is also of course a chance to succeed, and self evidently guaranteed successes are not successes at all. Everyone knows this.

You build a sense of safety, then send them "out there" in very small circles when they are young, and  as they feel more and more confident the circles get bigger and bigger, until one day they have happy lives of their own, and they love you but don't need you, even if they know you are always there if something extraordinary should happen.

This is the mindset of freedom, of growth, of personal and moral autonomy. It is the opposite of the grotesqueries seemingly infesting so much of our society. No wonder horror movies are so popular: there is something horrible I how we parent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Michael Moore

Go buy a lottery ticket or ask that girl or boy out, because magic is happening: I am agreeing with Michael Moore.  Watch this video:

Here is the thing: ordinary Americans know the system is broken, but they are given a choice of two poisons as remedy: the Republican poison or the Democrat poison.  This is the way the people operating the system designed it, what they wanted: they get both the illusion of choice, and the possibility of the rhetoric of change--such as that falsely used by Obama--but no matter which lever you pull, they are in charge.  They win.  And they don't give a fuck for anybody that can't afford a $100,000/year plus country club membership.

Donald Trump is Choice C: neither of the above.  He is not really a Democrat, nor is he really a Republican.  His policies would have been obvious to both parties in the 1960's.  They would not have been objectionable, and he would not have been called a racist, because common sense had not had nails driven into it for a generation at that time.

No, as Moore says, and as I have said in the past, he is the middle finger to EVERYBODY WHO GOT US IN THIS FUCKING MESS.  It's not a partisan issue: both parties EVEN NOW are guilty.  Democrats perhaps more than Republicans, but look at the Republican Congress.  Look at Paul Ryan.  Look at Romney and McCain refusing to endorce their OWN candidate.  What person who understands loyalty does that?  What person who wants to keep two career criminals out of the White House does that?

Trump has managed to turn the fact that everybody hates him into an asset.  It is beautiful to see.

Vote Trump Train November 8, and we WILL see change.  This guy has a heart, he has brains, he has vision, and he has balls.  You can count on it.


These are the machines being used in about 16 States.  George Soros has a strong financial interest--and thus presumably some control--in this company.

I found this:

“Therefore, the only time Smartmatic has participated in an electoral process in the USA, it was deemed a disaster, and in the ensuing probe, it refused to collaborate with US authorities. 

I found this too: 

For the life of me, I do not understand how anyone could be insane enough to completely eliminate paper ballots.  The way we do it around here is we fill in ovals, like the tests you took when you were a kid, and it is scanned into a machine, which I think tabulates it then and there.  It is electronic, and efficient, but if you want to later verify the votes, you have primary documents.  And we show voter ID also.  They have a list of registered voters, you tell them your  name, show them your ID, then you put your signature on the line.  This has multiple safeguards in it.  


Just putting it out there.


I have spoken before of a forest as a metaphor for a complex system.  The trees--of all sorts--and lichens, and moss, and squirrels, and grasses, and everything else come over some time to form a harmonious whole.
We speak of an eco-SYSTEM.  They all go together.

This differs tremendously from, say, a cherry orchard, which needs work and care to flourish.  It is not inherently resilient. It was brought into being artificially, and perishes or diminishes if they care goes missing for too long.  That, or it becomes a complex system, as other plants and animals slowly take hold.

Wanting a single ideas to dominate any sort of discourse is the equivalent of killing everything in a forest but one single species.  You have the one thing, pristine, pure, but it cannot live on its own.  It must be continually refreshed, fed, watered, cared for.

People who are fed only one idea because weak and dependent.  They are not resilient.  They require constant care.

One can make philosophical cases here and there, but psychologically and sociologically what is happening at our colleges is profoundly unhealthy.  It is breeding sick people who will suffer all their lives with their lack of agency, lack of independence, and their inbred infantilism.


Bad philosophy makes bad people.

At root, philosophy is simply at attempt to think clearly, to clarity what is complicated and confusing.  It is the intermediate step between one emotion and another, as I have put it in the past.  It is necessary, but soluble.

We cannot not philosophize.  We can merely do it competently and consciously, or incompetently and by assumption and rote habit.

If you say: "I don't want to think so much that it confuses me"  you have established a criterion for your behavior--whatever confuses me is bad--and a corresponding and logical course of action, not thinking.

If you way "there are no universal truths" you have stipulated a very unlikely universal truth.  Certainly, some things seem to be true most of the time and this is obvious to all.  Banning murder seems to work in most societies, at least intra-tribally.  I can't guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow, but I'd bet everything I own on it.

And I was thinking about safe spaces.  What philosophy underlies these?  It seems to me to be a combination of magical thinking and corrupted philosophy.  What they are NOT is sound psychology.  A sense of safety can be needed to help heal trauma, but they are not doing therapy in these places.  What they are doing is reducing the resilience and emotional strength of young people in ways likely to breed a demand for social control, and violence against dissidents.

What a safe space IS, is a sacred space for holy Victims.  It is a place to worship them; it is a necessary temple for the Cult of the Victim.  It is a place for them to go and be feted and worshipped, and for votaries to be exposed to their Gods.

But a sound philosophy would ask: what sort of society do we want, and why?  What are appropriate purposes for human existence?  What is the importance of psychological health?  When we say Individualism, what do we mean, and what can we say about this creed?  What is good about it, what bad, and what interesting, and how do we define all these terms?

Self evidently, I have worked hard on my Goodness Movement website to develop a coherent, useful, simple, but adaptable philosophy.  I have defined my terms and purposes, and pondered my means and principles.

Most college students never even attempt such work.  They are handed a prepackaged philosophy concocted by lobotomized and hateful anti-humanitarians, and punished if they question it, or even attempt an alternative of their own.

I seem to be doing better in recent days with human stupidity and insanity.  I did not create it.  Trying to abolish intellectual and emotional dysfunction is about as smart as trying to banish grass or moths.  I might make some progress here and there, but the weight of the whole thing is vastly beyond my meager capacity.  I have realized I need to learn that not every wrong needs to be righted, that most people WILL NOT LISTEN to even the best arguments, framed as positively as I am capable.  No, they are looking in the mirror, thinking about their selfies, and staring at their phones.  This is not my fault, and not my problem.

This world will obviously pass me by at some point.  I will be gone. I have tried to do good, but the obsessive part of it is gradually falling away, which is good.  My own reality testing has not been what it could have been, but I think I can argue with cause that it is getting better.

Another day, another reason Hillary needs to be in jail, another FAILURE BY OUR GOVERNMENT

The evidence that Hillary broke Federal campaign law is in my view indisputable.  Does anyone expect anyone in our government to do the right thing and launch an investigation?  Do you expect any arrests?

And I suspect that anyone caught violating campaign law is likely rendered ineligible to hold office.  It would be a logical concomitant of the law, a logical next step to prevent repeat violations.

And as Trump rightly noted, the mere fact that Hillary plainly destroyed evidence after receiving a subpoena should ALONE prevent her from holding higher office.  But Comey is a dirty cop, as they say, clearly, and undeniably.  The motherfucker sold out his country, and betrayed his duty as a sworn defender of the American people and our laws.

And what about the hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled to the wife of the lead investigator?  At WHAT POINT DO THE PEOPLE WE ARE TRUSTING TO DO THEIR JOBS START DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS?

Cops on the take are supposed to be Latin American problems.  Well, I guess that is one more thing Wonder Boy Obama has allowed across the border.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ad ideas

I want to drain the swamp.  Hillary IS the swamp.  Even she doesn't know who all she has taken money from, and who she owes favors to, but you can bet they don't have the best interests of the American people at heart.  You want corruption OUT of Washington?  Vote for me.  Make America Great Again.

This would be particularly effective if Trump were paying for it out of his own pocket.

I think ads could be targeted to different markets.  This idea is likely obvious, but I think an ad targeting inner cities might be interesting which shows the promises made to them by Democrat politicians from JFK until now--JFK, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama, with maybe a few Senators or prominent other politicians thrown in.  Depending on how it did in focus groups, you might have a black narrator on there, and end with Malcolm X calling people who keep voting for Democrats without getting anything chumps.  You would definitely need a black voice narrating it, though, but it could work.  It could get through.

Dealing with the Headless Ones

Trump has balls.  Political courage makes a lot of things possible.

Here is an idea: require all recipients of Federal educational funding--all universities and colleges--to require all students to undergo one hour a year of training in conservative ideas.  If they don't do it--and I have in mind requiring students to watch an hour of PragerU videos and taking short quizzes on them--they get their funding pulled.

The level of indoctrination at most universities is Orwellian.  It is Stalinesque (really, Lenin started everything Stalin continued, but Stalin's name seems to evoke more emotion).

These kids obviously are getting plenty of left wing indoctrination, so that side of the coin is obviously going well represented.

We cannot continue as a nation of two completely different mindsets when it comes to politics, which cannot interact in any way. I can talk to Leftists, but they can't talk to me.  They just start shouting and frothing at the mouth.

And I think Trump could likely do this with Executive Order.  Yes, of course all of us have been bemoaning Obama's use of Executive Orders, but to my mind this cause would be worth it.  Most of these kids literally have NO IDEA why someone would vote Republican, and absent an outside intervention no one will teach them.  They close their ears and stop listening any time someone tries.

And I fully expect many of them to become more violent--there has been quite a bit of violence already--if Trump wins.

We are fighting for sanity.  Sanity is a good cause.

The last days of the election, and where we go from there.

I have had this sense for some time that Trump understand political emotion and political momentum.  There is little point building up energy early on that later dissipates.  It doesn't matter a bit who is ahead 6 weeks ahead of the election, which is why I don't think he is running many campaign ads.  In any event, it is likely anybody watching enough TV to be influenced by those ads is already indoctrinated by the media.  His campaign depends on talk in coffee shops, around dinner tables and especially on social media.  That is the only way he is staying close (or has taken a slight lead according to the Investors Business Daily poll).

But he has committed to spending $100 million of his own money.  What is the smartest way to do that?  Given his unorthodox approaches to public relations, why not spend the whole wad in the last week before the election?  A blitz like nobody has done before?  This might be a good idea, if he mainly runs positive ads, and I think that would play well.  Nobody could take the fingernails on the chalkboard of relentless "my opponent is a big meany head and hates puppies" ads on continual loop, but what about ads focused on what people DO want?

He has signaled, perhaps, a beginning of this approach with this excellent Contract with the American Voter which is any REAL conservatives dream.  If you are a Republican and don't support this, I can only assume you have been bought and paid for by the same special interests he is trying to get rid of.  That, you are are an idiot, or you are an assholes.  And we seem to have plenty of assholes.

But a sample ad might be:

I want to protect American Jobs.

I want to create a lot more.

I want insurance premiums to go down, and healthcare to get better.

I want secure borders and to get criminals here illegally out.

I want to end corruption in Washington.

I want to avoid pointless wars.

I want less taxes, so you hard working Americans keep more of your money, and so employers of all sizes can afford to hire more people.

Etc.  That is off the top of my head.  Maybe:

I want to protect American jobs, my opponent wants to export them with more horrible trade deals.

I want to lower taxes on the middle class and on employers of all sizes, so the people have more money, and employers can afford to hire.  My opponent wants to raise taxes on everyone, and make it much harder to do business.

I want secure borders, so we only let in people who benefit this nation, which very definitely IS a nation of immigrants.  My opponent wants to get rid of borders from Canada to Argentina.

I want you to keep your doctor and your health insurance plan and for both to be affordable.  My opponents wants more of the same failure we have seen with Obamacare.


But being a bit of a student of history, I cannot help but draw a parallel with this strategy, if this is what he has in mind, and World War 1.  I remember in one or perhaps multiple battles--likely Somme or Verdun--the British conducted a 24 hour artillery bombardment, then attacked.  It failed.  The Germans had simply hid in their bunkers, then came out.

In 1918 Paul Hindenburg did something like what later became the Blitzkrieg.  They picked a spot on the French lines, and dropped roughly the same number of shells in TWO HOURS that the British had sent desultorily in 24.  They then attacked in a tight concentration with the sole intent to punch through the lines.  They used shock troops with, if memory serves, flame throwers.  They advanced a long way--let's say 10 miles--in a day or two, when they had remained stuck for years in the same place.  As I recall logistics finally came into play--they were not able to effectively supply their troops--so the plan ultimately failed.

But that is where this analogy fails.  What Trump can do is very focused "assaults" on key Swing States, with ads at least roughly 80/20 positive, and he only has to maintain momentum through Election Day.

Possibly, he can even gamble his base is sufficient in most Red States that it will hold.  I am no expert , obviously, but these are some ideas I will put out into the Universe.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I keep hearing the mantra being repeated "fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK. Fat shaming is never OK."

And I think of George Bernard Shaw calling for mass murder, but doing so in such a congenial way that people accepted it or thought it a joke.  And he knew this would be the case.

Their program, the Fabian program, was oriented around enacting horrific and socially cataclysmic political policies, but doing so in a genteel, urbane, polite, polished way.

And part of the indoctrination people have received is that how someone says something is more important than what they say.  College students are taught there are no truths, but how you speak is vitally important.  Speech becomes more important than action, and moral comparisons--mass murder versus fat shaming as one example, become impossible.  It's much easier to agree fat shaming is worse, at least when the mass murder is not being visited currently upon those doing the judging.

Hillary got 4 men killed in Benghazi, did not give a shit, accepted no real blame, lied to their parents about why they died, lied to the American people and the media about it, then to add a final insult to injury, accused the parents of those who SHE GOT KILLED of lying about what she said to them.

This Muslim dad is just a stage prop, who is either a useful idiot, or more likely (I have not dug up on this) a covert Islamist who is only too happy to use the occasion of his sons death to support anti-Trump propaganda.  You know, THOUSANDS of American parents lost sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Being a Gold Star Dad is not unique.  He was not the only hero.  And his son is likely telling him from beyond to stop using him as a political prop, which is an insult to his memory.  Hillary's support among rank and file military is dismal.  She broke laws they all KNOW would have gotten them court martialed and jailed, did so often, did so very intentionally, and did so with ZERO regard for national security or American interests.  I have little doubt his son would be a Trump supporter, if he was the dedicated soldier being described.

But "Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong".  It is a mantra, a conditioning tool, a method for separating people from the effective use of reason, of independence of thought.  Rather, it seeks to conjure a more or less literal knee jerk reaction, in which the MOMENT ANYBODY breaks one of the mantras, or appears to, RAGE flies out of them, which derives from the fear they feel of not fitting in.

The creed of Niceness thus dovetails well with indoctrination and propaganda.  It both suppresses independence of thought, and channels needed emotional releases of anger and "self" assertion.  I keep meaning to post on this, but I haven't felt that post when I had time, and I lately often have little time.

Blacks are not flimsy, stupid or weak

This should be obvious beyond the need for saying, but the entirety of the Leftist program to "rescue" them depends upon highly racist notions as to their incapacity for taking care of themselves.  Absent the whites, and their care, they are told, they can't do or be or accomplish anything.

I wanted to share a small anecdote on this score.

I was in a part of town last week where every time I go out to my car somebody hits me up for something.  I was asked to help a man with a trach (who was smoking through his mouth) get his keys out of his locked car.  I was hit up for spare change twice.

Well, as a reversal, this old black man was walking by smoking a scented cigarillo, and asks me if I needed change for the meter.  I told him no, but thank you.  He looks at me with a conspiratorial smile--I had probably frowned at him initially because I thought he too was going to ask for, rather than offer, money--and says "the old man says "you don't have to like all niggers, just ME."  And he laughed heartily. I laughed too.  You couldn't help but like this guy.

And I don't doubt for one moment that in his life he has been called that name, that he has encountered genuine racism, and that he has had hard times in his life.  But you know what?  Both of my grandparents had hard times too.  They didn't have to tag racism on top of it, but life was not easy a couple generations ago. Both of grandfathers were beaten regularly.  One ran away at 15.  Both went hungry often.

And what I thought was that black people are resilient, and that the worst thing that ever happened to them is when they trusted white people to look out for them.  White politicians--or even black politicians riding the same gravy train--haven't, can't, and won't do it.  Obama didn't do it.  Hillary won't do it.

Just ponder all the rich while people out there pandering to blacks, promising them the moon and stars, and telling them the sky will fall in and the world be engulfed in darkness if they trust Republicans with anything.

As Trump says, 50 years is enough.  If they vote Hillary, they will get what they got with Obama: free phones in a few swing states, and otherwise continuing economic decline, no jobs, failing schools, and no reason for hope.

School choice clearly will make a difference, and I trust Trump to finally bust these fucking gangsters who run the teachers unions at the considerable expense of the children we continue to foolishly entrust to their care.

Hillary is evil

Here is the thing: I think most reflective people will wonder what would enable and cause a woman to stay with a man who cheated on her as often as Bill did and presumably still does, to the extent he can still get it up.  It must fill her with rage and jealousy and indignation at times.  She must be particularly pissed that now his crimes might in part cost her her cherished Presidency.

Only someone who is conniving and devious and used to be angry all the time could do it, and only in the service of a greater ambition.  And she seems to have hated these women that Bill used, but she herself was being used.  She was his prop wife, who allowed him to present a normal face to the world.  She allowed herself to be used ONLY because she too wanted to become the President.  But it must have often been humiliating.  And women who have been repeatedly humiliated become NASTY.

I think of the Empress Theodora, who began her life as an actress and prostitute.  Later she married the Emperor, and it was her common custom to have her political enemies arrested and tortured.  She like watching it.  I think there is more than a touch of latent cruelty in Hillary. It was implied at the very beginning by how she attacked--how she Gaslighted--Kathy Shelton.  She has not changed.

From the previous link:

Schippers, who is legally gagged from revealing what he learned about Hillary Clinton from the evidence in the room but can talk about his own investigation, said that she was “all over” her husband’s scandals.
“From our investigation, she was all over it. She was the one who was orchestrating all the attacks on the people that she called ‘the bimbos.’ ‘There was another bimbo eruption so let’s go and destroy them.’ I talked to every one of those ‘bimbos,’” Schippers said.
“And they were decent honorable good women. All of them were in some way threatened or attacked directly and I’ll tell you something. At one point someone said to me, ‘My God, how evil is that guy?’ and I said, ‘No, no he’s kind of a…boob. He just can’t control himself.” He added, “’But if you want to talk about real evil, it’s her.’ It was a terrible time. She was the one that did everything to destroy the women.”

Read more: